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Walkathon Pre Activity PowerPoint slides.

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Walkathon Pre Activity

  1. 1. How much do you know about Chinese Historical Figures? Let’s start
  2. 2. CONFUCIUS (551-479 BC), was born in the state of Lu, towards the end of the Spring and Autumn Period. He was a great philosopher and educator. His teachings, which included his thoughts on ‘Humanity’ and ‘ Propriety’, are recorded in the ‘Analects’. Confucianism has had a great impact on Chinese society. He is honoured as a sage.
  3. 3. QU YUAN (340-278 BC), born in the state of Chu during the Warring Period, was a patriot, a statesman and a poet. He was a counsellor of the state of Chu. However, he was later being exiled by the ruler. When his country was on the brink of ruin, he drowned himself in the Mi-Lo River on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month to demonstrate his loyalty. People eat rice dumplings and hold dragon-boat races every year to commemorate his death.
  4. 4. GUAN YU (AD160-219), a great general of Shu Han of the Three Kingdoms era, is the embodiment of loyalty, righteousness and bravery. The brotherly affection that existed between Guan and his sworn brothers, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, and Guan’s exploits in overpowering six generals and capturing five strategic passes, have become immortal tales. He is respected as ‘Guan Gong’, a righteous warrior, and deified as ‘Guan Di’.
  5. 5. HUA MULAN (AD386-436), was born in Shang Qiu of Later Wei in the Northern Dynasties. She disguised herself as a male to join the army on behalf of her father. Fearless and resourceful, she triumphed over her enemies on numerous occasions during her twelve years in the military. She has shown that women are equal to men in intelligence, bravery and competencies.
  6. 6. YUE FEI (AD1103-1142), was an eminent general during the Southern Sung Dynasty. Born into a poor family, he was studious, brave and intelligent. He was especially devoted to his mother. Before his departure to defend his country against the Jin Army, his mother tattooed four characters ‘jin zhong bao guo’ on his back to exhort him to serve his homeland with loyalty. He fought the Jin Army with great courage for ten years and won every battle. He has become a national hero for his bravery.
  7. 7. WEN TIANXIANG (AD1236-1283), was a great national hero during the Southern Sung Dynasty. When his country and the people were in great peril, he fought bravely against the enemy but was finally held captive. During his captivity, he wrote the Zhengqi Song and other poems to demonstrate his readiness to sacrifice for his country. He is remembered for his patriotism and bravery.
  8. 8. Zheng He (AD1372-1435), an eunuch during the Ming Dynasty, is also known as Eunuch San Bao. A distinguished navigator, he visited Southeast Asia seven times. He devoted his lifetime to navigation and to establishing friendly ties with other countries. He is a prominent figure in the history of navigation.
  9. 9. LIN ZEXU (AD 1785-1850), a native of Fujian, was born during the Qing Dynasty. As a court official, he was renowned for his integrity. When he saw how opium was impairing the health of the people, he ordered the drug to be seized and destroyed, and banned the import of opium. He is held in great esteem for his patriotism and noble character.
  10. 10. <ul><li>Activitiy for P4 pupils </li></ul><ul><li>You are required to design a postcard to share with your pen pal about your favourite Chinese historical figure. </li></ul><ul><li>Worksheet will be given after the walkathon and you will do it in your Mother Tongue language. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Activitiy for P5 pupils 1. Choose a historical figure that you like most. 2. What do you think this historical figure can contribute in our times ? 3.Worksheet will be given after the walkathon and you will do it in your Mother Tongue language.
  12. 12. Activitiy for P6 pupils 1. Choose a historical figure that you like most. 2. Write down a story about a “heroic figure” in your daily life. 3. Worksheet will be given after the walkathon and you will do it in your Mother Tongue language.