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3.6.12 classwork tuesday


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3.6.12 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Imagine that dogs and cats have thumbs. With this newaddition, what would be different about having a dog orcat as a pet? Explain. Carlos Tuesday Adolfo March 6, 2012 David Linder Ryan Eric Ramon Joey Jose Ricardo Cincere Emma Natalie Joshua Alan G Cameron Brianna Gia Alan R Johnny Matthew Angel Sualee Andres Elizabeth Nyashia Mitzy Roxana Christopher Brian Max Massire Christian
  2. 2. Morning WritingCelebrate YourName Week isobserved the first fullweek in March. Writea fictional storyexplaining how yougot your name.Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you arefinished. The work will be graded.
  3. 3. Daily Warm­Up #14The2.13.12 Morning Reading ­ June Bugs Crab SpiderTake a handout from the binin the front of the classroom.Use your SMART Clickers toanswer the questions.Return the handout (withyour name written on it) andthe clicker once you arefinished.
  4. 4. Reading ­ Quiz
  5. 5. Reading ­ Through My Eyes (p. 414)HomophonesHomophones are words that sound alike butare spelled differently and have differentdefinitions.The words there, their, theyre, and to, too,two are the most commonly misusedhomophones.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Through My Eyes (p. 414) He thought it was a capital idea to visit the U.S. Capitol building. capital: excellent Capitol: building where government officials meet He performed his amazing feat with both feet in the air. I heard the herd as they moved into the barn
  7. 7. Reading ­ Through My Eyes (p. 414)
  8. 8. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420)Talk About ItHow do animalsdefend themselveswhen they arescared orthreatened?
  9. 9. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420)A glimpse is a quick look at something.Something that is secluded is private andout of view.Behavior refers to the way a person oranimal acts.Arroyo is the Spanish word for stream orcreek.
  10. 10. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420)Arousing is stirring up or causing excitement.A person who is stunned is shocked oroverwhelmed.Something that is nestled has settled into acomfortable position.Unpleasant things are offensive orunattractive.
  11. 11. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420)Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 119
  12. 12. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216)What is the Least Common Denominator?The Least CommonDenominator (LCD) is theLeast Common Multipleof two or moredenominators.
  13. 13. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216)Try ItWrite equivalent fractions using the LCDExercise 6 ­ 10
  14. 14. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216) Math Homework Practice book, page 47
  15. 15. Spelling ­ Words for the Week 1. grownup 11. flawless 2. power 12. coward 3. shower 13. lawyer 4. bestow 14. applause 5. August 15. arousing 6. allow 16. faucet 7. encounter 17. trousers 8. grouchy 18. caution 9. rowdy 19. boundary 10. laundry 20. doubting
  16. 16. Spelling ­ Words for the Week
  17. 17. Language Arts ­ Subject Pronouns (p. 342)RULESUse a subject pronoun asthe subject of a sentence. We went to the science fair on Saturday.I, you, he, she, it, we, and they are subjectpronouns.
  18. 18. Language Arts ­ Subject Pronouns (p. 342)Guided PracticeName the subject pronoun or pronouns in each sentence.1. We enjoyed looking at the waterwheel inventions.2. They moved water in many different ways.3. Gloria and I talked about creating our ownwaterwheel.4. She told a story about a waterwheel at an old mill.5. We looked at the other projects with the guide.
  19. 19. Language Arts ­ Subject Pronouns (p. 342)Guided PracticeName the subject pronoun or pronouns in each sentence.6. He told us many facts.7. They were all very interesting.8. I made a lightning rod for the science fair last year.9. It won a small prize.10. You should see it!
  20. 20. Language Arts ­ Subject Pronouns (p. 342)More PracticeExercise 11 ­ 25. Write the sentences.Writing ActivityWrite a speech that compares two ways to makebubbles. Vary the length of your sentences to makethem interesting.APPLY GRAMMAR: Underline each subject pronoun thatyou use.Use your notebook.
  21. 21. Language Arts ­ Subject Pronouns (p. 342)Language Homework Practice book, page 67
  22. 22. Homework Summary ­ Tuesday, March 6, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 119Math1. Practice book, page 47Language1. Practice book, page 67
  23. 23. Range: Mode:9 Median: Mean:
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