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  1. 1. MARKETING 337 Spring 2005 Office Hours: William J. Carner, Ph.D. 2-3:20pm M-Th Office: CBA 2.404 and by appointment Telephone: 471-5485 E-mail: Fax: 471-1034 Text: Kerin/Berkowitz/Hartley/Rudelius, Marketing, 8th Ed. (required) Carner, Study Guide for Marketing. (recommended) Purpose of Course: MKT 337, the introductory marketing course, designed to introduce business students to the fundamental aspects of marketing as it relates to the whole business enterprise. The class will cover the structure, functions and methods employed by marketing in discovering and translating the consumer wants and needs into product and service specifications and then transferring these goods and services from producers to consumers or users. Assignments: Reading assignments are expected to be completed before class. Written questions, problems, library readings and other work may be assigned as well. All assigned work is due on the dates assigned. No credit will be given for late work. Attendance: Class attendance is essential and expected. All class meetings will be held unless it is announced that there will be no meeting. You are expected to be in class unless you have been specifically told that class will not be held. In addition, lack of participation will negatively influence borderline grade decisions. Absence from an examination or presentation will lead to an automatic "F" grade for the exercise unless the student is excused in advance or extraordinary circumstances prevail as judged by the professor. Examinations: Two (2) examinations will be given, a midterm and final. Each exam is worth 100 points. The final is not comprehensive. The midterm will be held during regular class period. In addition, there will be regular “pop” quizzes over the cases given in class. No make-ups are available for the “pop” quizzes. Book Review: A book review from one of the books on the attached list may be submitted to substitute for the midterm test grade. The review should follow the attached format and is due by Tuesday, November 1, 2005. The Book Review MUST BE TYPED! Plagiarism and Cheating: The College of Business Administration has no tolerance for acts of scholastic dishonesty. The responsibilities of both students and faculty with regard to scholastic dishonesty are described in detail in the Policy Statement on Scholastic Dishonesty for the CBA. By teaching this course, I have agreed to observe all of the faculty responsibilities described in that document. If the application of that Policy Statement to this class and its assignments is unclear in any way, it is your responsibility to ask me for clarification. Policy on Scholastic Dishonesty: Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the University. Since dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. You should refer to the Student Judicial Services website at or the General Information catalog to access the official University policies and procedures on scholastic dishonesty as well as further elaboration on what constitutes scholastic dishonesty. Grading: Your grade is based on points earned for examinations, cases, quizzes, and other assigned work. Final semester grades will be determined by the student's percentage of the total points possible over the semester. POINTS GRADING* Midterm (or book review) 100 A=90% >270 Final 100 B=80% 240-269 Quizzes 100 C=70% 210-239 Total 300 Pass or D=60% 180-209 *THERE IS NO CURVE!