2.19.13 classwork tuesday


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2.19.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Imagine that you are a cat and a huge dog is chasingyou. Write about what you would do to outwit the dogand make your way to safety. Tuesday February 19, 2013 Ayanna Emily Lilah Ixza Leslie Michael Bryan Jose Edward Ricardo Remy Leon Samira Alexis Kathy Jaileen Donovan Jordan Kareena Yamilee Jessica Alejandra Christy Carlos Adrianette Diana Philicia Jeffrey David
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x4Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420) Talk About It How do animals defend themselves when they are scared or threatened? Look at the picture and respond in writing.Activity Using loose leaf paper, draw an animal defending itself from their predator. Write a sentence describing your picture.
  4. 4. A glimpse is a quick look at something.Something that is secluded is private andout of view.Behavior refers to the way a person oranimal acts.Arroyo is the Spanish word for stream orcreek.
  5. 5. Arousing is stirring up or causing excitement.A person who is stunned is shocked oroverwhelmed.Something that is nestled has settled into acomfortable position.Unpleasant things are offensive orunattractive.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: Nosey and thePorcupine (p. 422)Do Now: Review thevocabulary words.Context CluesYou can figure out the meaning of anunfamiliar word by using Context Clues thatappear within the same sentence.For example, "fishing" can help you figure outthat arroyo means "stream."
  7. 7. Authors PurposeThere are four basic reasons, or "purposes," forwriting:• to entertain• to inform• to persuade• to inquireEntertain: create a story for enjoyment.Inform: present information about a topic.Persuade: convince readers of their opinion.Inquire: ask questions to provoke a response.
  8. 8. Clues Authors PurposeNosey runs to the woods,  to entertain living up to her name. Nosey tries to swat a  to entertain butterfly. Nosey falls on a  to entertain porcupine. The quills get stuck on  to entertain, to inform her face.
  9. 9. ReadingAim: Carlos and the Skunk(p. 424)GenreRealistic Fiction tells aninvented story that could havehappened in real life.Authors PurposeAs you read, use your Authors Purpose Chart,found on page 121 in your Practice Book.
  10. 10. chiles: hot­tasting pods of a red pepper,used for seasoning.dough: a soft, thick mixture of flour, liquid,fat, and other ingredients for baking.tortillas: thin, flat, round cakes made ofcornmeal or flour.
  11. 11. Clues Authors PurposeDetails of thevalley andhouses where InformCarlos andGloria live. Something isCarlos is going to happenboasting and ­ it maybe beshowing off. entertaining.Funny storyabout a boy To entertain.trying toimpress a girl.Stories that arehanded downabout animal Inform.behavior arenot necessarilytrue!
  12. 12. ReadingAim: Animal Self­Defense(p. 442)GenreNonfiction Article presentfacts about real people,animals, things, places, or events.A Deck is a short preview of a magazinearticle that is designed to grab readersattention.Headings are subtitles that break an articleinto different parts.
  13. 13. Camouflage is a disguise that animalsor people use to hide themselves.A chameleon is a lizard that canchange the color of its skin to blend inwith its surroundings.If you use mimicry, you make yourselfresemble something else.
  14. 14. Connect and Compare1. How do the headings used in "Animal Self­Defense" engage the readers attention?2. Of the adaptations you have read about, which kind of adaptation would you choose for yourself and why?3. If Carlos in Carlos and the Skunk had read the article "Animal Self­Defense," do you think he would have picked up the skunk?
  15. 15. Reading Homework• Science Activity (p. 445). Due Friday. Typed or loose leaf.• Practice Book page 123• Study for exam tomorrow.
  16. 16. Math QuizDirections: Add decimals1. 0.9 + 6.7 = 2. 3.1 + 9.4 =3. 4.88 + 8.19 = 4. 14.05 + 9.2 =5. 6.08 + 0.22 = 6. 9.14 + 7.99 =7. 5.07 8. 6.37 +2.80 +2.96
  17. 17. MathAim: Addition Properties(p. 341)Do Now: DefineCommutative, Associate,and Identity Properties of Addition.Lesson: Complete Independent Practiceand Problem Solving (p. 343­344).Homework: Complete "My Homework" (p.345­346)
  18. 18. Language ArtsAim: Object Pronouns inPrepositional Phrases (p. 432)Do Now: Copy the RULES in yournotebook.Lesson:1. Guided Practice, exercise 1­10, page 432­433.2. More Practice, exercise 11­20, page 433.Homework:• Extra Practice, exercise 1­25, page 496.
  19. 19. Homework Summary for Tuesday February 19, 2013ReadingPractice Book page 123Science Activity ­ Due Friday (see classwork)Study for exam ­ TomorrowMath"My Homework" pages 345­346Language Arts"Extra Practice" exercises 1­25 pages 496
  20. 20. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook