3.13.13 classwork wednesday


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3.13.13 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep­sea diver?Explain. Wednesday March 13, 2013 Donovan Michael Christy Emily BryanJaileen Remy Alexis Edward Ricardo Leslie Kathy Samira Ixza Lilah David Alejandra Ayanna Jessica Diana Yamilee Jordan Adrianette Philicia Carlos Kareena Leon Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x2Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. ReadingAim: North Pole SouthPole (p. 514)Talk About It: Whatimages come to mindwhen you think aboutthe North and South Pole? Why would it beexciting to explore these places?Picture Prompt: Look at the picture andrespond in writing. Write two paragraphs (3­5sentences each).
  4. 4. Frigid weather is very cold.If you triumph over someone, you arevictorious or successful.Dismantled means "taken apart."If a place is uninhabited, no one lives there.
  5. 5. Labor is work.Something that is treacherous is full ofdanger.An expedition is a trip for exploring orstudying.If you abandon something, you give it up orleave it forever.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: Ice and More Ice(p. 516)By breaking down anunfamiliar word into parts, such as the Root,the Prefix, at the beginning of the word andthe Suffix, at the end of the word you canfigure out its definition.For example, uninhabited (un­inhabited)means "not lived in."
  7. 7. uninhabited
  8. 8. Fahrenheit
  9. 9. Problem Explorers of the Arctic face many problems due to the regionss harsh climate. Attempt Outcome Pearys expedition When Henson moved in slipped into apacks to avoid lead, Ootahlanes of water rescued him. called "leads." Attempt Outcome Pearys team One member slept in groups saved the in case leads team when an opened up at ice island night. formed. Attempt OutcomeThey built igloos Sometimes the to protect wind would themselves dismantle thefrom the harsh igloos. wind. Solution By working as a team, Peary and Henson finally made it to the North Pole.
  10. 10. Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 150
  11. 11. MathAim: Divide Decimals byWhole Numbers (p. 443)Lesson:• Guided Practice 1­2• Independent Practice 3­14• Problem Solving 15­20Homework:• "My Homework" pages 447­448
  12. 12. Spelling 1. margin 11. damage 2. jolt 12. ranger 3. surge 13. jumble 4. plunge 14. luggage 5. jigsaw 15. baggage 6. legend 16. dodge 7. ridge 17. challenge 8. budge 18. journal 9. lodge 19. judgment 10. agent 20. knowledge
  13. 13. SpellingAim: PretestLesson:• Practice book, pages 131.Homework:• Spelling words ABC order ten times each.
  14. 14. Language ArtsAim: Pronouns,Contractions, andHomophonesDaily Language ActivitiesThe crafty fisher says, "Yourcrazy if you try to cross.Give me youre baskets and cloth."• Some possessive pronouns and contractions are homophones. Homophones sound the same, but they are spelled differently.
  15. 15. Language ArtsLesson:• Grammar Practice book, page 123• Grammar Practice book, page 124Homework:• Grammar Practice book, page 125­126
  16. 16. ScienceAim: What Are Some Formsof Energy? (p. 478)Lesson:• Define Vocabulary words• Read pages 480­481• Write FIVE (5) facts about the lesson.Homework:• Narrative Writing: Many forms of energy are around us and within us. Write two or three paragraphs describing some ways you use energy in a typical day.
  17. 17. What forms of energy come directlyfrom the sun?light and heatIs chemical energy potential orkinetic?potential energy
  18. 18. List three things that useselectric energy. computer telephone light fan sharpenerSMART board printer
  19. 19. Homework Summary for Wednesday March 13, 2013ReadingPractice Book, page 150Math"My Homework" pages 447­448Language ArtsGrammar Practice Book, page 125­126ScienceNarrative Writing ­ Many forms of energy are around us and within us.Write two or three paragraphs describing some ways you use energy ina typical day.SpellingABC order ten times each
  20. 20. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook