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  2. 2. Thank you, RORY. Our first guest tonight is someone whomneeds no Intro - Duck- Son. YES! WELCOME ME IN GIVING 0 Jennifer. WHY? LAND. A BIG! MOTHERFUCKERING, FACE? CUNT. HEAR. YOU. FUCK BOOK WE L L C O M E WELCOME! YOU? WHAT..WHAT Fucking Mo! 2GDeleted me HAve A nice life, yo.x1 1UNHUNH un mmm k? fuck bird! thell! YAY YA! yea yea yea THOUGH I WALK IN THE 1VALLEY CAT STEVENS yeau:h UN HUNH. 0ALWAYS DEPENDED ON THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS WWW IN THE FACE BOOK EM DAN-O. WHOA! 7Wa wat w1hat wuz shit? I AIN'TRIPPIN ON NO P C FLEW TOO CLOSE TO THE UN COLA siree. Bob! DATS FOTY FOE SHOW l BE TRIP DPIN' OUT ON YOU TRIPPIN' OUT, on me, and my ass up in deese puta, pant pant pantries, paint shakers, panta only the lonely, americal ape in perils, muff minders, cooter muters. you get my drift, meat man, MOTHERFUCKER! three days! that's all you got. keep yo stealth o scope, mouthwashing, moschino, target wearin pants, bite size, are hazel Vista king of rock and roll on big wheel's on fire fighter etsy sin drummer boy , what a day i had, it up and it makes four, on the floor, of the vampire state building ding gotes the bell ton john paul getty for texas t for tennessee in the dark noah stitch in time saves nine, mein fuhrer, ich ein bDerliner notes, and barley harvey oswald oh where oh where has my little dog gone a anda two a good man is hard to find from phillie, in your dork wallet and me and you ain't got no troublezz with a capital T and that rhymes with me and i'm outta here like billy beer! doc. this guy is verse said headed up. use your toungue depressor on him, check his prostate, i rectum, it'll be better than shittin in one hand and whishin in the other and seeing which one comes out with some of my girl gum.DEAL!Dt
  3. 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Jennifer Wyland--Now Blocked) Fucking Mo deleted me. Have a nice life. Limbs Andthings: you talkin' to me? i m mo. nobody deleted you. i got shut down, Wayland. it's the sleep deprivation. relax. (Jennifer Wyland--Now Blocked) The Man come and took you away. (Jennifer Wyland--Now Blocked)--FIRST PERSONAL ATTACK AS RORY BULLDOG: Go fuck yourself, Mo! Asshole. Ever think maybe it's YOUR OWN fucking fault you keep getting booted off of here, because, after your little "joke", it's what I m beginning to believe is the case. Shawna G (my HERE-O: Reply fucking hell. this host is the most. who else is gonna entertain the troops. lighten the fuck up. shut downs happen alla time on this site because assholes can't take what they need and leave the rest...nooo they gots to tell dad and dad hits the breaker. next time the eye is offended, pluck the fucker out don't buzzkill the rest of us. kthx (Jennifer Wyland--Now Blocked)--SECOND PERSONAL ATTACK AS RORY BULLDOG: Shawna, Talk to me about "lightening up" after this
  4. 4. dickhead posts hardcore porn ads to your fb news feed with YOUR NAME plastered all over the post as the source (and carefully making sure to state that HE has "no idea" of the content-the passive aggressive little shit). Until then, shut the fuck up, you stupid twat. By the way, I never ran and told ANYONE, but if this is the kind of shit this fuckwit makes a habit of pulling on his "friends", it's no wonder he keeps having the plug pulled. I d rather not have HIM putting ME in a position where MY account would be in danger of being shut down. Personally, I don't need the aggravation. kthx Denis Higgins: Reply Rory,dude,you had me until you'd the misogynistic gumption (BEST TWO WORD COMPOUND DESCRIPTOR OF SEXIST EPITHET ISSUED FROM A STRIP CLUB OF THE DAY) and/or uncouthness to go & go say 'twat'! Tsk,tsk,indeed. kthx (whatever that means.) Denis Higgins: Reply Pardon the freudian slip there...I m presently surrounded by a gaggle of said go-go dancers. (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) "kthx" was HER sign-off, "dude". Denis Higgins: Reply Whatever,no excuse for calling a woman that,man! (are u gonna "~" this,as well?) (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK): "Twat" isn't misogynist. Most of the twats I know are dicks, and some of them are cunts. (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK): Anyway, this is getting very tedious, so get the fuck off my message board. Denis Higgins: Reply Evidently,it is mine as well...I don't know if we could EVER possibly co-exist in--say--a bleak apocalyptic sand-scape of the near future,for you like Jan Michael Vincent & George Peppard..? (with a bit o Jackie Earle Haley tossed in for oscar-good measure?)
  5. 5. I f the answer is no,,,well. (You like the cuss words,dontcha?) Ron!! (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) Look, go away. UN TAG ME from this thread. (IMPOSSIBLE/IMPROBABLE REQUEST # ) Denis Higgins: Reply I simply cannot!! (By the way,you're never EVER gonna get any dates with that mug you got there,sweetie!) (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) NASTY FAUX-WISH TO DISAPPEAR: Look, you muggy cunt, FUCK THE FUCK OFF. Go away. Piss off. Leave me alone. I m serious. I don't know any of you people and I want you to fuck back off to your world and leave me alone in mine. Denis Higgins: Reply I can only imagine the seething disdain you have in your "world"...have a nice existence. Shawna G: Reply oh lovely. denis how very gallant of you, ta. is someone having a tron flashback? (FIRST SHAWNA G OBSCURE REFERENCE) Lumina Sector: Reply (GREEK ORACLE INTERVENES FROM MOUNT OLYMPUS WITH SAGE ADVICE, ALREADY ENACTED) welcome back Mo... next time select with much careness... the people you want to have as "friends" here... too many assholes to tolerate...
  6. 6. LS... Andrea Minton: Reply (UNCHARACTERISTIC ENTRANCE INTO RING BY MIDDLEWEIGHT CONTENDER/WINDOW DRESSER/BUSINESS OWNER, ANDREA MINTON--OLDEST FB FRIEND AND FACESCRIPT SURVIVOR OF TWO PROFILES) Umm- I m going to weigh in and vouch for Mo's charecter in as much as I ve known him prior to all this Facebook business. If you don't want to be tagged say you don't and thats the end of it. No need for character assignation, blocking, sensations of questionable values etc. This is a friggin social networking website, not a church. p. s. you can UNTACTFUL yourself. Taquila Mockingbird: Reply (TAQUILA ARRIVES FASHIONABLY LATE WITH TONGUE IN CHEEK WORSHIP REFERENCE + CUSTOMARY NON-SEQUENTIAL CLAPPER FOR SLEEPING MO). I belong to the church of Mo... I always want Mo. I am mnemonically challenged. (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) SECOND HALF-ASSED PLEA TO GET OFF THE THREAD HE WON'T GET OFF OF! NOW ASKING FELLOW BOOKMAKERS FOR HELP! Look, just tell me how to get off this thread please? I keep deleting but it just keeps on coming back. Tequila Mockingbird: Reply (TEQUILA COMES OUT WITH A RIGHT AND THEN A QUICK LEFT HOOKER) Take a hammer... and hit the damn thing hooker!!! Andrea Min-ton: Reply (ANDREA TRIES MAGNANIMOUSLY AND CO-DEPENDENTLY TO CONTROL THE OAKLAND RIOT WITH RACIAL ANTIDOTE) Tequila--demonically challenged?
  7. 7. Ha ha! I m from Oakland where they were very serious about Ebonics. No laughing matter. ;) Taquila Mockingbird: Reply (TAQUILA, AS IS HER WONT, OFFERS MOMENTARY CONTINUITY COMBINED AND END-TAGGED WITH OBLIGATORY OTT CAPITAL MANDATE ORDER) I never laugh when the English Language is abused...It is a crime that should be punished by order of death!!! (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) NASTY MYOPIC RETROSPECTIVE RECONSTRUCTION OF KENNEDY ASSIGNATION WITH DETAIL OF OSWALD PHOTOS-HOPPED IN: I did so directly after the post I described, which was hardcore blow job porn that Mo thought would be hilarious to post & attribute to me - my name was all over the fucking thing, while he made sure to state that he "had no idea" what the content was, which was, of course, BULLSHIT. Personally, I don't give a fuck, but I know how things work on Facecloth, & I don't need THAT kind of aggro. Is this SO difficult for you people to understand? Would you really want that done on your page without your prior consent? I found out about it through emails asking me what the fuck *I was doing. Mo claims he had set this post so only people could see it, yet it seems to have not worked out that way. Why he took the chance in the first place is what I can't understand. I couldn't care less if it had been donkey fucking porn, but I KNOW OTHER PEOPLE DO, & SO DOES MO. It was a dumb-ass thing for him to do, and I don't need any of you, his little flock of sheep, to be giving me lectures about how I just need to "chill out, dude". He has obviously never put your account or name in potential jeopardy. I can't say the same.
  8. 8. Now, if one of you devotees would alert their master, Mo, to take my name off of THIS fucking thread (which I CAN'T do), none of you will ever have to see another word from me again, because I sure as shit don't need to read any more of your uninformed drivel, OR waste more time responding to it. (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) TRYING TO KEEP HIS TONGUE OUT OF TROUBLE: That was a response to Andrea. I Dido't see any of the babble that came after her initial post. Andrea Minting: Reply Andrea Min ton: Reply (MOCK SINCERITY TURTLENECK SWEETER) I m not sure why you are angry with me, Rory. I just was just commenting on my own experience. (WITH WELL-PLACED SNIPPED CREDIBILITY GLASNOST SOLIDARITY TRYOUT) I too did not feel his posts were appropriate and removed myself from the mix,end of story. I m not a 'chinchilla' moron. (MORON DENIAL) I m just saying, this is the kind of stuff that happens online all the time and is to be expected, hardly surprising. Chats why this venue shoulder't be taken so serially and one should edit your friendships etc accordingly. (BEAUTIFUL CALIFORNIA PROBLEM SOLVER) Its a lovely day, perhaps a walk outside would help give perspective on the bigger picture. RORY MCGEE TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK COUNTERS ANDREA'S WEATHER REPORT WITH HIS DICKENSIAN DOPPLER RADAR + NEXT YEAR'S ENTRY FOR 'HEMINGWAY WORLD'S WORST OPENING PARAGRAPH' CONTEST:
  9. 9. I t's dark, windy & raining where I am. See, we all don't experience the same things at the same time. I just want to be removed from THIS thread. What I m talking about went way, way beyond "Oh, that's inappropriate." This was full- on hardcore porn, in your face, seconds after you hit "play". Do you see the difference, and how it might have very well caused problems for ME, as he credited me as the source of this clip. This was one of the first things he put up after getting booted off bf, and starting up this new Limbs Underthings identity. Is he a complete idiot? A drunk? A junkie of some sort? I don't get it. Absolutely nothing even close to this has EVER come up for me on bf, so I think it is bullshit to say that this is just business as usual. I gave him no reason to aim anything that malicious in my direction, even if he, so he claims, thought only of us would see it. If he really wanted to be sure of that, he could have sent it in an email, where it Wildon't be plastered all over my wall. If this kind of stuff was happening "all the time", I would have deleted my account a long time ago. It dozen't He was a jackass for doing this, and I don't want anything else to do with him
  10. 10. or his pals. That's all. (LIMBS FARTHINGS AWAKENS FALLS IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE ON THREAD - ( ), LAUGHS/COUGHS AND DECIDES IT WOULD NOT ONLY BE UNFRIENDLY NOT TO, BUT THAT IT WOULD BE UNFRIENDLY TO RESPOND--REALIZES THAT'S CALLED A NO-WIN SITUATION AND DECIDES TO ERR ON THE SIDE OF THE LIMB ANGELS Limbs And-things: never laughed so hard or loved so many people. thank you for making my bi-annual hangover a winner. WAYLAND AND MCGEE: YOU CAN'T GET OFF A thread except by SHUT-TIN' THE FUCK UP. SO IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. JUST SO YOU KNOW, HOWEVER, I THREADED THIS WHEN YOU STARTED YOUR SLEEP-DEPRIVED SHIT HOURS AGO, SO IT'S YOU WHO KEEPS BEING' FREDDIE, NOT ME MATES. EARS TA YER, ST. PADDY AND HIS SNAKE Limbs Underthings: YEAH, GUYS get off Rory's thread. I liked his tongue site. it was listed as his website, and I thought he might like the pub. but i m over spam-min' for him. He's an embarrassment to pornographers everywhere. warn't a penis or vulva in site. just a bunch of gene summons wannabee. i actually thought he had a sense of humor. (RORY MCGEE--TONGUE FETISHIST WITHOUT A CHEEK) FINAL NAME CALLING/SLANDER/PORNOGRAPHY DENIAL??? You are so full of shit, you drunken fucking liar. Limbs Underthings: only drunk once in two years, hardly enough to count, i d think. however, someone can't keep from coming back for more. so anyone who wants to see the entire tongue flick may request a viewing or a link to roar's site. or a screens-hot of the privacy settings enabled--which is also why none of ye saw it on your wall or Newsweek. it was a Joycean moment of joy, not meant for hatefulness. thanks roar. if ye
  11. 11. hand't been assignation' me character while i was letting' my drunken sleep done, i DA left you and your bulldog alone. but you did, and you can't even go away from that what ye want gone. a bigger man would Noe'er ha replied, but it might take two of ye. so have it yours and tarry or don't i m indifferent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- clips for new thread STRINGY TOLKIEN' STEEL GUITAR PUPPET and Al-vino Rey St Louis Blues by Limbs Underthings (videos)i wanted to put up the Gimme Shelter Ultramontane 'Why Are We Fighting Scene' But I was too Weary--very GRATEFUL AND FILLED WITH LOVE...but weary! THIS FIXED IT THOUGH. DID'T YOU, BOY? STRINGY LOVES ME, AND ONE DAY I LL TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY OF MY YEAR-LONG QUEST TO FIND STRINGY AGAIN WHICH ONLY HAPPENED A MONTH AGO. WATCH WORLD'S GREATEST SING-IN' GUITAR PUPPET (CUSS YOU'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN--for a while at least). If you have any friends from last time, or new, just make sure you send me the info first. And whoever is on now, grandpa and grandma's in gets to write their own ticket (thanks Andrea, i ll try to remember your categories--if you Haydn't been in that ring this morning i ad chucked you...never!) And whoever is on now, grandpa and grandma's in gets to write their own ticket (thanks Andrea, i ll try to remember your categories--if you Had't been in that ring this morning i DA chucked you...never!).