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Sprint one retrospective


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SIP III (PRO301) Sprint 1

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Sprint one retrospective

  1. 1. PROJECT NO-X-CLUDE:Motion GamingFor EveryoneEric MalyUniversity of Advancing TechnologyOctober 22, 2011
  2. 2. Sprint 1 Retrospective SIP Objective: Project No-Xclude reworks the Kinect’s motion algorithm for accurate recognition of players in a seated position. Sprint Objective: To sketch out several of the positions that the finished project will be able to accommodate. This will provide perspective and guide specific areas of further research (i.e. pathfinding).
  3. 3. Position 1: Stationary
  4. 4. Position 2: Side Bend
  5. 5. Position 3: Forward Bend
  6. 6. Position 4: Punching
  7. 7. Six Thinking Hats Analysis Red Hat– I feel the project is making satisfactory progress;some of the major positions that the final algorithm will supporthave been determined Green Hat – One of the things I will attempt to do to stabilize the skeletal image is to speed up the frame rate of the program Yellow Hat – I got some experience using the skeletal viewer example program; it allowed me to identify the interference that may be causing recognition problems Black Hat –2D graphics programs do not accurately represent the ideal positions (or I don’t have the graph knowledge to do so) Blue Hat – I spent too much time trying to get the graphics to show what they needed to; perhaps next time I’ll call in some help with that part (or consult some books if absolutely necessary)