2.16.12 classwork thursday


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2.16.12 classwork thursday

  1. 1. The third Monday in February is Presidents Day. Wouldyou rather be president of the United States or a famousmovie star? Explain. Thursday Adolfo February 16, 2012 Johnny Gia Cincere Ryan Linder Jose David Emma Carlos Eric Angel Andres Elizabeth Ramon Joshua Alan G Ricardo Max Brian Massire Natalie Alan R Cameron Nyashia Brianna Christian Christopher Sualee Mitzy Matthew Roxana Joey
  2. 2. Daily Warm­Up #4 2.13.12 Morning Reading ­ June BugsSharksTake a handout from the binin the front of the classroom.Use your SMART Clickers toanswer the questions.Return the handout (withyour name written on it) andthe clicker once you arefinished.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 366)SimileA simile is a figure ofspeech that comparestwo things that are notnormally alike. Manysimiles use the wordslike or as. The noise grew louder, like a thousand golf balls bouncing off the roof.
  4. 4. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 366)Black as words on printed pages.Sad like tigers locked in cages.Long as thread unrolled from spools.Straight like legs on wooden stools.Quiet as a school at night.
  5. 5. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 366)Happy like a bird in flight.Tight as fuzzy skin on peaches.White like dunes of sand on beaches.Cold as scoops of frozen peas.Fun like writing similes
  6. 6. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 366) Reading Homework Similes handout
  7. 7. Math ­ 5 Minute ReviewTell if each number is divisible by 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, or 10.1. 782. 5553. 1714. 360Write an answer.5. How can divisibility rules help you?You dont have to divide to get the answer.
  8. 8. Math ­ Explore Primes and Composites (p. 202)LearnYou can use countersto explore whichnumbers are primeand which arecomposite. prime number A whole number greater than 1 that is only divisible by itself and the number 1.A whole number is divisible by another number when composite number A whole number greater than 1 thatthe first is divided by the second and the remainder is 0. is divisible by more numbers than just itself and the number 1.
  9. 9. Math ­ Explore Primes and Composites (p. 202)
  10. 10. Math ­ Explore Primes and Composites (p. 202)prime factorizationfinding which prime numbers multiply together to makethe original number.factor treea diagram used to break down a number by dividing itby its factors until all the numbers left are prime.
  11. 11. Math ­ Explore Primes and Composites (p. 202)Using Paper and Pencil 4
  12. 12. Math ­ Explore Primes and Composites (p. 202) Math Homework Practice book, page 42
  13. 13. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274)RULESThe word good has two forms forcomparing: better and best.Use better to compare twonouns or pronouns.Use best to compare more thantwo people, places, things, orideas.
  14. 14. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274) Todays weather was good. Yesterdays weather was better. Last weeks weather was the best of the month.
  15. 15. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274)RULESThe word bad has two formscomparing: worse and worst.Use worse to compare twonouns or pronouns.Use worst to compare threeor more.
  16. 16. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274)That storm was bad. It was worsethan the one last summer.Some people thought it was theworst storm of all.
  17. 17. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274)To decide which form of good and bad to use, look atthe nouns or pronouns being compared. When usingforms of good and bad, do not use ­er or ­est, or moreor most. Only one noun good bad Comparing two nouns better worse Comparing three or more nouns best worst
  18. 18. Language Arts ­ Comparing with Good andBad (p. 274) Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 58
  19. 19. Spelling ­ Review and Proofread Spelling Homework Vocabulary Word Map handout
  20. 20. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, February 16, 2012Reading1. Similes handoutMath1. Practice book, page 42Language Arts1. Practice book, page 58Spelling1. Vocabulary Word Map handout
  21. 21. Range: Mode:4 Median: Mean:
  22. 22. Attachments imgres