10.27.11 classwork thursday


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10.27.11 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Youve just been hired as the spokesperson for an  amusement park. Your first job is to record a radio commercial for a  ride. Choose a ride and write a radio commercial to persuade people to  visit the park to ride it. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Cincere Ricardo Ramon Eric Natalie AlanChristian Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Linder Brian Crystal Christopher Angel Matthew Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. Reading - Love at First Sight (p. 164)Nonfiction Articlespresent facts about real people, living things, places, orevents.Photographs and Captionsgive visual examples that help explain what the textstates.
  3. 3. Reading - Love at First Sight (p. 164)Content VocabularyA veterinarian is a doctor who cares for animals.If you have had fractures, you have had broken bones.Anatomy refers to the structure of an animal or plant orany of its parts.If you diagnose an illness, you identify the illness by itssymptoms.If you stop contamination, you prevent the spread of germs,pollution, and perhaps even disease.
  4. 4. Reading Homework1. Practice Book, page 42
  5. 5. Math - Repeated Addition Multiplication is a fast way of adding a series of numbers. 3 x 5 means to add 3 together 5 times or 3+3+3+3+3
  6. 6. Math - Commutative Property of Multiplication The commutative property of multiplication simply means it does not matter which number is first when you write the problem.
  7. 7. Math - Zeros Multiplication is repeated addition so: 0x3=0+0+0= 0 Any number times zero is always zero!
  8. 8. Math - Ones Multiplication is repeated addition so: 1x4=1+1+1+1= 4 Any number times one is always itself!
  9. 9. Math - Twos Multiplication is repeated addition so: 2x4=4+4=8 Any number times two is the number doubled! 2 x 4 would be 2 + 2 or 8 6 x 2 would be 6 + 6 or 12
  10. 10. Math - Multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers
  11. 11. Math Homework
  12. 12. Language Arts - Nouns (page 88)Nettles produce a juice that stings.
  13. 13. Language Arts - Nouns (page 88)Baobab is a tree in Africa.
  14. 14. Language Arts - Nouns (page 88)Cycads are tropical plants.
  15. 15. Language Arts - Nouns (page 88)The largest tree is the sequoia inCalifornia.
  16. 16. Language Arts - Nouns (page 89)16. Botanists study plants.17. The largest flowers in the world grow in Asia.18. One cactus looks like a rock.19. The jackfruit produces huge fruit.20. Certain leaves remind me of feathers.
  17. 17. For the Week of October 24, 20111. afternoon 11. ice­skating2. background 12. cardboard3. overcome 13. field trip4. pillowcase 14. ninety­one5. rooftop 15. eggshell6. flagpole 16. all right7. footstep 17. cheerleader8. vice president 18. armchair9. cornfield 19. earthworm10. cornmeal 20. mountaintop
  18. 18. Circle the misspelled words in the story.    Tracy found a kitten outside the iceskating rink. She asked her mother if it would be alrite to take the kitten home. At first, the kitten was fearful. It would shake when it heard a footstep or any loud noise. Tracy took good care of it and helped it overcome its fear. She lined a card­board box with a pillow case for its bed. She sat in the arm chair all afternoon with the cat curled in her lap. Tracy tried to find out the cats back ground, but no one knew anything about it. Finally, her parents let her keep it!
  19. 19. Writing ActivityMake up a story a person who is kindto an animal. Write your story onloose leaf paper. Use four spellingwords.
  20. 20. Sacrament Sacrament Sacramentof Christian of Healing of ServiceInitiation Penance and Matrimony Baptism Holy Orders Reconciliation Eucharist AnointingConfirmation of the sick
  21. 21. Social Studies - The Plains (page 70)Do Now: Define the Vocabulary WordsLesson: Read the chapter (pages 70-75)• Many different peoples with different cultures livedon the Plains• These groups had some things in common, including areliance on the buffalo and shared religious beliefs.
  22. 22. Social Studies - The Plains (page 70)
  23. 23. Social Studies - The Plains (page 70) Social Studies Homework 1. Answer questions 1-4 on page 75
  24. 24. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, October 27, 2011Reading1. Practice book, page 42Math1.       19,876          x      802.        26,578         x     700Spelling1. Vocabulary Word Map ­ handout2. Study for testReligion1. Study for quizSocial Studies1. Answer questions 1­4 on page 75
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