4.11.13 classwork thursday


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4.11.13 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Pretend that you are working in the garden when youfind the most unusual thing. Write about what happensnext. Thursday April 11, 2013 Ricardo Bryan Emily Leslie Remy Edward Jaileen Samira Carlos Alexis Yamilee Ixza Christy Ayanna Kathy Jessica Kareena Alejandra Adrianette Donovan Lilah Philicia Michael Diana Jordan Leon David Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x6Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Talking in Codes(p. 578)Talk About ItName some different kindsof codes. What are somesituations in which youmight want to talk incode?Picture PromptLook at the picture and respond in writing.
  4. 4. A corridor is a long, narrow hallway.A reservation is land set aside by thegovernment for a specific purpose.Someone who has enlisted has volunteeredto join the military.Invasion refers to armed forces entering aregion to conquer it.
  5. 5. A shield is a person or thing that protectsagainst danger.A location is an exact place.Sagged refers to things that drooped downin the middle from weight.Something that is creased is lined, folded,or wrinkled.
  6. 6. corridor creased enlisted invasion location reservation sagged shield1. When the final school bell rang, the girls raced down the  corridor long _______ toward the door.2. sagged The tree branch _______ under the weight of the owl.3. invasion The war began with the _______ of the fort.4. location The film crew set up its cameras at the _______ the  director had indicated.5. creased The man _______ his pants with the iron.6. My grandmother told us about life on the _______ after  reservation her tribe lost its land to the settlers.7. shield I used a trash can lid to _______ me from the snow  balls.8. enlisted My brother _______ in the army when he heard about  the need for soldiers.
  7. 7. ReadingAim: Rita, the Storyteller(p. 580)Context CluesContext Clues arewords or phrases thatsurround an unfamiliar word and can helpyou define it. They can appear in a nearbysentence or somewhere else in theparagraph.
  8. 8. Authors PerspectiveAn Authors Perspective Chart helps you ask questions todetermine an authors opinion or point of view. Clues Authors Perspective
  9. 9. ReadingAim: The UnbreakableCode (p. 582)GenreHistorical Fiction tells astory in which fictionalcharacters take part in actual historicalevents from the past.Authors PerspectiveLook for clues that reveal the authors point ofview.
  10. 10. Navajo: a member of a Native Americanpeople of northern New Mexico andArizona.drills: training exercises.platoon: a division in the military.recruits: new members of the armed forces.
  11. 11. Clues Authors Perspective The Navajo The author has alanguage is as warm favorable attitude and familiar as the toward the Navajo patterns on a language. Navajo blanket. The author feels that Grandfather tells the NavajoJohn never to forget language is the Navajo important to language. remember.
  12. 12. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using todaysStory Words only (Navajo, drills,platoon, recruits).
  13. 13. MathAim: Write NumericalExpressions (p. 493)Lesson:• Complete 1­11 p. 494­496Homework:• "My Homework" p. 497­498
  14. 14. Spelling 1. sadness 11. bottomless 2. gladness 12. foolishness 3. needless 13. fondness 4. harmless 14. effortless 5. darkness 15. meaningless 6. fullness 16. emptiness 7. stillness 17. forgiveness 8. hopeless 18. motionless 9. fearless 19. ceaseless 10. weakness 20. fierceness
  15. 15. SpellingAim: DefinitionsLesson:• Use a dictionary and define each spelling word.Homework:• Write a sentence using each spelling word.
  16. 16. Language ArtsAim: Using Helping Verbs(p. 184)Lesson:• Copy the RULES• Complete 1­20• Complete Writing ActivityHomework:• Extra Practice 1­25 p. 249
  17. 17. helping verbs
  18. 18. Homework Summary for Thursday April 11, 2013ReadingWrite a sentence using todays Story Words.Math"My Homework" pages 497­498SpellingWrite a sentence using each spelling wordLanguage ArtsExtra Practice 1­25 p. 249
  19. 19. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook