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5.3.12 classwork thursday


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5.3.12 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Imagine that you arrive at school one day and there areno teachers or any other adults in the building. Writeabout what happens next. Carlos Max Thursday May 3, 2012 Adolfo Johnny Ryan Cameron Ramon Cincere Linder Jose Brianna Andres Alan G David Emma Mitzy Nyashia Gia Alan R Natalie Elizabeth Christian Christopher Roxana Joshua Sualee Angel Brian Ricardo Matthew Massire Joey
  2. 2. Morning WritingThe first full week inMay is NationalFamily Week. Whatis your favorite wayto spend time withfamily? Explain. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Juanita and the Cornstalk (p. 544)Reread for ComprehensionMake Inferences and Analyze What What HappensTheme Does the Character to theA Theme Chart helps you make Do and Say? Character?inferences and analyzeinformation so you candetermine the overall idea theauthor wants to tell in a story.Use your Theme Chart as youreread "Juanita and theCornstalk" to identify the themein the story. Theme
  4. 4. Reading ­ Juanita and the Cornstalk (p. 544) What Does What Happens the Character to the Do and Say? Character? She trades the Juanita goes to sell donkey for some the donkey. magic seeds. With the help of the seeds, Juanita climbs Juanita brings him up the cornstalk and back to Earth and is meets a god of rewarded. civilization who is trapped up there. Good things can happen when a kind act is repaid. Theme
  5. 5. Reading ­ Weslandia (p. 546)GenreFantasy has inventedcharacters, settings, or otherelements that could not existin real life.Make Inferences andAnalyzeThemeLook for the overall passage Read to Find Outidea or message that isrepeated throughout the What is the theme ofstory. As you read, use your Weslandia?Theme Chart.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Weslandia (p. 546) What Does What Happens the Character to the Do and Say? Character? Wesley would say The other that he is someone neighborhood who doesnt fit in and children chase and has no friends. torment Wesley. Wesley decides to Wesley gets really grow his own food excited about his crop and start his new project. own civilization. Wesley opens his Fruit appears on garden to the Wesleys plants and it unknown and grows tastes delicious. a new kind of plant. Theme
  7. 7. Reading ­ Weslandia (p. 546)Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 157
  8. 8. Math ­ Multiply Mixed Numbers (p. 310)How to Multiply MixedNumbersStep 1:Rename the mixed number asan improper fraction.Step 2:Cross reduce, if possibleStep 3:Multiply numerators anddenominatorsStep 4:Simplify
  9. 9. Math ­ Multiply Mixed Numbers (p. 310)Math HomeworkTextbook, page 334Exercise 1­18
  10. 10. Spelling ­ Pretest1. sweet 11. pier2. peel 12. waist3. peer 13. currant4. pole 14. presents5. poll 15. counsel6. peal 16. presence7. waste 17. council8. manner 18. stationary9. current 19. stationery10. manor 20. suite
  11. 11. Spelling ­ Review and Proofread      Wesley never exercised, and has  mannor of dieting was poor. Luckily, the  fruits that he grew were not only suite  but healthful, too. To his surprise, he  could even eat the peal. Within a few  weeks, his waste shrank by two inches.  The boys who had teased him before  now came and sought his counsil. People  in the neighborhood went out of their  way just to be in his presents.
  12. 12. Spelling ­ Review and ProofreadWriting ActivityWrite two paragraphs about asummer project that you wouldlike to try. Use five words fromyour spelling list.
  13. 13. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases(p. 432)RULESAn object pronoun is the pronoun thatfollows a preposition in a sentence.An object pronoun can take the place of anoun in a prepositional phrase.My friends planned a surprise party for Sally.My friends planned a surprise party for her.Use the object pronouns me, you, him, her,it, us, and them as objects in prepositionalphrases.
  14. 14. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases(p. 432)Some sentences have compound objects. To be sureyou have used pronouns correctly in a compoundobject, leave out the other object in the compound andcheck the pronoun alone.My brother will ride with my mother and me.My brother will ride with me.
  15. 15. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases(p. 432)1. Kimberly made a coconut birthday cake for us.2. She has the best recipe for it.3. Marla gave lemonade to Sally and me.4. Glen will sing a birthday song to you.5. The birthday candles will be lit by him.
  16. 16. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases(p. 432)Language ArtsHomeworkPractice book, page 88
  17. 17. Religion ­ Jesus Apostles preach and heal in his name (p.198)Class Work• Read pages 198­199• Answer We Gather• Answer We RespondHomework1. How were the Apostlesable to heal so many ACTS OF THE APOSTLES 3:1­10people and bring them tobelieve in the risen Christ?2. Why did Jesus share hisministry with the Apostles?
  18. 18. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, May 3, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 157Math1. Textbook, page 334, exercise 1­18Language Arts1. Practice book, page 88Religion1. How were the Apostles able to heal so many people and bringthem to believe in the risen Christ?2. Why did Jesus share his ministry with the Apostles?
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