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Intro to the App Developers Alliance @ WPUG


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The introduction to the Application Developers Alliance that Martin Wrigley presented at WPUG on May 28th 2014

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Intro to the App Developers Alliance @ WPUG

  1. 1. Martin Wrigley 28st May 2014 European General Manager @MartinWrigley @AppsAlliance
  2. 2. Why an App Developers Alliance? • Legislators and others see the issues and can tend to blame the developers • Small app developer companies are key to innovation but have had no voice. • Regulation and legislation issues that impact App developers include: – Privacy, Patents (European Unified Patent Court) – Data Localization, Data Protection – Consumer Protection, Tax, Net Neutrality Regulation is usually written by incumbent players around their own business models… • Making connections and networking and business education – Connecting large and small companies, developers and funders – Promotion of education and best practice – Transatlantic and Pan-European connections – Small start-up tech companies often have great ideas, but may need help to create a viable business • Working groups on issues that impact across the industry – Collaborative teams producing resources for the app industry
  3. 3. Who is the App Developers Alliance? • The Application Developers Alliance is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. • Today Alliance membership includes more than 30,000 individual developers and more than 170 companies. • We aim to be the rising tide of the industry, to deliver essential resources, serve as a collective voice on policy issues, and act as the connective tissue in the app ecosystem. • The Alliance has been working for the last two years in the USA on issues such as user privacy and patent reform – Now we are expanding our activities in Europe
  4. 4. The Voice of Developers The Application Developers Alliance supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We advocate on behalf of developers, support the industry’s continued growth, and promote innovation. Alliance Commitments Advocate for entrepreneurs and innovators Represent developers and fight on their behalf on public policy and industry issues Promote developers’ contribution to the economy and society Analyze and report on the industry’s growth, strength and vitality Service to developers and the industry Respond to our members’ needs Our Vision To support and promote an industry that creates and rewards entrepreneurial innovation and empowers developers as an essential workforce. The Alliance Mission
  5. 5. Alliance members The Alliance has two types of members • Corporate members – Pay an annual fee based on the size of their company – Have a range of benefits they can access • Access to the full network of Alliance members • Ability to add resources to DevsBuild.It • Work with the Alliance on policy, legislation and regulatory issues • Opportunities to speak with the Alliance at high profile events • Working groups that address industry issues, guidelines and best practices • Individual members – Join for free – Have benefits that include • Access to the full network of Alliance members • Access to Alliance resources – DevsBuild.It • Discounts and offers from other members • Access to industry information • Access to relevant legislation and regulation information
  6. 6. Who are the Members? • European board of directors includes – TechStars, Twilio, Ericsson, Google, AppLift, Intuit, Outfit7, Millennial Media, Smaarto, Intel, Yahoo. • There are approximately: – 170+ corporate members worldwide • About 40 in Europe – From start-ups to large established businesses. • What connects them is being part of the App Development industry and wanting to – 30,000 individual members worldwide • About 8,000 in Europe
  7. 7. Individual membership is free, join us today at