Jefferson county web of decit


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Jefferson county web of decit

  1. 1. Jefferson County’s Web of Deceit Using their state judicial power to destroy the Grangers lives AFFIDAVIT: OPENIING STATEMENTA Grave injustice has and is still being committed against the Granger’s, Lyndon and Bartholo-mew Granger. We need help!, Jefferson Counties DA Tom Manness is behide a multitude offalse indictments and crooked activities. He knowingly and purposely violated our civil rights.Tom Mannes and A Detective Fitz Gerald from Houston set us up with False indictments in2009 to falsely incriminate us. The Grangers filed a Federal Lawsuit for this criminal activity.So they put Lyndon Granger in jail and had our civil rights case dismissed. The Federal JudgeMarcia Crone was unaware that we were in Jail, when the case was dismissed(1:2011cv00279). Lyndon Granger and Bartholomew Granger was not living in Jeffersoncounty in 2003, at the time of this fraudulent indictments of sexual assault.I have provided proof of this unlawful violation that Jefferson county has unleashed on us.Judge John B. Stevens allowed Claudia Jackson and Samantha Granger to commit perjury inthe courtroom. And the judge suppressed evidence that would exonerate Bartholomew GrangerFrom these lies. We have proof that These girls all lied to cover up the murder attempt that theyorchestrated against my mother on Dec 2008. After Bartholomew Granger was pushed over theedge after 3 years of stress and Duress. He shot his daughter and ex– girlfriends at the Jeffersoncounty courthouse. He only had ten rounds. The police shot him 9 times in the body after hesurrendered and 200 rounds into his truck and over four hundred rounds into the court house. PAGE A-1
  2. 2. CONTINUED:The police killed Minnie Ray Seabolt. And Jefferson County mis-led the public and now is tell-ing them that Bartholomew Granger did it. Bartholomew Granger. Has stated he did not shootthe elderly lady from Deweyville (see Autopsy). And the autopsy shows she was killed by cops.Both the attorney’s Rife Scott Kimbler and court appointed Sunny cribs knew he did not kill thewomen!. Scope:The bullets that killed her was consistent with a nine mm bullets, which the police has stan-dard. Also Sunny Cribbs told Bartholomew Granger that two nine mm bullets and one forty fivebullet hit the women. Now the gun Bartholomew Granger had was a Berretta CX-Storm 40 cali-ber. If his gun would have hit her legs, she would have been ripped open. This gun puts outmore damage than a small hole. Also in the autopsy report the coroner stated that she dies frommultiple gunshots in the leg and thigh area. And also that NO projectiles or Bullets were re-covered.Now how can the DA Tom Maness, charge Bartholomew Granger with murder and now Capitalmurder, when he never shot Minnie Ray Seabolt. And the autopsy proves, BartholomewGranger did not kill her.This county has arrested Lyndon Granger illegally on march 14, 2012 they Grab Lyndon inFront of the Channel 13 news crew. While I was on a 25,000 dollar bond. Lyndon Grangernever violated the bond agreement and never missed a court date. But Judge John B. Stevensagain violated Lyndon Grangers civil and constitutional rights by using his judicial powers tounlawfully arrest Mr. Granger. Color of law violation. PAGE A-2
  3. 3. ViolationsTitle 42, U.S.C., Section 14141, 18 usc, 14th and 8th amendment violation.Bartholomew Granger has been getting assaulted by Jefferson counties agent since March of2009.Failure to keep from harm: Violation of the color of law statute. During the courthouse shoot-ing the cops used excessive force firing over 500 rounds at Bartholomew Granger and he re-turned no rounds at the police. also the Jefferson county and Beaumont police were shootingrandomly in every direction all into the crowd. The police chief made this statement.False arrest and fabrication of evidence: The Fourth Amendment was violated twice. The Dasent the us marshals after The Grangers in 2009 and in 2012, using false indictment based onfraudulent lie. Bum rushed me while on bond. It was caught on live film this time.Sexual assaults by officials acting under color of law can happen in jails, The guards grabbedBartholomew Grangers groin area and Butt. They attempted to sodomize him.Excessive force: In making arrests,Jefferson County officials that set up and violated The Granger Brothers:Tom Manness1001 Pearl stBeaumont, Texas 77701Judge John B. Stevens1001 Pearl stBeaumont, Texas 77701Rife Scott Kimbler4823 Highway 69 SouthBeaumont, Texas 77705Sunny Haden Cribbs7705 Calder AveBeaumont, Texas 77706-5734Houston OfficialsThey all came over to Houston to testify to a lie when, they were not in Beaumont at the time ofthe false allegations. and they were aware that the girls lied in Houston on Ulysses Granger,Lyndon Granger and Bartholomew Granger. They participated in a fabricated lie just to helppush the fraudulent lie through by saying they were experts. But these so called experts are ig-norant. And they all wanted to look good to their higher arches off of our destruction. But theyknew not who they mess with. Our lives are important to us.Detective FitzgeraldHarris county detective PAGE A-3
  4. 4. Here’s What each official has done that caused devastating damage to Bartholo-mew Grangers Life.Tom Manness-Is the biggest and worst DA in Texas, He used the law to control our lives. He set LyndonGranger and Bartholomew Granger up. They were mad because we would not take a plea deal.He crippled Bartholomew Granger from working his job by filling warrants as if he was alreadyconvicted on the run. His license was tagged so that he could not get a job or an apartment tolive in. Tom Manesss sent the us marshals after us time and time again over a total complete lie.This county turn law bidding citizens with no criminal record into criminals overnight. By us-ing False reports and Manipulating paperwork and allowing the grand jury to indict over any-thing. The grand jury of Jefferson county is so fraudulent,When I Lyndon Granger was in Jail, I saw other indictments from other inmates with the samecharge of indecency. The indictment were so similar that the only thing changed was the dateand name. it’s as if Jefferson County has a template to falsely accuse any man the same oldway. This is tyranny and extreme injustice. Look at the indictments that I left with this reportand you’ll see how bogus they are.Tom Manness has a grudge against the Grangers look at (Exhibit A-F). This DA has pursued usoff of total lies. We have been robbed and the law has failed us we were not given due process.The Grangers has been railroaded by an extreme racism. our Civil and constitutional rights hasbeen violated grossly, 42 usc, 18 usc. 14th, 8th, 4th, amendments rights has been violated.The police used excessive force, even the Beaumont police chief stated that the cops was shoot-ing crazy all around the courthouse, also there was another shooter out there that day. A roguecriminal that was on the loose as well, that had nothing to do with The Grangers incident. Thepolice shot Bartholomews truck up with over 200 rounds and the police shot the courthousewith 300 random rounds. Just like in the Empire state building shooting in New York. TheBeaumont police was shooting into the crowd wildly, 9 officers was put on leave after the inci-dent, Bartholomew Granger was not even returning fire to the cops. The police continued toshoot him up over nine times and a sniper hit him in the head while he was just sitting there. PAGE A-4
  5. 5. Judge John B Stevens-The day in court started out with, Vallire Ozene, Ulysses Granger. Debbie Granger, and Bar-tholomew Granger jr. Then on Samantha Jackson Granger side her Claudia Jackson , DetectiveFitzgerald and a CPS worker was sworn in . They had these individuals swearing in, that in itself is an offense because, these individuals was ready to make a testimony to a fraudulent falseallegation that was to oppositely to happen in 2003 , which none of the witnesses was living inBeaumont in two thousand three. And also Detective Fitzgerald was fully aware that, SamanthaGranger was a Liar. Fitzgerald Know about the lie in Houston, Texas and knew She lost hercase to Ulysses granger.Also the Court proceeded with no evidence and they were manipulating the jury and suppress-ing evidence. Judge Stevens also guided the witness and help her commit perjury. WhenSamantha Granger made a mistake Judge Stevens struck it from the court record. SamanthaGranger said she was raped in Houston on Flintridge which was another lie, but Judge Stevensand the prosecutor said no Samantha remember you was raped in Beaumont. She said oh ok. Sowhen the jury came back she started making the statement that she was instructed to say. Theattorney Rife kimbler said nothing. Judge Stevens said fuck the law I run this court the way Iwant.You could clearly see that Judge Stevens and the prosecutor along with the attorney Rifekimbler was railroading Bartholomew Granger. This was a judicial set up that expanded fromBeaumont to Houston Texas. Every five minutes the jury was sent out. Claudia Jackson, Re-becca Richards, Samantha Granger and Their boyfriends was threaten to shoot BartholomewGranger taunting him with their fingers, as if they was gonna shoot him and sticking their nastyblack tongues at him before during and after the court procedure.Jefferson county was allowing any and every person to join in as a fraudulent witness. thesepeople was not even living in Beaumont at the time of these fraudulent allegations. like AmberJernigan, she was headed out to make a false allegation to the situation after lying to CPS inHouston, Texas. We have documents that shows this was a conspiracy perpetrated by law en-forcement and rouge black out of our family. He also sayid he wanted to wrap this case up so hecould throw Lyndon Granger in Jail and he did not care if Ulysses Granger case showed thatSamantha was a liar/ PAGE A-5
  6. 6. Rife Kimbler-This attorney was paid to represent Lyndon Granger and Bartholomew Granger, He lied andnever presented the evidence which clearly shows THE GRANGERS where not living in Jeffer-son county at the time of the fraudulent indictments, he misrepresented the Grangers he allowedthis madness in Jefferson county court to continue for 3 years, also Rife Kimbler along withsunny cribs failed to make it aware to judge Bob Wortham that, Bartholomew Granger did notkill Minnie ray seabolt. They aided in a police murder cover up.Sunny Cribs– aided in a police murder cover up, against Bartholomew GrangerDetective Fitzgerald-He came from Houston to tell a lie in court to a fraudulent charge that he know was false. Healso instructed the girls to go to Jefferson county to force the Grangers yo take a plea deal, witha total fabricated lie.Officer L. Wilson-of the Jefferson county jail, corrections officer.Beat and abused Bartholomew Granger with cruel and unusual punishment. Punched andkicked him. Hog tied for 6 hours and did untold levels of pain. The internal affairs departmenthas covered up for these unlawful malicious acts of violence, everyone is lying in bed with eachother., from criminal; to federal court.Latasha Allen-She enabled Amber Jernigan to steal his daughter that his mother had legal custody of. This girlAmber was sent to cps with the same lie that Samantha Granger and Claudia Jackson was run-ning with. And she was not even in beaumont at the time of the false allegations.The sexual charge and indecency charges-These charges are so bogus. Jefferson county re-indicted these fraudulent charges and beforeand after, the address were not address that we live at. And on top of that we did not live inBeaumont at the time of the allegations. And one of the address is an empty lot (700 Washing-ton). Also we have work records that place us in Houston right at the time of the false incident.Plus we have the rental lease that has the address of where we was living in two thousand threeand the names of everyone who live there, including Rebecca Richards and Samantha Granger.Samantha lied so much you can look at both Lyndon Granger’s indictment and BartholomewGranger’s indictment, she placed us both at two different bogus address at same time on thesame day. She lived in Dallas and Houston, Texas that year. No harm ever came to SamanthaGranger. She was an out of control teen, just like her mother Claudia Jackson. SEE (Exhibit G1,G2,G3,G4). PAGE A-6
  7. 7. A. Brief Statement of the Proceedings“Right now, there is next to no oversight of what prosecutors do,” said Jennifer Laurin, a professorwho teaches criminal procedure at the University of Texas School of Law.Defense lawyers and reform advocates argue that attorneys for the state wield an immense amountof power that goes largely unchecked even in cases of egregious misconduct. The public, they say,is becoming increasingly leery of a justice system that safeguards the death penalty, yet doesnt holdaccountable the prosecutors who argue for it.A prosecutor has the responsibility to see that justice is done, and not simply to be an advocate,” therules state. In 17 of the 21 Texas cases where courts found prosecutorial error, the judges ruled thatprosecutors failed to give defense lawyers exculpatory evidence prosecutors allegedly withheld cru-cial documents.Because prosecutors failed to divulge that information, and Judge Stevens suppressed crucial evi-dence. Bartholomew Grangers original defense lawyers was left with little ammunition to refute thestate’s he sexually assaulted his daughter Samantha Jackson. Bartholomew Granger was set up bythe prosecutor and the judge. and later the attorneys covered up the fact that The elderly lady waskilled by the police.Bartholomew Granger was denied due process when the Judge Stevens unethical conduct to hideimportant information from the jury. and to give fraudulent testimony to the jury. that in it self de-stroyed the integrity of the jury trial. at that point it became a biased prejudice dictators court. a vir-tual lynching of a Blackman, discriminatory practice coupled with a malicious prosecution. mixedwith a good ole boy racist DA that setting up The Grangers , which is Abuse of office and judicialmisconduct.
  8. 8. B. Fraudulent Forced indictmentsRule 3.08 of the Texas Disciplinary Rule of Professional Conduct governs the general prohibitionagainst an attorney he intentionally and knowingly used the lies of Samantha Granger along withDetective Fitzgerald to get a fraudulent false allegation thru the court. Violating The Grangers14th,6th, 8th amendment rights.High-profile cases have recently brought national attention to the issue of prosecutorial misconduct.Also, clearly Abuse of office. Sec. 39.03. OFFICIAL OPPRESSION(1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispos-session, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege,power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or(3) intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment. C. County jail violationsSec. 351.014. HOLDING INSANE PERSONS. Beyond 24 hrs.Sec. 39.04. VIOLATIONS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF PERSON IN CUSTODY; IM-PROPER SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH PERSON IN CUSTODY.(a) An official of a correctional facility, an employee of a correctional facility, a person otherthan an employee who works for compensation at a correctional facility, a volunteer at a correc-tional facility, or a peace officer commits an offense if the person intentionally:(1) denies or impedes a person in custody in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, orimmunity knowing his conduct is unlawful; or
  9. 9. Sec. 39.06. MISUSE OF OFFICIAL INFORMATION.(a) A public servant commits an offense if, in reliance on information to which he has accessby virtue of his office or employment and that has not been made public, he:(1) acquires or aids another to acquire a pecuniary interest in any property, transaction, or en-terprise that may be affected by the information;(2) speculates or aids another to speculate on the basis of the information; orRebecca Checks and the lies of Detective Fitzgerald
  10. 10. Respectfully Submitted,LYNDON GRANGERBARTHOLOMEW GRANGER SRP.O. Box 1205624 w. TidwellHouston, Texas 77091(713) 260-7754