3.26.13 classwork tuesday


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3.26.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Music can be relaxing and can bring back goodmemories. What are some of your favorite songs, andhow do they make you feel? Carlos Tuesday March 26, 2013 Donovan Bryan Samira Emily Leslie Christy Yamilee Lilah Diana Ixza Ricardo Jessica Kareena Philicia Alexis Ayanna Alejandra Remy Jordan Michael Jaileen Kathy Edward Adrianette David Leon Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x11Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Fantastic Foods(p. 542)Talk About It: What isthe most interestingfruit or vegetable thatyou have ever seen or tasted?Picture Prompt: Look at the picture andrespond in writing. Write two paragraphs (3­5sentences each).
  4. 4. A shortage occurs when there is notenough of something.Bedlam is a state of wild uproar andconfusion.An outcast is a person not accepted byother people.Reflected can refer to light rays or soundsthat strike a surface and bounce back.
  5. 5. A strategy is a plan for achieving a goal.Something that is traditional is passed downfrom parents to their children.Civilization is an advanced stage of humanorganization and culture.Something complex is difficult tounderstand or do.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: Juanita and theCornstalk (p. 544)Use a dictionary when youwant to check a Word Origin.The definition may includeinformation about the word.For example, the dictionary entry for bedlamexplains the word comes from a 16th centuryhospital in London that treated people withmental illness.
  7. 7. What Does the What Happens to theCharacter Do and Say? Character? She trades theJuanita goes to donkey forsell the donkey. some magic seeds. With the help of the seeds,Juanita climbs Juanita brings up the him back to cornstalk and Earth and ismeets a god of rewarded.civilization who is trapped up there.Good things can happen when a kind act is repaid. Theme
  8. 8. ReadingAim: Weslandia (p. 546)Fantasy has inventedcharacters, settings, orother elements thatcould not exist in reallife.Look for the overall idea or message that isrepeated throughout the story. As you read,use your Theme Chart.
  9. 9. bedlam   civilization      complex outcast reflected   shortage    strategy traditional1. Instead of baking a _______ birthday cake for Marcys  traditional party, Marcys dad made a cherry pie.2. Societies like the Aztec _______ are interesting. civilization3. The _______ math problem took me a long time to do. complex4. outcast The man became a family _______ when he broke the  law.5. shortage Due to a _______ of money, we couldnt afford to go on  vacation this year.6. strategy The girl planned a careful _______ to win the election.7. The broken mirror no longer _______ the morning  reflected sunlight.8. bedlam The stands erupted in _______ when the home team  scored.
  10. 10. tormentors: people who cause pain orsuffering for others.fibers: threadlike materialsdomain: an area controlled or owned bysomeone.
  11. 11. What Does the Character What Happens Do and Say? to the Character? Wesley would The other say that he is neighborhood someone who children chase doesnt fit in and torment and has no Wesley. friends.Wesley decides Wesley getsto grow his own really excitedfood crop and about his new start his own project. civilization. Wesley opens his garden to Fruit appears the unknown on Wesleys and grows a plants and it new kind of tastes delicious. plant. Wesley makes As Wesley playshis own clothes his games,and invents his spectators look own games. on with envy. Its okay to be yourself even if you are different from others. Theme
  12. 12. ReadingAim: Blue Potatoes and Square Watermelons(p. 562)Online Encyclopedia Entries containinformation about real people, living things,places, situations, or events.A Hyperlink is an electronic connection withintext on a Web page that provides directaccess to other documents or information.A Key Word is a specific word that helps youfind information when searching
  13. 13. Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 160
  14. 14. MathAim: DivideDecimals, contd(p. 455)Lesson:• Solve the problems• on the board
  15. 15. ReligionAim: The Eucharist is amemorial, a meal, anda sacrifice (p. 122)Lesson:• Complete We Gather activity.• Read pages 122­123.• Write TEN (10) facts about the chapter.• Complete We Respond activity.Homework1. When are we called to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist?2. What is a sacrifice?
  16. 16. When we celebrate theEucharist, we do three things:honor Jesus by remembering what Hedid. share in a meal participate in a sacrifice.
  17. 17. Homework Summary for Tuesday March 26, 2013ReadingPractice Book, page 160Religion1. When are we called to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist?2. What is a sacrifice?
  18. 18. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook