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1.3.12 classwork tuesday


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1.3.12 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Imagine that as you are drinking a cup of hot cocoa, it  suddenly shouts, "Stop! Please dont drink me!"  Write about what  happens next. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Alan Cincere Ricardo Ramon Natalie Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Angel Matthew Linder Brian Christian Christopher Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. Reading - The Right to Vote (page 290)Talk About ItWhy should people vote?Why do you think it tookwomen so long to win thevote in the UnitedStates?
  3. 3. Reading - The Right to Vote (page 290)To submit is to give in to someones power.A representative is a person chosen to speak for others.Qualify means to make or become fit for a certain kind ofwork.If you postpone something, you delay it.
  4. 4. Reading - The Right to Vote (page 290)A legislature is a group of people elected to make or changelaws.Something that is satisfactory is good enough but attorney acts for another person.A colonel is a rank of military officer.
  5. 5. Reading - The Right to Vote (page 290) Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 82
  6. 6. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150)Theme: InventionsDid Sweden receivemore than 5 timesthe number ofpatents thanNorway? YES What You Will Learn In this chapter you will learn how to • read and interpret data. • organize and display data. • find range, mode, median, and mean. • use strategies to solve problems.
  7. 7. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150) interval The distance between numbers on axis. on this graph, the intervals are 2.mean The quantity that is foundby adding the numbers in a set ofnumbers and dividing their sum bythe number of addends. What is the mean of 5, 6, 8, and 5?
  8. 8. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150)median The middle number in a set of numbers arranged inorder from least to greatest. What is the median of 5, 6, 8, and 5?mode The number or numbers that occurs most often in aset of numbers. What is the mode of 5, 6, 8, and 5?
  9. 9. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150)population An entire group or set about which informationis wanted.range The difference between thegreatest and the least number in aset of numbers.What is the range of 5, 6, 8, and 5? If you want to predict  who will win an election  for class president, your  population is the  students enrolled in your  class.
  10. 10. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150) Math Homework Write the math definition words and usethem in a sentence. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose-leaf (lined) paper or typed. The work will be graded.
  11. 11. Spelling - Pretest
  12. 12. Spelling - Pretest1. video 11. fluid2. poet 12. rodeo3. riot 13. cruel4. piano 14. genuine5. diary 15. casual6. radio 16. trial7. ideas 17. fuel8. ruin 18. meteor9. diet 19. diameter10. patriot 20. meander
  13. 13. Spelling - Pretest Class workWrite the spelling words fivetimes each. Use your spelling notebook.
  14. 14. Science - What is Physical Science? What is physical science?Physical science is thestudy of the physicalworld around you.
  15. 15. Science - What is Physical Science?
  16. 16. Science - What is Physical Science?
  17. 17. Science - What is Physical Science?
  18. 18. Science - What is Physical Science?
  19. 19. Science - What is Physical Science? Science HomeworkTake the Science at Home Letter and• Discuss matter, water, motion, energy, and sound with yourfamilies.• Follow the directions to make a list of the different formsof energy used in the home with your families.
  20. 20. Social Studies - The Spanish Colonies (page 146-148)Do NowWrite the definition words in your notebook.colony a land ruled by anothercountry.plantation a large farm.presidio a Spanish fort.
  21. 21. Social Studies - The Spanish Colonies (page 146-148)slavery The practice of holding peopleagainst their will and making them workwithout pay.borderlands Areas of land on or near theborders between countries, colonies, orregions.
  22. 22. Social Studies - The Spanish Colonies (page 146-148)mission a small religious settlement.hacienda A large home or estate.
  23. 23. Social Studies - The Spanish Colonies (page 146-148) Social Studies HomeworkRead pages 146 - 148 and answer the Reading Check questions. Use your notebook. Write the questions neatly and answer using complete sentences.
  24. 24. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108) We believe in the  Holy Spirit, the Lord  and giver of life.Have you ever attended a Confirmation?If so, share your experiences with the class.If you have not, what questions would you like to ask aboutyour parishs celebration of Confirmation?
  25. 25. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108)Why does the celebration of Confirmationtake place within Mass?Confirmation leads us to the Eucharist andfull initiation into the Church, so it iscelebrated within Mass.
  26. 26. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108)What are the three main parts of theConfirmation Mass?The three main parts of the ConfirmationMass are the Liturgy of the Word, thesacrament of Confirmation, and the Liturgyof the Eucharist.
  27. 27. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108) Religion HomeworkComplete the We Gather activity on page 109 in your textbook.
  28. 28. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)RULESIrregular verbs do not add ­d or ­ed in the past tense or past participle.Present Tense: I speak to my friends.Past Tense: Yesterday, I spoke to my friends.Past Participle: I have spoken to my friends recently.Always use the helping verb has, have, or had with the past participle.
  29. 29. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190) Past  Past Present Past Present Past Participle Participlebreak broke broken speak spoke spokenchoose chose chosen swim swam swumdraw drew drawn take took takendrink drank drunk teach taught taughtfly flew flown throw threw thrownknow knew known wear wore worn
  30. 30. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)
  31. 31. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)
  32. 32. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 44
  33. 33. Homework Summary ­ Tuesday, January 3, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 82Math1. Write the math definition words and use them in a sentence.2. Write neatly, skipping a line and use loose­leaf (lined) paper or typed.3. The work will be graded.Science1. Take the Science at Home Letter2. Discuss matter, water, motion, energy, and sound with your families.3. Follow the directions to make a list of the different forms of energy used in the home with your families.Social Studies1. Read pages 146­148 and answer the Reading Check questions.2. Use your notebook.3. Write the questions neatly and answer using complete sentences.Religion1. Complete the We Gather activity on page 109.2. Use your notebook.Language Arts1. Practice book, page 44
  34. 34. KEY Score Payment 0­3: $10 debit9 4­5: $5 debit 6: $0 7: $2 credit 8: $3 credit 9: $4 credit 10: $10 credit
  35. 35. Monday Monday Thursday Thursday TuesdayTuesday Friday Friday WednesdayWednesday Saturday  Saturday Sunday SundayNOTES Notes
  36. 36. Class JobsTeachers Assistant - $15/pay periodTextbook Assistant - $10/pay periodBanker/Cashier - $20/$15Cell Box Carrier - $4/dayLiner Leader - $4/dayCaboose - $3/daySubstitute - $2/daySnacks Leader - $4/dayHomework - $3/checkReminder - $2/dayHonor Roll - $30Math Achievement - $25Language Achievement - $25Citizenship - $20Birthday - $15
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