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1.6.12 classwork friday


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1.6.12 classwork friday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Think of a time in your life when something  happened to you that you did not expect. Write about that time and how  you felt. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Cincere Ricardo Ramon Natalie Alan Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Matthew Linder Brian Christian Christopher Angel Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. If a cold January wind couldtalk, what do you think itwould say to trees? Tobuildings? To animals? Topeople? Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose- leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  3. 3. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294)GenreA Biography tells thestory of a persons lifeand is written byanother person.Fact and OpinionAs you read, use yourFact and Opinion Chart. Fact OpinionRead to Find OutWhat opinions does the Preview and Predictauthor give about Read the title, preview the illustration, and note  questions and predictions about the story. Write Esther Morris? about your predictions and anything else you  want to know about the story.
  4. 4. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294)SummarizeEsther Morris came to South Pass Cityin the Wyoming Territory in 1869.She thought women should be able tovote and hold office.William Bright, a member of theWyoming Territory Council, agreed.Another member, Ben Sheeks, tried tostop council from voting on themeasure.Later that year, however, the councilvoted to give women the right to voteand hold office.
  5. 5. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294) physician f[ ] zish [ ]n e e The upside down e in the  Pull pronunciation guide stands  for the schwa sound. This  is the sound heard in the  unstressed vowel sound in  words like about.
  6. 6. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294) Facts OpinionsName: Esther Mae Hobart McQuigg Slack  A woman should be able to vote and hold Morris office, the same as a man.In 1869 the Wyoming legislature voted to give women the right to vote and to hold  Reckless Copperheads!office. "I feel that my work has been satisfactory" Mrs. Morriss term as justice of the peace  and "Like all pioneers, I have labored ended in October, 1870. more in faith and hope."
  7. 7. Math - Range, Mode, Median, and Mean (page 154)Example 3 (page 155)A 13­inch flying disk holdsthe record for the "worldsfarthest object everthrown."Use the data on the widthsof six flying disks to findthe median.Find the medianStep 1: Order the dataStep 2: Find the mean of the twomiddle numbers.
  8. 8. Math - Range, Mode, Median, and Mean (page 154) TRY IT! Find the range, mode, median, and mean. 15, 16, 19, 12, 16, 14, 13 5, 7, 9, 5, 7, 3, 1, 5, 9, 8 1. range = 5. range = 2. mode = 6. mode = 3. median = 7. median = 4. mean = 8. mean =ode, Median, and Mean
  9. 9. Spelling - Review and Proofread
  10. 10. Spelling - Review and Proofread1. video 11. fluid2. poet 12. rodeo3. riot 13. cruel4. piano 14. genuine5. diary 15. casual6. radio 16. trial7. ideas 17. fuel8. ruin 18. meteor9. diet 19. diameter10. patriot 20. meander
  11. 11. Spelling - Review and Proofread Proofread and correct the misspelled words.1. Their cruil words might ruin the triel.2. The idias in her diary were genuene.3. The poete read her work in a cashual setting.4. Ill meandor through the rodeo.
  12. 12. Spelling - Review and Proofread Circle the misspelled words in the passage. Write the words correctly on the lines below.     Mrs. Esther Morris was a true patreot. In her time, she would have been called a genuen article. She was a fair judge. She didnt punish Ben Sheeks when he misbehaved during a tryial. There was no vidio when Mrs. Morris lived. There wasnt even radeo. I would have liked to see or hear her. I like many of her ideus.
  13. 13. My 2012 Goals!InstructionsFront Cover - My 2012 Goals!Back Cover - Your Name!Pages 1 to 6 - One goal and a picture!
  14. 14. Homework Summary ­ Friday, January 6, 2012No Homework Friday!Have a great weekend
  15. 15. KEY Score Payment 0­3: $10 debit 4­5: $5 debit6 6: $0 7: $2 credit 8: $3 credit 9: $4 credit 10: $10 credit
  16. 16. Class JobsTeachers Assistant - $15/pay periodBanker/Cashier - $20/$15Cell Box Carrier - $4/dayLine Leader - $4/dayCaboose - $3/daySubstitute - $2/daySnacks Leader - $4/dayHomework - $5/checkReminder - $2/dayHonor Roll - $30Math Achievement - $25Language Achievement - $25Citizenship - $20Birthday - $15
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