Pawn of Prophecy


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Pawn of Prophecy

  1. 1. Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings
  2. 2. Cover Explanation On my cover I put a blue sphere. That's because in the book the greatest god, Aldur, created a blue sphere called the Orb of Aldur. He made the orb to create life with it's magic. Also, I put a map of the world on the cover where this story takes place.
  3. 3. The story begins at Faldor's Farm, a large farm where the main character, Garion, has lived for his entire life under the protection on his Aunt Pol. Garion meets a man who he calls Mister Wolf. Mister Wolf finds out that a very important mysterious object was stolen. Garion, Aunt Pol and Mister Wolf, along with the blacksmith Durnik, go out to find the missing object.
  4. 4. After they leave, they travel by boat looking for the object. They meet up with two men named Silk and Barak. After that, they are captured by the ruler of Sendaria, King Fulrach. King Fulrach informs Mister Wolf that the kingdoms of the west would like to have a council with him, so before they can continue their journey, they must travel to Cherek and meet with the rulers.
  5. 5. They set sail for Cherek. On the way they had to cross a giant typhoon called the Great Maelstrom. When they arrived at Cherek, they went to the castle of King Anheg. Soon after arrival, Garion spotted a man in a green cloak lurking around.
  6. 6. Later, Barak takes Garion boar hunting. Then, while waiting to ambush a boar, Garion overhears a plot between the Earl of Jarvik and the man in the green cloak. They plan to sneak into the castle. Soon after, Garion is attacked by a boar, until finally Barak kills it.
  7. 7. After Garion recovered, he told the king about the Earl of Jarvik's plot. The King quickly captures them during their break-in. He had the Earl beheaded. Mister Wolf, who Garion had found out was the ancient sorcerer Belgarath, decided that they needed to continue their search for the missing object, which actually turned out to be the Orb of Aldur. So at the end they sailed to the land Camaar.
  8. 8. Michael McLaughlin Period 2