1.14.13 classwork monday


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1.14.13 classwork monday

  1. 1. Describe what your life would be like if you were a bookin the library. Monday Leon Jeffrey January 14, 2013 Bryan Ayanna Donovan Jose Leslie Emily Christy Jessica Ixza Alexis Yamilee Samira Jordan Adrianette Michael Ricardo Lilah Kathy Philicia Kareena Alejandra Diana Remy Carlos Edward Jaileen David
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x9Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Into the Future (p. 357)Talk About ItWhat kinds of newtechnology do youknow about? Whatinventions would youlike to see in the future? Look at the picture and respond in writing.
  4. 4. Rotated means "turned around on an axis ora central point."A robot is programmed to do the jobs thata person usually does.Reversed means "moved in the oppositedirection.Something that is defective has a flaw orweakness.
  5. 5. A meteor is a piece of rock from space.Something that is dangling is hanging orswinging loosely.Someone who staggered would be said tohave swayed or walked unsteadily.Tokens are pieces that mark your place ona game board.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 360)GenreScience Fiction tells astory of imaginedevents usually set inthe future and basedon science ortechnology.
  7. 7. polarity: a pull toward an object or ina particular direction.gyroscope: a piece of equipmentwith a spinning wheel or ball set in aframe that helps keep its directionsfrom changingmalfunctioning: not working properly.
  8. 8. Evidence ConclusionMr. Budwingsays they will Mr. and Mrs.be late. Mrs. Budwing areBudwing says going out forshe will set out dinner.dinner.
  9. 9. Character Trait mischievousDanny snitchslowactive annoyingsensitive victimized
  10. 10. Reading HomeworkUse the vocabulary words(including todays story words) ina sentence each.
  11. 11. Math ­ Power Practice / Homework ReviewDO NOW:• Complete the Multiplication Record Sheet.• Go over homework.
  12. 12. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 267­268
  13. 13. Spelling1. grownup 11. flawless2. power 12. coward3. shower 13. lawyer4. bestow 14. applause5. August 15. arousing6. allow 16. faucet7. encounter 17. trousers8. grouchy 18. caution9. rowdy 19. boundary10. laundry 20. doubting
  14. 14. Spelling ­Class Work• Complete Spelling Practice Book, page 103­104 Homework • Spelling words, ten times each.
  15. 15. Language Arts ­ Pronoun­Verb Agreement (p. 350)Class Work• Copy the RULES on page 350.• Complete exercise 1­25 on pages 350­351. Write the sentences.• Complete the Writing Activity Homework 1. Extra Practice, page 410, exercise 1­25
  16. 16. Homework Summary for Monday January 14, 2013ReadingUse the vocabulary words (including todays story words) ina sentence each.Math"My Homework" pages 267­268SpellingSpelling words ten times eachLanguage ArtsComplete exercises 1­25 on pages 350­351Extra Practice, page 410 exercises 1­25
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