2.8.12 classwork wednesday


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2.8.12 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Would you rather go white­water rafting or skiing? Explain. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Cincere Ricardo Ramon Natalie Alan Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Linder Brian Christian Christopher Angel Matthew Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. Writing ActivityImagine that you and yourfamily are on a camping trip ina remote wilderness area whenmost of your gear falls over acliff. You are left with only apocket knife and a canteen ofwater. Explain ways you woulddo to survive for four days. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use your notebook. Draw an image as well.
  3. 3. Writing Activity
  4. 4. Reading ­ Comprehension Check (p. 349)SummarizeUse your Venn Diagram to helpsummarize My Great­Grandmothers Gourd. Bycomparing and contrastingdetails, you will be able tounderstand how the story isorganized.Think and CompareQuestions 1­5. Write the questions in your notebook andanswer using complete sentences.
  5. 5. Reading ­ More Than Sand (p. 350) Reading Homework Practice book, page 100
  6. 6. Math ­ Sampling (p. 178) Practice Exercise 5 ­ 20, page 180
  7. 7. Math ­ Sampling (p. 178) Math Homework Textbook page 189 Read and Make Stem­and­Leaf Plots: exercise 1­2 Sampling: exercise 1­2
  8. 8. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268)Class Work Write the "Review the Rules" in your notebook. Do "Practice" exercise 1­20 in your notebook.
  9. 9. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268)1. A warm climate is found in some parts of the world.2. Mexican winters are mild. proper3. Indian dust storms can be fierce. proper4. In Saudi Arabia, many people suffer from the great heat.5. African weathers is dry. proper6. The Greek islands have perfect summers. proper7. Hawaiian breezes feel cool in the winter. proper
  10. 10. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268)8. Australian winters are hot and sunny.9. The Samoan islands are beautiful all year.10. Jamaica is a wonderful place for a holiday.11. (A, The) climate in Siberia is harsh.12. (A, The) people must be prepared for extreme temperatures.13. (A, An) Alaskan winter is also very cold.
  11. 11. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268)14. (This, Those) freezing temperatures are a problem for people in some northern countries.15. Would you like to visit (those, that) country?16. Maybe you should visit (a, the) country of Iceland in July.17. Wouldnt you rather visit (the, a) country with the warmer climate?18. You may prefer (these, that) countries: Greece, Jamaica, or Kenya.
  12. 12. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268)19. Perhaps you dont mind (the, a) colder regions of the world.20. If you could take (the, a) perfect vacation, where would you go?
  13. 13. Language Arts ­ Mixed Review (p. 268) Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 55
  14. 14. Social Studies ­ The Mayflower Compact(p. 160)While still on board theMayflower, the Pilgrimmen wrote and signeda compact describingtheir colonysgovernment, whichwould be based onmajority rule. How do these words illustrate the Pilgrims strong religious beliefs?
  15. 15. Social Studies ­ The Mayflower Compact(p. 160)
  16. 16. Social Studies ­ The Mayflower Compact(p. 160)The Plymouth ColonyWhen the Mayflower Compact was written in 1620, the English language was verydifferent from what it is today. Below is a version of the Mayflower Compactwritten in present­day language. Use it to answer the questions that follow. 1. Who is the English ruler named in the Mayflower Compact? 2. Where did the Mayflower passengers think they were going to settle? 3. How did the writers of the Mayflower Compact say laws would be decided? 4. What did the passengers promise? 5. Where and when was the Mayflower Compact signed?
  17. 17. Social Studies ­ The Mayflower Compact(p. 160) Social Studies Homework Textbook page 163, Questions 1­2 Use your notebook. Write the questions.
  18. 18. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, February 8, 2012Math1. Textbook page 1892. Read and Make Stem­and­Leaf Plots: exercise 1­23. Sampling: exercise 1­24. Study for exam; MondayLanguage Arts1. Practice book, page 552. Quiz on FridaySpelling1. Study for quiz tomorrowSocial Studies1. Textbook, page 1632. Questions 1­23. Use your notebook.
  19. 19. 4 Range: Mode: Median: Mean:
  20. 20. Attachments imgres