Mobile Web 2.0 (DDD Scotland - Grok Talk)


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Slides from the Grok talk I gave at DDD Scotland on 2nd May 2009 on Mobile Web 2.0

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Mobile Web 2.0 (DDD Scotland - Grok Talk)

  1. 1. Mobile Web 2.0 matt lacey @mrlacey - -
  2. 2. Eagle Eye Technology “Creative Thinking for Mobile Technologies”
  3. 3. Web 2.0 1. The Web as a Platform 2. Harnessing Collective Intelligence 3. Data as the Next “Intel Inside” 4. End of the Software Release Cycle 5. Lightweight Programming Models 6. Above the level of a single device 7. Rich User Experiences
  4. 4. Above the level of a single device
  5. 5. quot;we expect that eventually the majority of the usage of the internet will be on mobile phonesquot;
  6. 6. quot;Mobile devices are the most important technology of them all.quot;
  7. 7. “Google’s future depends on the next internet, on cellphones.”
  8. 8. Who’s using the mobile web? 17,400,000 users in the UK Mobile Social Networks (350% increase in last 6 months - Orange)
  9. 9. What’s changed?
  10. 10. What is “Mobile”? •Person not device •About context •About the “Point of Inspiration” •30 second not 30 minutes •Not about minaturisation
  11. 11. <%@ Page language=quot;C#quot; Inherits=quot;System.Web.UI.MobileControls.Mobile Pagequot; %> <%@ Register TagPrefix=quot;Mobilequot; Namespace=quot;System.Web.UI.MobileControlsquot; Assembly=quot;System.Web.Mobilequot; %> <mobile:Form id=Form1 runat=quot;serverquot;> <mobile:Label id=Test Runat=quot;Serverquot;> Hello, Mobile World </mobile:Label> </mobile:Form>
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  13. 13. Mobile Device Browser File
  14. 14. How mobilise? • Separate site or sub-domain • Adaptive site • Content appropriate to device • Remember user context
  15. 15. 4 Top Tips • 1 mobile device != another • Keep pages simple & small • Test on real devices (eventually) • Mobilise don’t just minimise
  16. 16. Alternatives •UAProfile •WURFL ( •Device Atlas ( •DetectRight ( •Volantis ( •MobileAware (
  17. 17. More Information • • •Talk to me