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Pee Pee Ziguonet Doll Poupee


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Pee Pee Ziguonet Doll Poupee

  1. 1. YouWeirdTube — February 04, 2010 — This is 1:00 of FULL-ON PEEING! Pee Pee Le Poupee (Orig. French Doll Commercial) 'Zigoulette Pi-Pi Doll' (poupee), not a clip from American TV or "Baby Pee Pee Doll" from the UK Version. French Baby Doll 3-fer! 1:00 FULL-ON PEEING! OUI OUI! (Read Tags Below for a laugh) [*zigounette 1. Penis - Funny word used by children to determine the penis. zigounette féminin (Enfantin) Pénis Mot rigolo qu'utilise les enfants pour définir le pénis] 1. Zigounet PiPi 2. "Le landau (stroller) des jumeaux de nenina" Nenuco 3."Mon vrai bebe" Famosa (fonctionne avec 1 pile non fournie) Pee Pee Le Poupee (Orig. French Doll Commercial) 'Zigoulette Pi-Pi Doll' (poupee), not a clip from American TV or "Baby Pee Pee Doll" from the UK Version. September 22 1982 : Plastic Bertrand: Desproges which attacks the Belgian singer, calling all the names ("Jean-Francois Polystyrene", "Jean-Edern hydrocarbon" or "Polyester Gonzaga) and recounts the adventures of Superman Belgian, who was compared in Plastic Bertrand interview. "In defiance of its flames licked the zigounette through its combination of steel, believe me it hurts, Superman Belgian King Kong brought down to a snug cuff, and after having sodomized soberly, he took the young girl in his arms and iron flew with her to the starry firmament. At five miles above the ground, he bumped into the Concorde and applauded wildly, which unfortunately forced to relinquish his beloved, who crashed in the dignity of the palaces of Europe in Brussels. " "Zigounet PiPi" pipi zigounette Penis Pénis wee Pee Doll enfants pi pee France PeePee "Baby Pee Pee Doll" "le pénis" "Le Poupee" landau stroller "Mon vrai bebe" Famosa Nenuco pee-pee pe poupee fournie poupe poo poopoo TV French urinate urine pees weewee uk commercial pub publicite ad mrjyn youweirdtube limbsandthings1 limbsandthings yt:quality=high Pee Pee Poupee (Orig. French Peeing Doll Commercial)
  2. 2. September 22 1982 : Plastic Bertrand: Desproges which attacks the Belgian singer, calling all the names ("Jean-Francois Polystyrene", "Jean-Edern hydrocarbon" or "Polyester Gonzaga) and recounts the adventures of Superman Belgian, who was compared in Plastic Bertrand interview. "In defiance of its flames licked the zigounette through its combination of steel, believe me it hurts, Superman Belgian King Kong brought down to a snug cuff, and after having sodomized soberly, he took the young girl in his arms and iron flew with her to the starry firmament. At five miles above the ground, he bumped into the Concorde and applauded wildly, which unfortunately forced to relinquish his beloved, who crashed in the dignity of the palaces of Europe in Brussels. " Page Zigounette found. Sister projects (More)Definitions on Wiktionary • zigounette • Penis (Redirected from Zigounette) Bite date April 2009 Image: MalePenis. jpg | Human Penis (class of mammal s) The penis (or penis) is the male organ of copulation and ... 20 KB (2440 words) - April 11, 2010 at 22:39 • The Tumbler (Section The single Ca Zigounette! ) 1998, Francky clear format single song The lady killer in a version remixed techno, and with a new title Ca zigounette ... 2 KB (266 words) - December 7, 2009 at 13:40 • Francky Vincent Singles, 33 rpm and a maximum of 45 laps: 1998: It zigounette! - CD single. 1998: It zigounette! - Max 45s. 1999: He Loves Me - CD single ... 12 KB (1543 words) - May 3, 2010 at 16:15 • List of indictments of the Tribunal Pierre Desproges flagrant delusions Disregarding the flames which licked the zigounette Through its combination of steel, believe me it hurts, Belgian felled Superman ... 29 KB (4358 words) - April 17, 2010 at 21:50 • Musical Parody Examples: Zigounette (The song of Yves Montand) The Big Badgers (The Big Settlers Lynda Lemay) Bad News (Good ... 4 KB (520 words) - April 21, 2010 at 10:39 • Girl (song) pie finger (finger pussy), "prick teaser (of ticklish zigounette), Tit tit tit (tit, tit, tit), "said Paul McCartney. " ... 9 KB (1227 words) - April 25, 2010 at 17:02 • Pierre Desproges horn with a green feathered hat to the con and a sword of panoply of Zorro ', all to see "if there is no or two zigounette . ... 15 KB (1980 words) - May 8, 2010 14:24 • Pénis (redirection depuis Zigounette) Bite date avril 2009 Image:MalePenis. jpg | Pénis humain (classe des mammifère s) Le pénis (ou la verge) est l’organe
  3. 3. mâle de copulation et ... 20 Kio (2 440 mots) - 11 avril 2010 à 22:39 • Le Tombeur (section Le single Ca Zigounette! ) 1998, Francky ressort sous format single la chanson Le tombeur remixée dans une version plutôt techno, et avec un nouveau titre Ca zigounette ... 2 Kio (266 mots) - 7 décembre 2009 à 13:40 • Francky Vincent Singles, 33 tours et maxi 45 tours : 1998 : Ça zigounette ! - CD single. 1998 : Ça zigounette ! - maxi 45 tours. 1999 : À la folie - CD single ... 12 Kio (1 543 mots) - 3 mai 2010 à 16:15 • Liste des réquisitoires de Pierre Desproges au Tribunal des flagrants délires Au mépris des flammes qui lui léchaient la zigounette à travers sa combinaison d'acier, croyez-moi ça fait mal, Superman belge abattit ... 29 Kio (4 358 mots) - 17 avril 2010 à 21:50 • Parodie musicale Exemples : La Zigounette (La Chansonnette d'Yves Montand ) Les Gros Blaireaux (Les Gros Colons de Lynda Lemay ) Mauvaise Nouvelle (Bonne ... 4 Kio (520 mots) - 21 avril 2010 à 10:39 • Girl (chanson) finger pie (foufoune à doigt)", prick teaser (chatouilleuse de zigounette), tit tit tit (nichon, nichon, nichon) », explique Paul McCartney. « ... 9 Kio (1 227 mots) - 25 avril 2010 à 17:02 • Pierre Desproges guignol vert avec un chapeau à plumes à la con et une épée de panoplie de Zorro », le tout afin de savoir « s'il y a un N ou deux à zigounette . ... 15 Kio (1 980 mots) - 8 mai 2010 à 14:24 Penis
  4. 4. Erection Penis erect and at rest Theerection is the hardening and lengthening of the penis that occurs in humans in a state of arousal. The erection allows copulation and several other sex. During the erection of a penis uncircumcised, the foreskin may retract naturally. But some have a long foreskin penis glans covered maintain an erection. If uncapphimosis or brake too short foreskin, which requires medical attention. acorn manually is easy and / or sex have no pain, it is a perfectly normal situation. In other cases, it may be a Size The average size of human penis is approximately 13 cm to 16 cm [6],[7] duringerection , But this size there are very significant variations between men: may be less than 8 cm or reach more 20cm without any . [Citation needed] of these situations are abnormal . The size of the penis . [Citation needed] at rest (flaccid) is also highly variable (4cm to 12 cm ) And does not prejudge the size of the erect penis. The record size of natural human penis in erection known to date are: Ron Jeremy (25cm), Rocco Siffredi (21.5cm), John C. Holmes (28cmLexington Steele (28cm according to him). Long Dong Silver (45cm) Would be fitted with a prosthesis. The seducer Porfirio Rubirosa was assured it does very well endowed by nature. Thus, the pepper mill large model was called a "Rubirosa" in some fancy restaurants in Paris says that in " Snob Society"Francis Dorleans, Editions Flammarion 475 P. , 2009). Total according to its women) and A recent study from 7 to 14 April 2008, the French would have on average the longest penis in the European Union, or 15.48 inches and thicker with 13.63 inches circumference, or 4.34 cm diameter. The study focused on 10,477 men of 25 countries Europe and was
  5. 5. conducted by the " Institut für Kondom-Beratung"(Institute for advice [8] on condoms) . Nevertheless, the results are subjective. Indeed, respondents have measured themselves and provided their results anonymously with a website. Another study conducted in 2007 by Professor Nuno Monteiro Pereira, the Portuguese have an average [9] penis 15.82 cm . Further studies are planned. erect Variations benign penile It is normal and common for a penis erection does not point directly ahead, while the penis is straight. A wide variety of angles between the erected penis and the body is possible and may be almost vertical, horizontal or hanging, even without necessarily being flaccid. It depends on the tension of the suspensory ligament (ligamentum suspensorium) And the subject's age: aging erectile tissue tends to diminish the verticality of the penis when erect. Some exercises prescribed by a sex therapist can enhance the suspensory ligament in part. The glans may take many different forms, be more or less wide than the tube and present specific defects in certain individuals as theHypospadias (Meatus poorly positioned) or beaded crown. On the other hand, the raphe (Or perineal raphe) is also more or less visible depending on the individual. Sexuality The tip of the penis, acorn, Is the main erogenous zone of men. Researchers Masters and Johnson observed and measured with more specialized equipment 10,000 responses sex with 694 men and women. They showed that the man's penis (and the clitoris of women) were the main regions of origin of sexual pleasure, and the key to obtain [10] theorgasm . It is for this reason that the penis is the area of the body most stimulated during sexual activity (erotic behavior). The favorite activities of men are the activities of penetration (penetration vaginal or anal, fellatio), Which provide maximum stimulation intensity (tactile, Pressure, heat) on the whole penis (acorn, foreskin, Body cavernous [11] and spongy). These activities provide the maximum erotic pleasure . Thecoupling realized by inserting the penis erection in vagina the partner, and increased sexual arousal by movements back and forth until ejaculation. The insertion of the penis into the anus of another person is sodomy. The excitement of his own penis, or penis of another, using hands is masturbation. Stimulation of the penis of another with mouth is fellatio.
  6. 6. Acorn Category: Erotic behavior. Phimosis and paraphimosis Erect penis with phimosisThe foreskin not discover all acorn. The phimosis is foreskin too narrow does not allow cracked off completely and making it difficult sex. Phimosis can be treated either by manual methods of enlargement of the foreskin, either by préputioplastieOr by circumcision. The paraphimosis is a "blocking" the prepuce décalottée position. Developmental disorders of penis micropenis
  7. 7. very small penis TheHypospadias is developmental disorder the penis and it involves a bad position of the meatus at birth that exists in many forms, more or less important. It can be corrected surgically in more serious cases to have a normal sexuality (fertility) In adulthood, it is not always necessary, but sometimes necessary. It also varies by country (in France, this operation is common practice since the 1970s by the removal of tissue for transplantation and recreate an orifice in a natural position). A micropenis is an abnormally small penis caused by an endocrine disorder generally (hormone deficiency). Sexual Dysfunctions Theimpotence, Also known as erectile dysfunction, can reduce the ability to enter erect or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activities. Several pharmaceutical treatments are available for this condition, the Sildenafil (Viagra). Diabetes and normal aging can cause impotence. The priapism disease is a painful erection that does not yield. It is a Medical EmergencyAnd if not dealt with very quickly, the penis may be permanently damaged. Priapism is a symptom of several diseases, including SCD. Other In Peyronie's diseaseOne or more fibrous nodules grow inside the penis, causing pain during erection or intercourse and angulation of the penis. The Pudendal Nerve Entrapment is characterized by pain in the sitting position and a loss of sensation in the penis (or clitoris) and a lack of orgasm. The pudendal can be damaged by bicycle saddles long and hard by injuries. The penile fracture can occur if the erect penis is bent excessively. A crackling sound can be understood or bursting, and immediate pain is usually associated. We must seek immediate medical help, by which it can normally avoid lingering effects. The diabetes may cause neuropathy, Which can cause tingling in the penis and reduce or eliminate its sensitivity. The reduced sensations can lead to injuries in both partners during intercourse, and their absence may make it impossible for sexual pleasure through stimulation of the penis. Since these problems are caused by permanent damage to nerves, prevention through proper care of
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  9. 9. 1. ↑ (in)Discoveries about Marsupial ReproductionDiscoveries about Marsupial Reproduction [archive]Anna King, 2001. Accessed February 20, 2010. 2. ↑ (in)The Largest Penis in the World - for Both Humans and animals, size does matter! [archive]Stefan Anitei, Science Editor, Posted on January 5 2007 Softpedia. Accessed February 20, 2010. 3. ↑ (in)Hemipenis - Melissa Kaplan's - Herp Care Collection [archive], Made last updated December 18, 2009. 4. ↑ (en) Definition hemipenis [archive]Dictionary of Animal Science. 5. ↑ (en) Foreskin: striated band:: home [archive] 6. ↑ (in)Penile length in the flaccid and erect states: guidelines for penile growth. [archive], Wessells H, Lue TF, McAninch JW, Department of Urology, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, USA. Posted in September 1996. 7. ↑ (in)ANSELL RESEARCH - The Penis Size Survey [archive]. 8. ↑ (of)Institut für Kondomberatung: Penisgrößenstudie [archive] 9. ↑ (pt)[1] [archive] 10. ↑ William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson: Human sexual response, Bantam Books 1980. 11. ↑ [Pdf]Serge Wunsch, PhD thesis on sexual behavior [archive] Paris Sorbonne [archive][Ref. Incomplete] 2007 Poupée de cire, poupée de son A C-class article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search "Poupée de cire, poupée de son"
  10. 10. Single by France Gall Released 1965 Genre Yé-yé Writer(s) Serge Gainsbourg "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" Eurovision Song Contest 1965 entry Country Luxembourg Artist(s) Isabelle Gall As France Gall Language French Composer(s) Serge Gainsbourg Lyricist(s) Serge Gainsbourg Conductor Alain Goraguer Finals performance Final result 1st Final points 32 Appearance chronology ◄ Dès que le printemps revient (1964) Ce soir je t'attendais (1966) ► "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" (English: Doll of wax, doll of bran) was the winning entry in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1965. It was performed in FrenchFrench singer France Gall, representing Luxembourg. by Composed by Serge Gainsbourg, it was the first song to win Eurovision that was not a ballad. It was nominated as one of the fourteen best Eurovision songs of all time at the Congratulations special held in October 2005. As is common with Gainsbourg's lyrics, the words are filled with double meanings, wordplay, and puns. The title can be translated as "Wax doll,
  11. 11. Bran doll" (a bran doll being a floppy doll stuffed with bran or sawdust) or as "Doll of wax, Doll of sound" (with implications that Gall is a "singing doll" controlled by Gainsbourg). Sylvie Simmons wrote that the song is about "the ironies and incongruities inherent in baby pop"--that "the songs young people turn to for help in their first attempts at discovering what life and love are about are sung by people too young and inexperienced themselves to be of much assistance, and condemned by their celebrity to be unlikely [1] to soon find out." This sense of being a "singing doll" for Gainsbourg reached a peak when he wrote "Les Sucettes" ("Lollipops") for Gall. Wax doll, doll From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: Navigation, search Wax doll doll Single by France Gall Country France Exit Mars 1965 1965 Registration Studio Blanqui Paris Duration 2:30 Genre (s) Pop Author (s) Gainsbourg Composer (s) Gainsbourg Producer (s) Denis Bourgeois Label Philips Super 45s Single (s) Philips 437-032 BE — Grand Prix of the Eurovision Song Contest 1965 for Luxembourg - Editions Sidonie (catalog Bagatelle) Wax doll doll is song French Written and composed by Gainsbourg for [1] France Gall1965 : in Summary [hide] • 1 Datasheet • 2 Wax Digital • 3 Eurovision Song Contest 1965 • 4 Around the song • 5 Wax doll doll (compilations) ◦ 5.1 CD ◦ 5.2 Vinyl • 6 See also
  12. 12. • 7 References Datasheet • Title: Wax doll doll • Words and music: Gainsbourg • Original Performer: France Gall on Super 45s Philips BE 437-032 • Arrangements and musical direction ofAlain Goraguer : ◦ Piano Alain Goraguer ◦ Guitar: Leo Petit ◦ Low: Michelot ◦ Battery: Christian Garros • Producer: Denis Bourgeois • Year of production: 1965 • Publisher: Sidonie (catalog Bagatelle) • Released: March 1965 • Grand Prix of the Eurovision Song Contest 1965 for Luxembourg • Duration: 2:30 Wax Digital e This 3 work written by France Gall Serge Gainsbourg is metaphorical without being complicated by the fluidity of the text. Serge Gainsbourg synthesizes several stories, including two rather technical: - The disc by referring to the wax, The material component cylinder phonographAncestor of the disc, which for the first time, allowed to burn the itsits short. - That of doll. Antique dolls of Eighteenth century their head wax. Their bodies could be achieved with cushions stuffed with various materials: cereal grains such as common its or sawdust ... and even If one of the drawbacks of wax is to melt when subjected to high heat such as "boys" (sic), However, a itsAnd especially "the its"If it is paperless, can remain engraved forever in our neurons as evidenced Patrice Delbourg"We did not twenty years old when Wax doll doll triumphed at theEurovision, One of the things that you mark his man, [2] better than during Roman law or reading Teilhard de Chardin. » Serge Gainsbourg became interested in the case of this "paradoxical singer" who sings that she does not live, but declaring My heart is engraved in my Wax doll doll The song is perceived differently. Lucien Rioux wrote "Serge [3] Gainsbourg song offers a portrait that is cold, almost clinical idol while Hugh Royer and Philippe Seguy note "A very nice gift he made in France. Would anyone dare to write a poisoned chalice? Indeed, Serge does not hesitate to present the young performer as a puppet with no [4] soul, which other pulling the strings. " Theformer doll remembers a time when she was very ill at ease: "In twenty years, I was still quite baby. [...] At that time, I was afraid of
  13. 13. the boys and I like this song very loud. [...] I had the unpleasant sensation of being sold all day long, as a product. [...] Spectator my life, I was a total confidence in those around me, I ran. I said nothing, I learned. And that's how I knew, one day, I did not want to do this job as we conceived it to me. [...] And then, this universe of music is very aggressive, it triggers in people of hatred and jealousy difficult to bear. [5] That made me the most trouble. " No wonder that this doll, away from reality, see "life in pink" can go as surprise to: Around me I hear laughter Rag dolls Those who dance to my songs [...] They are seduced [6] For a hat name France Gall is unclear at this time, but the best is yet to come. Like PinocchioFamous wooden puppet, the wax and will become a being of flesh and blood to sing his life after the prophecy Gainsbourg : But one day I'll live my Without fear the heat of the boys France Gall says again Gilles Verlant"For Gainsbourg, I remember a rather shy boy, he sang and played very gently with two fingers ... I liked the words and the style of Serge Gainsbourg, it was the most modern, I sang his songs with more pleasure than others. [...] Each time he brought me the song from my favorite. " Eurovision Song Contest 1965 Competing for the Song Luxembourg - The event took place in Naples. • "On March 20, to 150 million viewers, his voice trembling and [7] pale, itJapanIt becomes overnight millionaire disc. For FRGShe recorded in German Wax Doll becomes Das war eine o schöne party and ranks n An international bestseller. TheItaly he also claims that his version becomes Io if you no. [...] Serge Gainsbourg at the same time became one of the perils of the SACEM [...] And decided to devote himself primarily to [8] composition. " interprets the song. Overwhelmingly approved by the board by an absolute majority, it is propelled to the top. Consecrated in an instant international star. [...] In • France Gall (looking Contest of the time): ◦ "During the contest, I just saw Serge. The musicians had whistled the song from the first rehearsal. They [9] completely disagreed with this pace of horse while other candidates were in the syrupy. He got sick and he is [10] gone ... " ◦ "We make songs that are in the style of the Eurovision. This was not the case with Gainsbourg Wax doll doll because I remember when I arrived with my horse at Naples, I repeated once and I almost made whistling by [11] musicians who were furious at being forced to tap their drums and everything, and that the repetition makes it so people vote and that I was last, I was damn
  14. 14. last. In fact, what has pleased the people is that it was [12] surprising. " ◦ "So I can not get triumphant I'm going against all odds, that's my approach Wax doll doll at Eurovision. I won in [13] the general astonishment. The British competitor was very disappointed because she had won, after she and everyone ... And finally, it's me who got it, and I did not care that completely, finally. I remember a slap: Is it just came in my dressing room to insult me? I do not know ... [14] In any case, I think the memory I have is a slap. " • Louis Nucera (Then press secretary to the record company): "I remember at the time was with France Gall Claude Francois and it was cruel to her, when she won, she called the phone, but he took umbrage. He spoke harshly and she fell into my arms, [15] sobbing. " • Gilles Verlant was that it was "worse than that: Cloclo, secret fiancé, instead of congratulating starts yelling into the handset" You sang wrong, you were no ... " • Gainsbourg"She came out of the cabin in tears. [...] It's wicked. There are plans in this business ... filthy ... filthy It's not ... it's [16],[17] worse than abject abjection ... " [18] • Jackpot Gainsbourg (Interview 1965) : - What does this mean to you success Wax doll doll ?— SG45 million [19] ... - And apart from money?— SG: Si Nothing ... What is funny ... I had been known to be a guy hermetic really intellectual, sophisticated, misunderstood by my countrymen, here ... Around the song • In 1965Facing the popularity of the song and rate of 15,000 copies a day, a society of gadgets makes keyrings bearing the image of France Gall in tiny doll vinyl. • In the film Cleo May-July ofVarda (1962), Where we follow step a young beginning singer that the term "doll" is used for the first time. Cleo, singer, rebels against his lyricist and the composer: "You make me a capricious. Sometimes I'm an idiot, an incompetent, a doll ... " • The song was featured in 2007 by group indie Quebec Arcade Fire on 45sLCD Soundsystem which in turn, echoed No Love Lost of Joy Division. recorded with Wax doll doll (Compilations) CD • 1992 : Doll - Best of France Gall 1963-1968 (1 CD Polydor / Universal) • 2001 : France Gall - The years 1963-1968 Philips (Long Box 3 CD Polydor / Universal)
  15. 15. Vinyl • 2008: Reprint of 33 laps original 30cm Philips B 77-728 L 1965, Wax doll doll, Polydor, Universal Music, Photo by Peter Douglas duplex (magazine Formidable) and back to portrait drawing by Jacques Berger (12 titles, see details in discography France Gall, Compilations for years 1964-1973). See also • Other songs Gainsbourg written for France Gall : ◦ Do not listen to the idols ◦ Forget girls ◦ The Pacifier Article: List of songs by Serge Gainsbourg. Article: Reversals of songs by Serge Gainsbourg. References 1. ↑ Song made the SACEM by Gainsbourg the 18 February 1965. 2. ↑ Extract from Article Show some love published in Literary News of January 1982. 3. ↑ Excerpt from his essay GainsbourgCollection Poetry and Songs, Editions Seghers, Paris, 1986 (ISBN 2221045262) 4. ↑ Extract from their biography France Gall, Michel Berger, two fates for a legend, Editions du Rocher, 1994 (ISBN 2268018733) 5. ↑ Gilles VerlantIn his biography Gainsbourg, Albin Michel, Paris, 2000 (ISBN 2226120602) 6. ↑ Graphic Serge Gainsbourg My own role as a, Folio Publishing, Paris, 1987 and 1991(ISBN 2070384454). But later in erroneous Complete and etcetera, Edited by Yves-Ferdinand Bouvier and Serge Vincendet Editions Bartillat, Paris, 2005 (ISBN 2841003418). 7. ↑ France Gall recorded this song in Japanese under the title Yume Miru Shanson Ningyo. Included with the Japanese version ofPrince Charming in France Gall, the anthologyPhilips Universal- UICY-1021. (Japanese), 1 CD 8. ↑ Extract from the article published in the Bordeneuve Martine no20 Jukebox Magazine from July to August 1988.
  16. 16. 9. ↑ Reviews on (among others) on the conducting ofAlain Goraguer. 10. ↑ Gilles VerlantIn his biography Gainsbourg, Albin Michel, Paris, 2000 (ISBN 2226120602) 11. ↑ Those in the orchestra of Eurovision. 12. ↑ Extract from the show God bless you transmitted by France Inter the 30 March 1976. 13. ↑ Kathy Kirby, who came in second place with I Belong. 14. ↑ France Gall by France Gall, Selfportrait TV (France 3, 2001). 15. ↑ Gilles VerlantIn his biography Gainsbourg, Albin Michel, Paris, 2000 (ISBN 2226120602) 16. ↑ Extract from an interview published in the no60 ofCurrent October 1984. 17. ↑ In 1967Serge Gainsbourg wrote specially Hip hip hip hurray for Claude Francois, "The song Landru » (!) : I practice Politics From the woman burned I burn all those that I adored One is in my heart Yet if anything happened to him I say "Hip hip hip hurray ..." Comment by Serge Gainsbourg: "In his mouth, it was a nightmare, but the text was not bad. [...] Favorite bowl for me, Cloclo puts the song in front of B But when the morningA huge tube. [...] New Jackpot! " 18. ↑ Extract from the TV show Gainsbourg unchanged released on 10 December 1965Variety Central, INA). (Vintage 19. ↑ He speaks in old francs, or 450 000 F = € 68,600 copyright 1965 alone ... Poupée de cire, poupée de son Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Aller à : Navigation, rechercher Poupée de cire poupée de son Single par France Gall
  17. 17. Pays France Sortie Mars 1965 1965 Enregistrement Studio Blanqui Paris Durée 2:30 Genre(s) Pop Auteur(s) Serge Gainsbourg Compositeur(s) Serge Gainsbourg Producteur(s) Denis Bourgeois Label Philips Super 45 tours Single(s) Philips 437-032 BE — Grand prix du Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1965 pour le Luxembourg — Éditions Sidonie (catalogue Bagatelle) Poupée de cire poupée de son est une chanson française écrite et composée par Serge Gainsbourg pour France Gall en 1965[1] : Sommaire [masquer] • 1 Fiche technique • 2 De la cire au numérique • 3 Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1965 • 4 Autour de la chanson • 5 Poupée de cire poupée de son (compilations) ◦ 5.1 CD ◦ 5.2 Vinyle • 6 Voir aussi • 7 Notes et références Fiche technique [modifier] • Titre : Poupée de cire poupée de son • Paroles et musique : Serge Gainsbourg • Interprète d'origine : France Gall sur le super 45 tours Philips 437-032 BE • Arrangements et direction musicale d’Alain Goraguer : ◦ Piano : Alain Goraguer ◦ Guitare : Léo Petit
  18. 18. ◦ Basse : Pierre Michelot ◦ Batterie : Christian Garros • Producteur : Denis Bourgeois • Année de production : 1965 • Éditeur : Sidonie (catalogue Bagatelle) • Parution : mars 1965 • Grand prix du Concours Eurovision de la chanson 1965 pour le Luxembourg • Durée : 2:30 De la cire au numérique [modifier] Cette 3e œuvre écrite pour France Gall par Serge Gainsbourg est métaphorique sans être compliquée grâce à la fluidité de son texte. Serge Gainsbourg synthétise plu