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3.14.13 classwork thursday


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3.14.13 classwork thursday

  1. 1. After waiting all winter, what is your favorite thing to doonce spring arrives? Explain. Thursday Donovan March 14, 2013 ChristyAlejandra Bryan Emily AlexisLeslieSamiraRicardo Ayanna Jaileen Edward RemyJessica Ixza Yamilee Jordan Kareena Michael Lilah Kathy Adrianette Carlos Philicia Diana David Leon Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x9Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. ReadingAim: North Pole SouthPole (p. 514)Talk About It: Whatimages come to mindwhen you think aboutthe North and South Pole? Why would it beexciting to explore these places?Picture Prompt: Look at the picture andrespond in writing. Write two paragraphs (3­5sentences each).
  4. 4. Frigid weather is very cold.If you triumph over someone, you arevictorious or successful.Dismantled means "taken apart."If a place is uninhabited, no one lives there.
  5. 5. Labor is work.Something that is treacherous is full ofdanger.An expedition is a trip for exploring orstudying.If you abandon something, you give it up orleave it forever.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: Ice and More Ice(p. 516)By breaking down anunfamiliar word into parts, such as the Root,the Prefix, at the beginning of the word andthe Suffix, at the end of the word you canfigure out its definition.For example, uninhabited (un­inhabited)means "not lived in."
  7. 7. Problem Explorers of the Arctic face many problems due to the regionss harsh climate. Attempt Outcome Pearys expedition When Henson moved in slipped into apacks to avoid lead, Ootahlanes of water rescued him. called "leads." Attempt Outcome Pearys team One member slept in groups saved the in case leads team when an opened up at ice island night. formed. Attempt OutcomeThey built igloos Sometimes the to protect wind would themselves dismantle thefrom the harsh igloos. wind. Solution By working as a team, Peary and Henson finally made it to the North Pole.
  8. 8. ReadingAim: Spirit of Endurance(p. 518)Nonfiction givesinformation and factsabout real people,places, events, andsituations.A Problem and Solution Map helps you askquestions to figure out problems and solutionsin a selection.
  9. 9. hack: to cut or chop unevenly with heavyblows from a tool, such as an ax.glacier: a large mass of ice that movesslowly over land.blubber: a layer of fat under the skin ofwhales and certain other sea animals. It canbe used as a source of oil that is burned inlamps.
  10. 10. abandoned  dismantled      expedition frigid labor  treacherous  triumph uninhabited1. When rowing became too difficult, we _______ our plan  to sail up the river.2. After the child finished the puzzle, he _______ it.3. Lewis and Clark led the _______ west.4. The _______ temperature made it too cold to go out.5. The _______ we did was worth it when we saw the  finished garden.6. The rain made driving conditions _______.7. The team felt a sense of _______ when they won eight  of their last ten games.8. Judging from the dust and spider webs, the house had  been _______ for a long time.
  11. 11. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using thevocabulary and story words.
  12. 12. MathAim: Divide Decimals byWhole Numbers (p. 443)Lesson:• Problems on boardHomework:• Lesson 11 ­ Handout
  13. 13. Round to tenth
  14. 14. round to tenth
  15. 15. Spelling 1. margin 11. damage 2. jolt 12. ranger 3. surge 13. jumble 4. plunge 14. luggage 5. jigsaw 15. baggage 6. legend 16. dodge 7. ridge 17. challenge 8. budge 18. journal 9. lodge 19. judgment 10. agent 20. knowledge
  16. 16. SpellingAim: PretestLesson:• Define wordsHomework:• Sentences using each spelling word
  17. 17. Social StudiesAim: WinningIndependence (p. 284)Lesson:• Define Vocabulary words• Read pages 284­289• Write SEVEN (7) facts about the lesson.Homework:• Answer questions 1­5 on page 289• Do not write the questions, only the answers
  18. 18. Homework Summary for Thursday March 14, 2013ReadingWrite a sentence using vocabulary and story wordsMathLesson 11 ­ handoutSocial Studies1­5 on page 289. Do not write the questionsSpellingABC order ten times each
  19. 19. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook