10.17.12 classwork wednesday


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10.17.12 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. If you could permanently trade places with someone,whom would you choose? Explain. Wednesday October 17, 2012 Jordan Ayanna Bryan Ricardo Adrianette Leslie Remy Philicia Christy Emily Jessica Ixza Jaileen Samira Alexis Donovan Jeffrey Leon Diana Alejandra David Kathy Michael Carlos Yamilee Edward Kareena Jose Lilah
  2. 2. Reading ­ Rescue Dogs (p. 112)Talk About ItIn what situationsdo you hearabout dogscoming to therescue? Whatabilities do dogshave that makethem useful for Picture Prompt ­ Look at the picture and respond in writing.rescue work?
  3. 3. smell sight touchhearing overall keen sensedigging tasteathletic running
  4. 4. A fragrance is a sweet or pleasant smell.A celebration is a special event.If you have a variety of apples, you havedifferent kinds of apples.Something that is moistened is made slightlywet.
  5. 5. Cooperation takes place when everyoneworks together on a task.When something is canceled, it is called off.A theory is a possible explanation that hasnot been proven true.
  6. 6. If something is transformed, it is changed.
  7. 7. Reading ­ Its A Dogs Life (p. 114)ThesaurusA Thesaurus is a toolthat can help youfind synonyms for aparticular word. Forexample, the wordfragrance mayhave the following The freshly paintedsynonyms listed: store had a strangearoma, perfume, or (fragrance, aroma,scent. odor).
  8. 8. cause ­ makes somethinghappen (an effect) When theeffect ­ what happens due to If Joshuathe cause practice.. Since Da boxes of common key words: When Da fire...• because Because • since broken... • so• as a result• which led to
  9. 9. Cause EffectMs. Toni drops Sparky picks up things. the things that Ms. Toni drops Ms. Toni Sparky licks the prepares envelopes. invitations. Ms. Toni goes Sparky for a walk accompanies downtown. her.Ms. Toni takes a Sparky is quiet. nap. Ms. Toni petsMs. Toni cant and brushes sleep. Sparky.
  10. 10. "Late for School" Panicked, Emilio ran toward school. He had overslept because hisalarm clock had not gone off. He didnt see the bus. He mustvemissed it due to sleeping late. He had to walk to school since hisparents werent home. "They mustve already left for work," Emiliothought. Since he had to walk, it took Emilio twice as long as usual toarrive at school. When he finally reached his destination,Emiliorealized it was Saturday!Fill in the table below. Write clue words in the oval.Cause Effect becauseAlarm clock did not go off. He overslept. He missed the bus.His parents left for work. Trip took twice as long as normal.
  11. 11. Reading ­ Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs (p. 116)GenreFantasy tells a storyabout charactersand events thatcould not exist inreal life.Read to Find OutHow does Pipiolochange the lives ofthe roof dogs?
  12. 12. adobe: sun­dried brick, used as a buildingmaterial.aromas: agreeable odors or smells.savior: a person or animal who savessomeone from harm, danger, or destruction.
  13. 13. Cause Effect Lupes house Pipiolo is free todoes not have walk with Lupe a flat roof. to school.Pipiolo stays up He is tired all night. during the day.Pipiolo runs out The driver slams in front of the on his brakes. truck. El Presidente The roof dogs calls andisappear from emergencySan Pablo Etla. meeting and cancels school.
  14. 14. Class AssignmentWrite a poem about a pet youhad, known, or read about thatdid something extraordinary.Use ABCB rhyme pattern foreach stanza. Go back to page108 for review. Use loose­leaf.
  15. 15. Class AssignmentComplete questions 1­5 on page133 in your classwork notebook.Write the questions and answerusing complete sentences.Work will be graded!
  16. 16. Reading HomeworkUse your Cause and Effect Chartto help you summarize Pipioloand the Roof Dogs. In your ownwords, tell how Pipiolo changedthe lives of the roof dogs.Use your Homework notebook.
  17. 17. Math ­ Use Partial Products and the DistributiveProperty (p. 113)Distributive Property:To multiply a sum bya number, you canmultiply eachaddend by thesame number andadd the products.
  18. 18. Math ­ Power PracticeDO NOW:Complete theMultiplicationRecord Sheet.
  19. 19. Math ­ The Distributive Property (p. 119)Distributive Property:To multiply a sum bya number, you canmultiply eachaddend by thesame number andadd the products.
  20. 20. Find each step mentally using the DistributiveProperty. Show the steps that you used.
  21. 21. Math HomeworkIndependent Practice 3­10 onpage 121Problem Solving 11­15 on page122.
  22. 22. Spelling 1. clear 11. blurt 2. nerve 12. thirst 3. squirt 13. spur 4. verse 14. engineer 5. surf 15. jeer 6. lurk 16. sneer 7. year 17. dreary 8. stern 18. squirm 9. spurts 19. swerve 10. lurch 20. yearns
  23. 23. Spelling Review: • Write a story about a dog or other animal that has special skills. • Use what you know from any experiences that you have had with dogs or other Homework animals. • Study for exam • Use six spelling words. tomorrow
  24. 24. ELA ­ Demonstrative Adjectives (p. 264) A demonstrative adjective comes before a noun. Demonstrative adjectives tell which one or which ones.This and these are demonstrativeadjectives that point out nearby people orthings.That and those are demonstrativeadjectives that point out people or thingsfar away.
  25. 25. Language ArtsHomeworkExtra Practice, page 331,exercises 1­25
  26. 26. Scholastic Book Order ­ November Dont forget to put your order in !!!
  27. 27. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, October 17, 2012Reading• Use your Cause and Effect Chart to help you summarize Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs. In your own words, tell how Pipiolo changed the lives of the roof dogs.Math• Independent Practice 3­10 on page 121• Problem Solving 11­15 on page 122.Spelling• Study for exam tomorrowLanguage Arts• Extra Practice, page 331, exercises 1­25
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