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The Giver


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The Giver

  1. 1. Character Scrapbook Nour Elkassabany English Pd. 6
  2. 2. The red items; an apple and a book, are on the cover to represent the first color that Jonas saw as the new Receiver. The apple was the first time Jonas was able to “see beyond”, and the books are the first real objects he sees in color. The sun and the snowflake show the first feelings of real heat and cold. At first, the snow is fluffy and the sun is comfortably warm. Then, as the training progresses, the two things take an unpleasant turn.
  3. 3. Ceremony of Twelves This image shows Jonas in the Ceremony of Twelve. This is an extremely important point in any child’s life. They are chosen to do a certain job for their entire life. Jonas is chosen to be to be the Receiver of Memories, after a previous failure. The whole story continues off of Jonas’ training. Jonas’ best friend Asher was selected as the Recreational Director because of all the volunteer hours he spent doing this job. The jobs were based off of where the volunteer hours were spent.
  4. 4. The first memories the Giver chooses to transfer to Jonas are memories of warm sunlight and sledding down a hill of soft, fluffy snow. This is in preparation for the upcoming memories. Jonas enjoys these, but does not know what to expect later on. Soft, gentle. Jonas’ first time sledding was very pleasant, but very different from his second time.
  5. 5. The memories later on in the training became more painful. Jonas experienced sunburn and got hurt sledding on the hard ice. The Giver giving him these memories was very different than the previous Receiver’s training. The memories transferred played a big part in what caused the failure. The second time Jonas went sledding, the snow became ice, the sled slid all over, which caused Jonas great pain, but only in the memory…
  6. 6. In Jonas’ community, literally everyone is equal. Whenever twins are born, one must be “disposed of”, in the form of release. Jonas’ father is a Nurturer, so in this case, he was the one releasing the twin. It angers Jonas how his father, as well as everyone else has no feelings, and no awareness of what they are doing. After seeing his father release a child, the Giver plans with Jonas to leave to save the uncertain fate of a newborn child, Gabriel. And if the Receiver leaves, the people get their memories, do they?
  7. 7. After deciding that the people need to have their own memories and that Gabriel cannot be released, Jonas follows the plan and flees his community. Of course, he takes Gabriel with him. On his way, he encounters severe cold and other bad conditions, but does he make it to the end? While Gabriel stayed with Jonas, they became very close. During the journey, Gabriel was near death because of the conditions. Jonas uses his tunic to keep him warm.
  8. 8. Character Scrapbook Nour Elkassabany English Pd. 6