4.25.13 classwork thursday


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4.25.13 classwork thursday

  1. 1. ChristySamiraLeonKareenaPhiliciaAyannaLilahRemyDonovanMichaelYamileeJessicaLeslieCarlosBryanRicardoAlexisDavidJordanAlejandraKathyDianaIxzaEmilyJaileenJeffreyWednesdayApril 25, 2013On this date in 1901, New York became the first state to require licenseplates on vehicles. Using no more than eight letters or numbers, design apersonalized license plate for yourself. Explain what it means and whyyou chose it.EdwardAdrianette
  2. 2. DO NOW:Write the x9Times Table tentimes.Morning Work
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Whales(p. 604)Talk About ItWhat are somewords that cometo mind when youthink aboutwhales? How many different kinds of whalesdo you know about?
  4. 4. 1. The community held _______ to talk about new bus stops.2. Using her new eyeglasses, Amy _______ on the words on the board.3. Please _______ about what time dinner begins.4. The boy lay _______ on the beach after swimming.5. The dog _______ from its house to go get some food.6. It was _______ to remove the dishes before I had finished eating.7. The sun finally _______ from behind the clouds.8. The animal acts are a big _______ at the circus.ventured discussions emerged sprawledunreasonable inquire attraction focused
  5. 5. fatScarykillerhugechunkyblubberthe oceanuglybig tonguebigmouthmammallipstickfinspredator leatherypreycarnivoretail
  6. 6. killerspermbluebugalanarwhalwhale sharkhumpback
  7. 7. Ventured means "risked or dared to go."Emerged means "came into view."Someone who is unreasonable is not usinggood sense.An attraction is something that pulls peopleor objects to it.
  8. 8. If you inquire about something, you try toget information by asking questions.Discussions are talks to exchange opinionson a subject.Someone who is sprawled is spread outawkwardly or carelessly.Focused means "concentrated onsomeone or something."
  9. 9. ReadingAim: A Song forMakaio (p. 606)Word PartsWords can haveroots from otherlanguages. For example, attraction has theLatin Root tract, which means "to draw or pull."The root can hep you figure out thatattraction means "the act of drawing orpulling something near."
  10. 10. ReadingGenerate QuestionsSummarizeA Summary Chart helpsyou answer questionsabout what happens atthe beginning, middle,and end of a story.
  11. 11. ReadingAim: The Gri Gri Tree(p. 608)GenreRealistic Fiction hasreal­life settings, well­developed characters,and realistic problemsand solutions.
  12. 12. mammals: are animals that use lungsto breathe air, nurse their young, andare warm blooded.traits: characteristics that help youdefine who you are.organism: living animals orplants.carnivores: animals or plants that eatflesh.
  13. 13. chica: girlmerengues: Dominican dances, or themusic for these dances.amigos: friendsfiestas: parties
  14. 14. The girl sees what she thinks is asea monster.The neighbors think the girlimagined the monster, but itappears a second time.The villagers decide to makeup a friendly story about themonster, and choose Ana Rosato write about it.Ana Rosa sees a sea monster,but people think she imaginedit. Then the monster appears asecond time, and the villagerssee it. They plan ways to makethe sea monster more friendlyfor tourists. Ana Rosa writes astory about the sea monster.Everyone loves her story.
  15. 15. ReadingThink and CompareAnswer questions 1­6 inyour notebook. Writethe questions ANDanswer using COMPLETEsentences.HomeworkUse your Summary Chart to help yousummarize "The Gri Gri Tree." When youprepare your summary, be sure to includeonly important events and details.
  16. 16. Language ArtsAim: Mixed Review (p. 194)Lesson:• Copy the REVIEW THERULES• 1­25 on pp. 194­195Homework:• Writing Activity (p. 195)• Exam tomorrow
  17. 17. Social StudiesAim: The Bill of Rights (p. 334)Lesson:• Define Vocabulary words• Read pages 334­339• Write TEN (10) facts about the lesson• Answer 1­4 on p. 339. Do not write questions.Homework:• Design a poster that honors the Bill of Rights.List some of the amendments, and addpictures of freedoms that you enjoy.• Due MONDAY!
  18. 18. Homework Summary for Thursday April 25, 2013ReadingPractice book, page 181Math"My Homework" pages 555­556Language ArtsWriting Activity (p. 195)Social Studies• Design a poster that honors the Bill of Rights. List some ofthe amendments, and add pictures of freedoms that youenjoy.• Due MONDAY!
  19. 19. Attachments1314158Analogies TTT.notebook