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The Grangers Triangle of Destruction


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A true Story of how a crooked judge and liars can come together and destroy an innocent family. The Granger were set up and put in jail on a total lie. Jefferson county set up a jury and changed documents to put us in jail.

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The Grangers Triangle of Destruction

  1. 1. THE GRANGERS TRIANGLE OF DESTRUCTION WHAT LED TO THE COURT HOUSE SHOOTING. GRANGERS Necronomicon, Fate JEFFERSON CRIMINAL COUNTY CONPIRACY Corruption, Evil power 13 People greed, money, lies THE GRANGER FAMILY vs. JEFFERSON COUNTY & A DARK CONSPIRACY Prepared By: Lyndon Brook Granger IntroductionThis is a true story and all the events are real. This document was prepared by Lyndon Grangeras the events unfolded. This document will show how the criminal justice system and a band ofrogue ghetto trash family members, along with a gang of child kidnapping criminals can exploitthe justice system and manipulate Child Protective Services to disrupt an innocent familieslives. After reading this report you will see how someone could be pushed over the edge of in-sanity. Be warned, this story contains: Truth that clearly shows how the Grangers was targetedby jealousy and vengeance. Lies told to police and CPS by the Criminal Conspirators. Deceit,Evil Power, Corruption by Jefferson county DA, Judges and Lawyers. also Death and Destruc-tion.
  2. 2. Note:To the reader as you read this story, when ever you see in quotation (look at exhibit #) go to theexhibit book, briefly turn to that particular exhibit number. once you’ve read that exhibit comeback to the paragraph which you last was reading, continue reading the story.The reason why I made it that way is because, there is so many facts in this story and printoutsproving the points that I am making. this method of reading will give you the full scope andmagnitude of the lies corruption and miscarriage of justice that the Granger family has beenfacing for three years and counting.Order of the story.Below is the order in which the story is laid out. each categories will describe who was doingwhat, why, when and where.1. The Conspiracy– this section will explain who the people are and what role they played in destroying the Grangers family. This section when you read it you will see that the Granger family was attacked and lied on by these individuals. These conspirators first lied to the po- lice about false allegations of rape and then from that point they moved on to CPS and had two of our kids taken and they continue to link up on face book spreading more gossip and lies.2. JEFFERSON COUNTY– this county is one of the most corrupt counties in Texas. when they got the story from these liars no investigations was done. they just sent the US Mar- shall after the Grangers time and time again, violating all of the Grangers constitutional and civil rights. This county has grossly violated the color of law. When it comes to corruption Jefferson County should be the poster child of deception. The incarceration rate for black men is 8 to 1. this County never intended to give us a fair trial, that’s the reason we have been going to court for over three years. They’ve been trying to force us to take plea deals. These people manipulated our lives illegally by using there judicial power to falsely and wrongly indict the Grangers in a County where we were not even living. Jefferson County knew that the conspirators had lied in Houston Texas, that’s how Harris County and the City of Houston got involved in this barrel of evil.3. The Grangers– an innocent family that was attacked from all sides. false allegations, false arrest, unlawful searches, kids snatch by CPS. Every faucet of the law in the State of Texas has violated the Granger family and enabled these black ghetto trashy Conspirators to fuck up the Grangers lives completely and to also make money off our kids lives. Just imagine the weight and stress that the Grangers have endured. Total Tyranny pushed and forced up- on us all since 2009-2012 and continues. For over 40 years, we never committed a crime!. PAGE 2
  3. 3. Kidnapping Attempted Conspiracy Murder LiesMenacing Evil Lurking in the Darkness- all black attacking their own race, Human Fecesbred from an evolution of pimps and whores into a wicked night breed of humanoid cockroach-es. This low life leech trash, could not stand the fact that the Grangers had no low life issues asthey were suffering from. their own disgusting stench of putrid hatred, drove them mad. So thering leader of this vomit diseased world of filthy lying whores aka slimy slug Claudia Jackson,open up against the Granger Family with an insidious onslaught of lies. Using her daughter as avessel to cause false imprisonment.The main reason for this brutal unprovoked attack was because, Claudia Jackson, Eric B Jack-son, and Patrick Lynell Atkins Tried to kill Vallire Ozene of Houston Texas December 2008.Vallire Nicole Atkins knew of the plot, so right after the Hospital death attempt. These slimyNegros know that retaliation was eminent. So they got together with all of the trash out of eachmiserable corner of each family group.The Group of conspirators ate Bar-B– Q together and a masked a plot that would shatter liveseven their own lives. The simpletons devised a web of deceit from Lake Charles, Louisiana toHouston, Texas. They all met for a terrible purpose. To lie on a decent family that was not both-ering no one. This scandalous picky messy assortment of uneducated monkey ass clowns head-ed to Houston Texas during the year of 2009. They lied to a Detective Fitzgerald and told himthat every man in the Granger family had did some harm to Samantha Granger. A word with noproof and no evidence. They pursued us all for a year. Finally the police realize that they werebeing duped by this scandalous group. So Detective Fitzgerald told girls to take the lie to Jeffer-son county.So Samantha Granger and Claudia Jackson went to Beaumont after losing 3 cases of false alle-gations of Rape, Indecency and sexual assault. The courts saw Ulysses Grangers Work recordsthat clearly showed that Samantha and Claudia Jackson were lying. So when they told the lie inBeaumont, Texas they had incorporated a new villain, aka Amber Jernigan. They told her totake the lie that they had started and told her to go to Child PROTECTIVE SERVICE and lie toget the Grangers kids taken for no reason. PAGE 3
  4. 4. Conspiracy continued.Once Amber Jernigan told the lie to Latasha Allen they immediately with no proof and off of aword, invaded our home on 7826 Flintridge with us marshals and HPD. A swat team with dogsand over 30 officers bum rushed our home.They took Bartholomew Grangers daughter Samara Jernigan from Vallire Ozene. Vallire Ozenehad custody of Amber Jernigan daughter Samara Jernigan for 3 years. Because when SamaraJernigan was 2 months old, Amber Jernigan tried to kill the baby. Vallire Ozene was going tocall the police but Amber Jernigan begged her not to. So Amber asked Vallire if she wanted Sa-mara Because Amber stated she was not ready to be a mother. She also states she has too muchparting and strong sexual appétit to watch a baby. So Vallire Ozene said okay I’ll raise her.Vallire states that if you give her to me don’t come back and take her later. Amber Jernigansays I won’t. So Amber Jernigan and Vallire Ozene signs a statement in front of the notary ofpublic with Vallire Nicole Granger present aka Vallire Atkins.Then to make matters worst Lyndons Girl friend mother, Wanda Miles got involved in this ri-diculous situation so that she could profit from our destruction. She prop up a false allegation toget cps to take Latoya and Lyndon Grangers Daughter. Which CPS did. And Wanda Miles hasbad history with CPS but yet they allowed her to have our daughter, while we had clear cleanbackground records even now to this day. So Wanda Miles got her church member friend in-volved in this kidnapping ring.The church member has a adoptive parent license and a way to manipulate CPS. TamekaFowler and her Husband Allen Fowler illegally adopts our daughter against our will and thedaughters will. Wanda Miles, Tameka Fowler and Her Husband violated Our parental rights26usc by falsifying evidence and manipulating the crooked cps system. So the daughter waskidnap by them. And now Tameka Fowler and Her husband has separated after the court houseshooting and he has since then told us he will testify against this kidnapper. In the meantimeTameka Fowler and Wanda Miles enjoys the spoils of their crooked victory, every month theysplit the money that is given to them by CPS for having a foster child.While that was going on Amber Jernigan gloated over the lies, with Claudia Jackson and Sa-mantha Granger. They were so proud of their plot to ruin our lives that they started sending usthreatening E-MAILS. Claudia Jackson told us that the fifteen year old battle was almost her warped mind she was battling the Granger family. But in reality she was crazy.
  5. 5. Conspiracy continued 2.After the court house shooting Amber claimed she and Vallire Atkins had nothing to do withthe situation and Amber claimed that she never heard of CPS Latasha Allen. But we have asigned statement that clearly shows she made the false allegation supporting SamanthaGrangers and Claudia Jacksons lies, directly to Latasha Allen of Child protective Services.We also have face book messages before during and after the shooting, showing their solidarityto each other. These women was aided in a maniacal plot to disrupt and destroy our family. Wedeserve justice. We were hit with lies, the state and law enforcement does not care about ourlives and they know we never had criminal records. But we care about the disruption to ourlives.
  6. 6. JEFFERSON COUNTYEvil Power, Judicial Abuses, and Corruption– Tom Mannes is the DA in Jefferson Countywhere the incarceration rate is 8 to 1 amongst the black men there. This maniacal crooked ego-tistical prick wanted to put Bartholomew and Lyndon Granger in Jail no matter what TheGrangers Done. This DA sett the Grangers up with false indictments and still to this day is plac-ing more and more trumped up indictments and fabricated evidence and lies.He put his henchman Judge John B. Stevens on the hunt to destroy the Granger Bros at all cost.Along with a crooked sellout lawyer by the name of Rife Scott Kimbler. He should have blownthis case away along time ago. For 3 years him and judge Stevens played with the Granger incourt. With no evidence and no witness not only did the girls not want to come to court to telltheir lies. The court knew Samantha Granger was pregnant and they allowed her to have the ba-by and finally show up with a new lie. Judge Stevens allowed perjury in his courtroom and heallowed the prosecution to guide the witness into saying what they deemed necessary to makeBartholomew Granger lose. Also the Judge Stevens suppressed and did not allow BartholomewGranger to use his evidence which clearly shows that he was innocent.The Da. Tom Manness has a vendetta against blacks and the Granger Family and name see ex-amples. The system in Texas is literally at war against law bidding Americans and Black menseem to be a big target for discrimination. Now after the court house shooting they are crooked-ly blaming Bartholomew Granger for the death of Minnie ray Seabolt. He did not kill her thepolice killed her. The autopsy clearly shows that Bartholomew Granger did not kill that women,79 year old Minnie Ray Seabolt of Deweyville. His gun was a 40 caliber rife with only tenrounds and he has stated to Lyndon Granger he did not shoot in the Ladies direction.Jefferson county rather blame Bartholomew Granger for her death. So that the Family of Mrs.Seabolt won’t sue Jefferson County. They are playing the Seabolt family while framing theGrangers. If Bartholomews bullet would have hit the lady, she would have no legs a rifle doesnot make a 1 to 2inch hole it would have ripped a gash.
  7. 7. Now lets say: Jefferson County plays the blame game. Like says, if the cops was not shootingat Bartholomew Granger than, Minnie Ray seabolt would not be dead. Okay, lets analyze thatscenario. Let see, if Judge Stevens would have not harassed The Grangers for three years andallowed perjury in court by the witness and suppressed Bartholomew Grangers evidence thatput Bartholomew Granger under Supreme and Extreme stress and Duress than, maybe thiswhole shooting would not have happened. Also if Tom Mannes would not have allowed thefraudulent indictments of two innocent black men be pushed by detective Fitzgerald way fromHouston along with a fraudulent CPS worker with bogus claims . And Tom Manness also allowRebecca Richards Bartholomews Ex-wife to come and tell more lies after she wrote a hotcheck in his name.This is a total violation under the color of law 18 usc Tom Manness Also disrupted Bartholo-mews Trucking Jobs with bogus state transportation records, to cause financial hardship. Thatalso pushed Bartholomew Granger over the edge. And Tom Manness knew that the Girls lie onUlysses Granger the older brother and lost the trial in Houston. So their credibility was shotthan. And when Beaumont police got the lie they should have investigated. There was no in-vestigation, this practice of grab the man over sheer lies has to stop.And most important if Samantha Granger and Claudia Jackson would have not told these liesthan Minnie Ray Seabolt would have not been killed.Both Lyndon and Bartholomew Granger has been suffering at the hands of Jefferson countyover this vicious lie. At present Lyndon Granger was released after filing a bond reduction from500,000 dollars back to 25,000 dollars. But Bartholomew Granger has been Beaten and sodo-mized by prison Guards in Jefferson County. Over this issue and he has not been tried in court. Black Cops White Cops Jefferson county evolved from Ape to Pig. Beaumont police are just Pigs -n-Apes
  8. 8. THE GRANGERSLyndon Granger:Is the father of three children and is about to get married to his fiancé. He’s a caring and givingman. He’s worked his whole life and is an inventor. Lyndon Granger has received a letter ofrecommendations from Barrack Obama for his ingenuity ideas. Hes never done a crime in hislife, he has never been to jail. This whole lie of indecency was pushed upon him by Bartholo-mew Grangers Girl friend, daughter and ex wife. Lyndon Granger is disabled partial blind andsuffers from kidney failure. Lyndon Granger stills seeks justice even though the system hasfailed his family miserable. Lyndon Granger knows now there needs to be a change in thiscountry. His life the Grangers life, is proof that since Martin Luther King civil rights movement, thiscountry still has a long way, To achieve economical and racial equality. There are some badmen out there but, every men is not a pedophile. During the time Lyndon Granger was incarcer-ated the whole five months, He was having kidney problems and now its taking a harsh toll onhis health. During the five months in Jefferson County Jail, he witnessed multiple unprovokedbeatings and tazering by the prison guards and a wide range of cruel and unusual punishment.Lyndon Granger also noticed that for every ten black people, there are two white and one His-panic populating the jails. He also noticed that this trend of incarcerating men over indecencywith a child has reached epidemic levels. Lyndon Granger not only wants a solution but willimplement a new law to stop these women from lying. The system has to really be over hauledtime is being wasted more on false allegations. Leaving the real rapist on the street to do bodilyharm to women and children.There were other inmates that express their anger and disbelief in the cruel harsh punishmentthat them and their family suffered at the hands of Judge Stevens and Judge Walker. Also howthe court appointed attorneys are running a racket in Jefferson county. This is not law this is amodern day lynching. There were some inmates I notice in jail that needs to be corrected andincarcerated.
  9. 9. Bartholomew Granger:Was beaten by Harris County and Jefferson County officials. He never committed a crime in hislife. He was put under the ultimate pressure. His lying girlfriends coerced his daughter to dothis vile act. They had no mercy on a working man . Bartholomew had a neck injury and wasfalsely indicted in a county which he was not living. This all drove him mad. He lost his jobthanks to Tom Mannes false transportation report. And he could not get an apartment to live inthanks to the false reports. he was put on most wanted. All of this before the trail and before theshooting.Lie after lie. Judge John B Stevens allowed Samantha Granger to Commit perjury in the courtroom while suppressing evidence that would clear Bartholomew Granger. His daughter neverdated until she got to her mother house in Lake Charles LA. where she got pregnant in the firstmonth at her mom house Claudia Jackson. That was another reason why she did not show up tocourt for over 3 years. And when she came Bartholomew expected for her to tell the truth. Noharm ever never came to Samantha Granger all of our kids was taken care of and safe. Saman-tha had 17 years of social security checks and during this time social security gave her medicalexams and psychological exams and she had a clean bill of health. The mother Claudia JacksonAlong with 13 other people are and is responsible for all the chaos that has derived out of themadness they started in Jefferson county courthouse. We were attacked. We did nothing for allof the States police to descend on us.What would you do!!! after going through all of that Tyranny and Filing thatmany Federal cases over 12 before the shooting. also been abused so manytimes by the system and police. Insanity has set in all of us at this point. Askyourself, what would you have done. What Then? EVIDENCE AND REAL PROOF.Look at the attached evidence that we provided with this quick exami-nation to what happened.