3.12.12 classwork monday


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3.12.12 classwork monday

  1. 1. Some very powerful people wear hats, such as generals, kings, andqueens. If you could wear someone elses hat and become him orher for a day, whose hat would you choose? Explain. Carlos Adolfo Angel Monday March 12, 2012 Christian Andres Linder David Ryan Ricardo Natalie Brianna Gia Alan G Jose Joey Emma Cincere Cameron Joshua Alan R Brian Ramon Elizabeth Christopher Matthew Sualee Nyashia Mitzy Johnny Massire Roxana Max
  2. 2. Daily Warm­Up #2 2.13.12 Morning Reading ­ June BugsAlbert EinsteinTake a handout from the binin the front of the classroom.Use your SMART Clickers toanswer the questions.Return the handout (withyour name written on it) andthe clicker once you arefinished.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442)GenreNonfiction Article present factsabout real people, animals,things, places, or events.Text FeaturesA Deck is a short preview ofa magazine article that isdesigned to grab readersattention.Headings are subtitles thatbreak an article into differentparts. They help readersorganize information so it iseasier to understand.
  4. 4. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442)Camouflage is a disguise that animals orpeople use to hide themselves.A chameleon is a lizard that can change thecolor of its skin to blend in with itssurroundings.If you use mimicry, you make yourselfresemble something else.
  5. 5. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442)Connect and Compare 1. How do the headings used in "Animal Self­Defense" engage the readers attention? 2. Of the adaptations you have read about, which kind of adaptation would you choose for yourself and why? 3. If Carlos in Carlos and the Skunk had read the article "Animal Self­Defense," do you think he would have picked up the skunk? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442)Context CluesYou can define an unknown word by using contextclues, the words around an unknown word that give youclues to the words meaning. Her mother was angry and would not allow Shannon to go to the party. allow: permit, let clue: Shannon cannot do something that is fun.
  7. 7. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442) The south boundary of the park is the far end of the parking lot. boundary: clue:
  8. 8. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442) My most recent encounter with the skunk was near the bush last week. encounter: clue:
  9. 9. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442) She smiled as she heard the applause thunder through the concert hall. applause: clue:
  10. 10. Reading ­ Animal Self­Defense (p. 442) Reading Homework Practice book, page 124 Study for quiz
  11. 11. Math ­ Relate Fractions and Decimals (p. 222) Decimal to Fraction:Step 1Write the decimal as a fractionwith 1, 10, or 100 as thedenominator. The number ofdecimal digits to the right ofthe decimal point, indicatesthe number of zeros in thedenominator.Step 2Write the fractions in simplestform.
  12. 12. Math ­ Relate Fractions and Decimals (p. 222) Fraction to Decimal:Step 1Rename the fraction as adecimal by dividing thenumerator by thedenominator.
  13. 13. Math ­ Relate Fractions and Decimals (p. 222)PracticeWrite each decimal as a fraction in simplest form.Exercise 11 ­ 25 on page 223Write each fraction as a decimal.Exercise 26 ­ 40 on page 223
  14. 14. Math ­ Relate Fractions and Decimals (p. 222) Math Homework Practice Book, page 49
  15. 15. Spelling ­ Test
  16. 16. Social Studies ­ The New England Colonies (p. 178)Class Work• Read pages 178­184• Vocabulary definition• Copy Summary on p. 184 THE GREAT PURITAN MIGRATION Between 1630 and 1643, more than 20,000 Puritans left Europe to settle in New England.
  17. 17. Social Studies ­ The New England Colonies (p. 178)dissent Disagreementexpel To force to leave.industry All the businesses that make one kind of product or offer one kind of service.import A good brought into a country.export A good that leaves a country.
  18. 18. Social Studies ­ The New England Colonies (p. 178) Homework Chapter 5, Lesson 1 handout
  19. 19. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 348)Review the Rules• A pronoun is a word that takes theplace of one or more nouns.• A pronoun must match the noun thatit replaces• A subject pronoun replaces a nounthat is the subject of a sentence• An object pronoun replaces a noun after an action verb, or afterwords such as to, for, with, in, on, of, by or at.• Use a hyphen to show the division of a word at the end of a lineor to join the parts of a compound word.• Use a colon to separate the hour and the minute in the time ofday and after the greeting in a business letter.
  20. 20. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 348)Practice1. I have always been interested in science.2. Space exploration is very interesting to me.3. You have just read an article about Mars.4. What did it say?5. My friend wants to read it.6. We would like to do a report about Mars.
  21. 21. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 348)Practice7. Mars may have had water on it at one time.8. They are going to borrow some books about space.9. The town library has a large collection of them.10. My father said he will drive us there.
  22. 22. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 348) Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 70
  23. 23. Religion ­ Chapter 12 Review (p. 152)Class WorkReview the definitions as they arepresented in the chapters KeyWord boxes:• Liturgy of the Hours (p. 147)• holy day of obligation (p. 147)• sacramentals (p. 149)Review the four statements:• Jesus teaches us to pray.• We are called to pray daily.• Sacramentals are a part of the Churchs prayer life.• Catholics have a rich tradition of special practices and popular devotions.
  24. 24. Homework Summary ­ Monday, March 12, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 1242. Study for quizMath1. Practice book, page 492. Study for quizSocial Studies1. Chapter 5, Lesson 1 ­ handoutLanguage Arts1. Practice book, page 70
  25. 25. Range: Mode:8 Median: Mean:
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