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Project by Koushik

  1. 1. S.NO PROJECT TITLE Technology 1 A Personal Authentication based on IRIS Recognition (IEEE) JAVA, Swings, Applets 2 Embedding the Secure Data In an Audio/Video and Image Files(IEEE) JDK1.5, Java Swing 3 Multi homing Route Control JDK1.5, Java Swing 4 Image Processing Editor JAVA 5 Remote Desktop JDK1.5, Java Swing 6 Distributed Cache Updating Using Dynamic Source Routing Protocol(IEEE) JAVA, Networking, Java Swing, MS Access 7 Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks(IEEE 2009) JDK1.5, Java Swing, MS Access 8 Script Identification through temporal Sequence of Strokes(IEEE) JDK1.5, Java Swing 9 Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering(IEEE) JDK1.5, Java Swing 10 Virtual Router Using Destination sequenced Distance Vector(IEEE) JDK1.4, Java Swing 11 Virtual Private Network (VPN) JDK1.4, Web Logic, HTML 12 Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and Presenting it in Carousel View(IEEE) JDK1.4, XML 13 Virtual Office Management Java, JSP, Tomcat4.1, MS Access 14 Router / Travel Management System J2EE, Tomcat, MS Access 15 Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compress(IEEE) JAVA 16 Text Editor JAVA 17 Secure Data Transmission (CRC) JAVA 18 Intrusion Detection System JAVA 19 Effective Audio, Video Transfer Using Real Time Protocol(IEEE) JDK1.3, JMF 1.2.1 20 Tanrox Work Force J2EE,Struts,Oracle 21 Efficient key Agreement for Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups (IEEE) JAVA, Swing, SQL server 22 A Bidirectional Routing Abstraction for Asymmetric Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE) JAVA, Swing, SQL server 23 Randomized Protocols for Duplicate Elimination in Peer-to-Peer Storage Systems (IEEE) JAVA, Swing, SQL server 24 Enhancing Search Performance in Unstructured P2P Networks Based on Users’ Common Interest JAVA, Swing, SQL (IEEE) 25 Extracting Actionable Knowledge from Decision Trees (IEEE) HTML, Servlets, Jsp, Struts, SQL Server
  2. 2. 26 Corporate Messenger – Always Connected, Stay Connected JAVA, Networking in JAVA, Swing 27 Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery(IEEE2009) JDK1.5, JAVA Swing, SQL Server 28 Diffusion of Mobile Commerce Application in the Market - Online Job hunting using Speech Recognition in JDK 1.6, Tomcat 5.5, MySQL 5, Voxeo Mobiles 29 Interactive Correction and Recommendation for Computer Language Learning and Training JDK1.5, JAVA Swing, SQL Server 30 Mobile Banking JAVA, WML, Nokia Tool Kit 31 Mobile Gadgeteer J2ME,JAVA,Servlets 32 VAS for Hand Held Device JAVA,J2ME, ServletsS.NO PROJECT TITLE Technology 33 Mobile Invoice JAVA,JSP,J2ME 34 DCE - DTE Interface In CDMA Java Swings, CDMA , Comm. 35 Finger Graph Generation Java Swings, CDMA , Comm. 36 SIP – Session Initiation Protocol J2ME,JAVA,SIP API 37 BULK SMS JAVA, J2ME, J2EE, Swing, Tomcat server 38 MOBILE TO PC COMMUNICATION JAVA, J2ME 39 Mobile Trail Explorer J2ME MIDP 2.0,CLDC1.1,Bluetooth connections(JSR 82) 40 Mobile phone Sync JAVA, J2ME 41 MOBILE REPORTER JAVA, J2ME, MY SQL, PHP 42 Real Estate Portal on Handheld Devices JAVA, J2ME wireless toolkit 2.3, Tomcat, MySQL 43 Remote PC Administration Using J2ME JAVA, J2ME 44 Mobiminder - Location Based Reminder on Mobiles J2ME, GPS 45 Edge Detection Filters(IEEE) Visual Studio.Net 2003, C# 46 Image Recognition with Neural Networks(IEEE) Visual Studio.Net 2005, C# 47 Remote Login For SQL Server ASP.Net, VB.Net 48 Steganography For Indexed Images and their Palettes Visual Studio.Net 2005,C# 49 Database Schema Comparison Utility Visual Studio.Net 2003, C# 50 Continuous Delivery Message Dissemination Problems under the Multicasting Communication Mode .Net, c#.Net, SQL Server
  3. 3. (IEEE) 51 High Resolution Animated Scenes from Stills (IEEE) .Net, c#.Net 52 Location-Based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcast Environments (IEEE) .Net, c#.Net, SQL Server 53 Digital Image Tracing by Sequential Multiple Watermarking (IEEE) .Net, c#.Net, SQL Server 54 Online Shopping C#, ASP.Net, XML, MS Access 55 Bug Tracking System VB.Net, ASP.Net 56 Steganography For Regions with Different Data Density (IEEE) ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 7.0 57 Enterprise Resource Information System (ERIS) ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 7.0 58 Fleet Maintenance Management System ASP.Net 59 Anti-Theft Library Organizer C#.Net, MY SQL, XML 60 Digital Image Tracing by Sequential Multiple Watermarking .Net 2003, C#.Net 61 Finger Print Network Security .Net 2.0, C#.Net, Visual Studio, SQL, Gr Finger Library(ddls) 62 GPS Position Tracker GPRS 63 Traffic Management using Image Processing Java with Net Beans IDE 64 Online 3D Dictionary .Net2.0, Visual studio 2005, C# .Net, MS Speech SASDK, XML 65 Online Exam with Graphical Presentation C#.NET, MS SQL, XMLS.NO PROJECT TITLE Technology 66 Pre-Paid Internet Accessing C#.NET, MS SQL, XML 67 Internal Management System (Social Network) Visual Studio 2005/2008, SQL Server 2005 68 Picture Key (Domain: Advertisement) Visual Studio 2005/2008, IIS Server 5.0 69 Long-Term Cross-Session Relevance Feedback Using Virtual Features (IEEE) .Net, c#.Net, SQL Server 70 Provably Secure Three-Party Authenticated Quantum Key Distribution Protocols (IEEE) .Net, c#.Net 71 Vision Processing For Real Time 3-D Data Acquisition Based on Coded Structured Light(IEEE-2009) Visual Studio 2005, C#2.0 72 Steganography For Data Reading and Writing AVI Files Visual Studio 2005, C#. Net 73 SQL Tuner .Net Frame Work 2.0, SQL Server 2000
  4. 4. 74 Wi-Fi Connectivity Meta-data Omnibus Messaging and GPRS Integrated Monitoring tool .Net, C#.Net 75 X-Ray Annotation C#.Net 76 SpyNet C#.Net, Visual Studio 2005 77 Push-Pull Email Utility on Mobiles GPRS, C#.Net, XML 78 Intelligent Network Alert .Net, Visual Studio 2005 79 Mobile i Broker C#.Net, NSE Website 80 Steganography For Multiple Key And Carrier Files (IEEE) Visual Studio 2005, C#.Net 81 Mobile Synchronization – Sync Easy .Net 2.0, C#.Net, SQL Server, Windows Mobile 5.0, Pocket PC Phone SDK 82 Bit Torrent algorithm – P2P File sharing Microsoft .Net 2.0, C# 83 STORING AND INDEXING SPATIAL DATA IN P2P SYSTEMS ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2005 84 Voice Biometric .Net Frame Work, C#.Net, XML, Visual Studio 2005ECE Projects
  5. 5. S.No. Index Type of Project
  6. 6. 1 Encryption & Decryption Embedded2 VHDL Based smart futuristic home VHDL3 Voice Activated & Controlled Home network Embedded4 Baby Pram Embedded5 GSM Based multi utility Mass SMS sender using VHDL VHDL6 Intelligent Dash Board for Car Embedded7 VHDL Based remote device control using GSM VHDL8 Fire fighting robot Embedded9 Data Collector - Unmanned remote surveillance vehicle with sample collector Embedded10 Intelligent Automobile Embedded11 Drilling Machine Embedded12 Design & Fabrication of an Automated underground Mining system(coal Mining) Embedded13 Wheel Chair Embedded14 Simulation of Bike racing Embedded15 Prototyping of the PRE-SAFE system for automobile during collision Embedded16 Wireless Mobile Bomb disposal Unit(WMBDU) Embedded17 Remote controlled Wheeled Loader with Excavator. Embedded18 Remote controlled crane Embedded19 Remote control Based Robot(Service Provider) Embedded20 Anti terrorist vehicle Embedded21 Automatic Winnowing Mechanism Embedded22 Intelligent vehicle Embedded23 Operation Theater Automation & Controller (OTAC) Embedded24 Patient Monitoring & analysis systems Embedded25 Hospital Management Embedded26 NICU Monitoring with PC(With or without Acrylic sheet) Embedded27 DAM Management (With or without Electricity generation) Embedded
  7. 7. 28 Advance Protective head gear - Helmet Embedded 29 Wireless Point to Point secure Data Transfer EmbeddedS.No. Index Type of Project 30 Multi -Tier car parking management system With RFID Embedded 31 Vehicle Density based Traffic Signal Light VHDL 32 Toll gate Automation Embedded 33 Train collision preventer Embedded 34 Airport baggage identifier Embedded 35 Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Monitor & Controller VHDL 36 Intelligent Voting machine with Data Logger Embedded 37 Generation of electricity & security system Embedded 38 Station Monitoring system Embedded 39 GSM Based home control Network Embedded 40 GSM Based multi utility Mass SMS sender Embedded 41 GSM based Sericulture marketing & cocoon selection Mechanism Embedded 42 GSM Based Community Electric billing controller(GCEBC) Embedded 43 GSM Based airport Automation(GAA) Embedded 44 Smart petrol Bunk employing GSM Technology Embedded 45 Multi -Tier car parking management system using VHDL VHDL 46 Street light & Traffic signal control using wireless technology Embedded 47 VHDL Based Toll gate Automation VHDL 48 Theme Park Embedded 49 GSM Based Industrial disaster Embedded 50 Fantasy House Embedded 52 Device control using PC &8051 Embedded 53 Equipment handling Mechanism Embedded 54 Agriculture Aid -Seed Sprinkling and Crop Care-taking Mechanism(Agricultural Robot) Embedded
  8. 8. 55 Electronic entertainment and animation Embedded 56 Garbage Bins collecting & disposing robot Embedded 57 GSM Based Fantasy House Embedded 58 Haptics Embedded 59 Library book selecting mechanism Embedded 60 Efficient route managing & suggesting Mechanism EmbeddedS.No. Index Type of Project 61 GSM and RFID BMTC bus tracking Embedded 62 Marine Coastal Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Wireless/Embedded 63 Wireless automation of existing no-dues collection system in Engineering Colleges Wireless/Embedded 64 Secured Electronic Box Embedded 64 Alert Mechanism for the Blinds Embedded 65 Alert Mechanism for the Blinds Bus Stop Embedded 66 Biometric Enabled Smart Ration Shops Embedded/BioMetric 67 Biometrics Integrated ATM booth Security Embedded/BioMetric 68 Electronic Embedded License verification and control system for automobiles Embedded 69 Electronic Entertainment and Animation.doc Embedded 70 Intelligent Electronic Mega-mart Shopping Cart Embedded 71 Location based Advertisement Management system Embedded/Wireless 72 Metro rail tracking and safety mechanism Embedded 73 Remote access for Smart ATMs Embedded 74 Smart Vehicle with theft prevention Embedded 75 Respiratory_Disorder_Monitoring_Mechanism Embedded 76 Intelligent Glass House Embedded 75 Agriculture_aid__Seed_sprinking_and_crop_care_taking_Mechanism Embedded
  9. 9. 76 Fuzzy logic based Temperature sensor Using VHDL VHDL77 VHDL Based Remote Device Control Using GSM VHDL78 Examination Question Paper Leakage Prevention Mechanism Embedded79 Hand Speak Embedded80 Shopping Chart Embedded81 Virtual Keypad Embedded82 Remote Locator Embedded