9.18.12 classwork tuesday


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9.18.12 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Would you rather cross the United States in a helicopteror a hot­air balloon? Explain Donovan Tuesday September 18, 2012 Ayanna Bryan Ricardo Emily Andrianete Jackeline Philicia Leslie Cindy Lilah Christy Ixza Leon Jessica Alexis David SamiraDiana Michael Kathy Yamilee Alejandra Remy Kareena Jaileen Carlos Edward Jose Daeshawn Dariel Ericka Jeffrey Jordan
  2. 2. Morning WritingOn this day in 1830, the first locomotive,the Tom Thumb, lost a nine­mile race witha horse ­ between Rileys Tavern justoutside Baltimore, Maryland, and a spotinside the city. In fact, a boiler leak keptthe train from ever finishing the race. Sothe "Iron Horse" (an early nickname fortrains) was outpaced by a horse!Prompt: Think for a moment about life in America in the1700s. Name at least two ways early Americans mighthave depended on their horses. Now think about lifetoday. How many different kinds of transportation dowe use in our daily lives? What are the advantagesand disadvantages of each one? Which is yourfavorite? Why?
  3. 3. Reading ­ Grandmas Tales (p. 50)Word PartsCompound Words arewords made bycombining two smallerwords. Sometimes youcan figure out themeaning of a compoundword by breaking it downinto its word parts. Forexample, fireball is madeup of fire and means "aball of fire."
  4. 4. Plot is the action of the story.Parts of story are: beginning exposition rising action middle (conflict, climax) falling action end (resolution)
  5. 5. Setting of a story tell where and when ittakes place. Plot Setting Grandma begins to tell the story of Davy Crockett. Narrator tries to add exaggerated details to Grandmas story, but Grandmas living room in she objects. Grandma is Tennessee on a cold, pleased when the snowy night. narrator offers correct information about Crocketts death at the Alamo.
  6. 6. When you impress someone, you have astrong effect on that person.When you wring something you hold onto ittightly and twist it.A fireball is a very bright sphere made of hotdust, gas, and vapor particles.
  7. 7. When something is original, it has to do withthe origin, or beginning, of something.Commenced means "started or began."An advertisement is a public notice thatrecommends a product or service.
  8. 8. When officials are elected, they are chosenby voters.A person who sauntered into a room walkedslowly or leisurely.
  9. 9. Reading HomeworkTell me what you have learned aboutgrandma and the plot. Think through theparagraph to understand the importantideas.Use your HW notebook. Three to fivesentences.
  10. 10. Math ­ Understand Place Value (p. 37) seven seven
  11. 11. Class workTalk About It on page 38 exercise l­4Practice It on page 39 exercise 5­8Apply It on page 40 exercise 9­13
  12. 12. three hundredths
  13. 13. Spelling 1. paste 11. theme 2. bride 12. type 3. shave 13. oak 4. spice 14. growth 5. greed 15. yolk 6. plead 16. folks 7. greet 17. aim 8. heap 18. prey 9. paid 19. tow 10. coach 20. grind
  14. 14. Spelling ­ Word Sorts paid heap grind coach ai a­e ey ee ea e­e i long vowels y i­e o oa ow
  15. 15. paidaim
  16. 16. Spelling HomeworkWrite the spelling words in ABC order, tentimes each.
  17. 17. ELA ­ Complete Subjects and CompletePredicates (p. 14)RULESEvery sentence has asubject and a predicate.The complete subject of asentence includes all thewords that tell whom orwhat the sentence isabout.
  18. 18. complete subjectThe fifth­grade class went to visit the WhiteHouse.All the students rode in a bus. complete predicate
  19. 19. Guided PracticeDirections: Name the complete subject and the completepredicate of each sentence.1. We learned about the three branches of government.2. The United States Congress makes the laws.3. The executive branch carries out the laws.4. Judges on the Supreme Court interpret the laws.5. Students and teachers like the Capitol Building.
  20. 20. Language ArtsHomeworkExtra Practice, exercise 1­25 on page 79
  21. 21. Religion ­ Jesus disciples continue his work(p. 26)Class Work• Complete "We Gather"• Read pages 26­27• Define Key Words• Write five facts about the chapterHomework1. Who were the Apostles?2. Why is the Church important?
  22. 22. Social Studies ­ A Rush of New Ideas (p. 109)A Rush of New Ideas• Historians call this time of new ideas the Renaissance (rebirth).• It began in Italy.• Johannes Gutenberg develops the printing press in the 1450s.
  23. 23. Social Studies ­ A Rush of New Ideas (p. 109)Marco Polo and Tradewith Asia• One of the most popular books during the Renaissance was The Travels of Marco Polo.• It tells of Marco Polos journey to Cathay, as China was then called.
  24. 24. Social Studies ­ The Business of Exploring (p.112)Class Work• Read pages 112­115• Complete questions 1­6• Write the question in your classwork notebook Homework Write a short conversation between a Spanish sailor and a Taino leader. Have the speakers ask one another questions about each others culture.
  25. 25. Homework Summary ­ Tuesday, September 18, 2012Reading• Tell me what you have learned about grandma and the plot. Think through the paragraph to understand the important ideas.• Use your HW notebook. Three to five sentences.Spelling• Write the spelling words in ABC order, ten times each.Language Arts• Extra Practice, exercise 1­25 on page 79Religion1. Who were the Apostles?2. Why is the Church important?
  26. 26. Range: Mode:4 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack