5.13.13 classwork tuesday


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5.13.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. ChristySamiraLeonKareenaPhiliciaAyannaLilahRemyDonovanMichaelYamileeJessicaLeslieCarlosBryanRicardoAlexisDavidJordanAlejandraKathyDianaIxzaEmilyJaileenJeffreyMondayMay 13, 2013If you could play any professional sport, what would youplay? Explain.EdwardAdrianette
  2. 2. DO NOW:Write the x10Times Table tentimes.Morning Work
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Camping Out(p. 668)Talk About ItHave you everbeen camping? How is camping outdifferent from living at home? Describe anyexperience youve had camping out. Whatdid you do?
  4. 4. Guaranteed means made sure or certain.When you supervise, you watch over anddirect what is going on.Frustrated means to have feelings ofdiscouragement.Coordination is the ability of parts or thingsto work together well.
  5. 5. Ease means to move slowly and carefully.Scenery is the sights of a place or region.A bundle is a group of items held together.Fused means blended or united.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: The Best Fourth ofJuly (p. 670)DictionaryA word can havemany meanings. ADictionary can helpyou decide whichdefinition is appropriate. For example, fusedcan mean "made into a liquid by heating orblended together by melting."
  7. 7. ReadingMonitor ComprehensionMake JudgmentsA Judgments Chart helps youjudge whether or not acharacters actions are agood idea. This will help youmonitor your comprehensionor understanding of the character and thestory. Use your Judgments Chart as youreread "The Best Fourth of July" to makejudgments about Jeans actions.Action Judgment
  8. 8. Action JudgmentLateesh and herbunkmates put offwriting their Fourth ofJuly skit so theircounselor Jean takescontrol.Lateesha and herfriends aresomewhat lazy.The bunkmates puton a skit but no onelaughed.Lateesha and palsresented Jeansideas.Lateesha enjoys ahike to LookawayMountain, butcomplains that shehas to carry heavygear.Lateesha is a bitlazy.Jean apologized fornot listening to thegirls.Jean always meantwell.
  9. 9. The prince needs to marry a princess byhis thirtieth birthday, or the court willdismiss him.Princess Araya, wearing torn and muddyclothes, arrives at the castle. The princedoubts that Araya is a princess. Thequeen asks the prince whether he willmarry Araya if the queen can prove thatAraya is a princess. The prince agrees.Araya is sent to a bed of seven feathermattresses. The queen orders that apebble be placed on top of the seventhmattress to test Arayas royal blood.Instead of sleeping, Araya gives themattresses away to poor people. Theprince sees her true worth and agrees tomarry her.Events
  10. 10. ReadingAim: Skunk Scout (p. 672)GenreRealistic Fiction has real­life settings, well­developed characters,and realistic problemsand solutions.Monitor ComprehensionMake JudgmentsUse story details to formopinions about thecharacters and their actions.
  11. 11. Reading HomeworkUse todays Story Words (scout,hawk, campsite, gear, andalibis) in a sentence and definethem.
  12. 12. MathAim: Write Fractions asDecimals (p. 595)Lesson:Complete pages 595­598Homework:"My Homework" p 599­600
  13. 13. Spelling1. subtraction 11. attraction2. transportation 12. dismiss3. missile 13. inspector4. portable 14. distract5. export 15. spectacle6. committee 16. inspect7. respect 17. mission8. transport 18. import9. tractor 19. intermission10. spectator 20. suspect
  14. 14. SpellingAim: Mythology WordsLesson:• Definitions• SentencesHomework:• Spelling words ten times each.
  15. 15. Homework Summary for Monday May 13, 2013ReadingUse todays Story Words (scout, hawk, campsite, gear,and alibis) in a sentence and define them.Math"My Homework" pages 599­600SpellingSpelling words ten times eachSpelling test tomorrow
  16. 16. Attachments1314158Analogies TTT.notebook