12.6.12 classwork thursday


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12.6.12 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Pretend that you open todays newspaper and find ahelp wanted ad for Santas workshop. Write Santa aletter convincing him to hire you to work in his workshop. Thursday December 6, 2012 Ixza Emily Leslie Bryan Samira Christy Donovan Jose Jordan Leon David Philicia Ayanna AlexisMichael Jessica Lilah Ricardo Kathy Yamilee Kareena Carlos Diana Edward Remy Jaileen Adrianette Alejandra Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x8Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ The Right to Vote (p. 290)Talk About ItWhy should peoplevote? Why do you thinkit took women so longto win the vote in theUnited States? Picture Prompt ­ Look at the picture and respond in writing.
  4. 4. To submit is to give in to someones power.A representative is a person chosen tospeak for others.Qualify means to make or become fit for acertain kind of work.If you postpone something, you delay it.
  5. 5. A legislature is a group of people electedto make or change laws.Something that is satisfactory is goodenough but not outstanding.An attorney acts for another person in legalmatters.A colonel is a rank of military officer.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Your Vote Your Voice (p. 292)DictionaryA Dictionary entry includesinformation about pronunciationin parentheses near thedefinition.The word is separated into U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.syllables with symbols to show dictionary entryhow to sound it out. Forexample, colonel is pronounced(kurnl). To figure out the symbols,look for the pronunciation key inthe front of the dictionary.
  7. 7. Facts OpinionsThe word"democracy" comes This is the best kind offrom the Greek, government to have.meaning "the peoplerule." People who are oldAll people who are enough to votecitizens have the right should not postponeto vote. or wait to sign up.The judges agreed to In this way, perhapslower the age limit you can make aand changed the difference.constitution. People who are old enough to voteYounger voters have might find they willthe worst turnout of need to submit toany age group. laws they dont agree with.
  8. 8. Reading ­ When Esther Morris Headed West (p. 295)GenreA Biography tells the story of apersons life and is written byanother person.Fact and OpinionAs you read, use your Fact and Preview and PredictOpinion Chart. Read the title, preview the illustrations, and write questions and predictions about the story in your notebook.Read to Find OutWhat opinions does the authorgive about Esther Morris?
  9. 9. Fact Opinion A woman Name: Esther should be able Mae Hobart to vote andMcQuigg Slack hold office, the Morris same as a man. In 1869 the Wyoming legislature voted to give Reckless women the Copperheads! right to vote and to hold office. "I feel that my work has been Mrs. Morriss satisfactory"term as justice and "Like all of the peace pioneers, I ended in have laboredOctober, 1870. more in faith and hope."
  10. 10. Comprehension CheckThink and Compare• Answer questions 1­5 on page 307.• Write the questions!
  11. 11. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using eachvocabulary word.
  12. 12. Math ­ Power Practice / Homework ReviewDO NOW:• Complete the Multiplication Record Sheet.• Go over homework.
  13. 13. Math ­ Distributive Property and PartialQuotients (p. 195)Draw ItJesse has 369 beads to besplit evenly among 3necklaces. How manybeads can Jesse put oneach necklace? ESSENTIAL QUESTION What strategies can be used to divide whole numbers?
  14. 14. The Distributive Property allows you to divideeach place­value position by the samefactor.
  15. 15. The Distributive Property allows you to divideeach place­value position by the samefactor.
  16. 16. Math Homework"My Homework", pages 199­200
  17. 17. Spelling 1. dozen 11. reserve 2. beside 12. embrace 3. motion 13. coastal 4. appoint 14. python 5. season 15. govern 6. phony 16. scorching 7. observe 17. flurry 8. active 18. canvas 9. restore 19. copper 10. expert 20. cocoon
  18. 18. season embrace
  19. 19. Spelling ­ Word Sorts Class Work • Complete Spelling Practice Book, page 85. Homework • Spelling words, ABC order, ten times each.
  20. 20. Religion ­ Because of our Baptism, we have hope ofeternal life (p. 62)Class Work• Answer the WE GATHER in your notebook.• Read pages 62­63• Define the KEY WORDS.• Complete the WE RESPOND activity.• Write five (5) FACTS about this "Christ, lead us to holiness." chapter. Homework 1. Who will have eternal life when they die? 2. What does God give us through Baptism and throughout our lives?
  21. 21. Homework Summary for Thursday December 6, 2012ReadingWrite a sentence using each vocabulary word.Math"My Homework" pages 199­200SpellingWrite the spelling words in ABC order and ten times each.Religion1. Who will have eternal life when they die?2. What does God vie us through Baptism and out our lives?REMINDER!There is no school tomorrow. Teachers have a school conference. Havea nice weekend!
  22. 22. Range: Mode:Median: Mean:Reward10 Pizza Party8­9 Wheel of Fun7 BrainPOP6 Silent Reading4­5 Silent Snack2­3 Class Work1 No Snack
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