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Nazi Benefits Pages Pdf


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Nazi Germany benefits mrjportman history holgate history

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Nazi Benefits Pages Pdf

  1. 1. PAPER 2 January NAZI BENEFITS? To what extent did the German people benefit from Nazi rule? [1]
  2. 2. Economic recovery mines, steel and textile mills. Engineers and designers gained new and rearmament opportunities, particularly when Hitler Hitler and the Nazis came to power decreed that Germany would have a because they promised to solve the world-class air force (the Luftwaffe). country’s unemployment problems and loss of pride due to the Treaty of As well as bringing economic Versailles. recovery, these measures boosted Hitler was fortunate in that by 1933 Hitler’s popularity because they the worst of the Depression was over. boosted national pride. Germans Even so, there is no doubt that the began to feel that their country was Nazis acted with energy and finally emerging from the humiliation of commitment to solve some of the the Great War and the Treaty of main problems. The Nazis were Versailles, and putting itself on an Cheap family trips to successful at organising Germany’s equal footing with the other great places like Norway were finances to fund a huge programme of powers. arranged under the ‘Strength through Joy ‘ work creation. The National Labour ‘Strength through Joy’ - Hitler even idea. Service sent men on public works projects and conservation arranged for many German families to programmes, in particular to build a go on cheap holidays. He wanted to network of motorways or autobahns. be seen as rewarding those who Railways were extended or built from worked hard. scratch. Other measures brought increasing prosperity. One of Hitler’s most cherished plans was rearmament. In 1935 he reintroduced conscription Hitler’s for the German army. aim was to Conscription reduced unemployment. make Germany The need for weapons, equipment self-sufficient and uniforms created jobs in the coal (AKA: Autarky) Public work schemes similar to those created by FDR built motor-ways called ‘Autobahns’. Hitler helped to organise the ‘people’s car’, an affordable vehicle for the Rearmament meant that many industries within the German workers economy dramatically benefited by employing millions of men. [2]
  3. 3. FREEDOM & FEAR Despite benefits that some German people enjoyed it should be made clear that they lost many freedoms and lived in fear. As we already know, Hitler and the Nazi Party and being thrown into concentration camps. seemed to bring prosperity and pride back to the People lived in fear. Teachers who did not support German people. However, it should be the Nazis were sacked and replaced by those made clear that the German people who were more willing to teach German lost all of the freedoms that we enjoy children lies about Jewish people and today. Workers were not allowed to heroic stories about Hitler. Black, join trade unions, and wages To what extent did the disabled and homosexual Germans actually went down during this German people benefit were persecuted by the SA in the form period. The Nazis censored the from Nazi rule? of beatings, murders and arrests. press and controlled information, Jewish people were spat at, beaten, the Nazi police did the bidding of arrested and then murdered by a the party, the courts and judges Government that created the myth that the followed the Nazi line and the prisons were Jews were secretly trying to destroy Germany. full of people who disagreed with Hitler. Radio Yes, unemployment went down under the Nazis broadcasts in German town centres spread lies. but at what price? Reports to the SS and the Gestapo led to arrests [3]
  4. 4. SMACK the EXAMINER in the face! Give yourself a head start and recognise the questions that have appeared in previous exams based on the topic that you have been learning about. We will practice them in class, you should also do this at home during revision. Your parents could help you. Paper 2: Nazi Germany 1933-1939 To what extent did A selection from the 2004, 2005, 2006 exam papers the German people *Remember: the exam paper does not look like this! benefit under Nazi rule? a) To what extent did German people benefit from Nazi rule in the years 1933 to 1939? (15 marks) Level 1 Simple description (1-3 marks) * Created jobs, cuts unemployment. * People happy with work and law and order. Level 2 Answers refer to one of following but lacks details. (4-8 marks) * Simple outline of how Hitler provided work but at a cost to personal freedom.. * Provides jobs,armed forces, autobahns, restored national pride, improvement in living conditions but with loss of individual freedom. * Deals with groups who did not benefit .eg Jews Level 3 Gives details on at least 2 of the following; (9-12 marks) * Work - Created millions of jobs, public works building autobahns,hospitals and schools, young men drafted into the army, Strength through Joy provided activities like film shows, excursions and Cheap holidays, planned the ‘people’s car’ to be affordable to workers. BUT workers could not join Trade Unions, could not leave jobs, worked longer hours, people did not get the car. * Economy to be self sufficient (Autarky) - Cut dependence on imports, encouraged growth of German economy, made artificial replacements for rubber and oil; 1936 Four Year Plan to gear economy for war. Helped cut unemployment, compulsory labour service, compulsory military service after 1935) * Hitler carried out many promises, created jobs, Germany strong again. Victims of Nazi rule, Jews and communists, black people, the disabled and homosexuals all suffered at hands of Nazis. People subjected to propaganda, attempts to control role of women, control of education, secret police, resistance was difficult. Level 4 Answer shows understanding of what is meant by benefits and gives a balanced answer looking at economic gains and personal loss of freedom. (12-15 marks) [4]