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  • What is the background situation you are addressing? Describe the context users are experiencing.Example: BuzzerBuddiez: Who? Students What? Students are studying for exams When? 7am Where? Student dorm Why? Late night cramming, student likely to oversleep
  • What specific problem do people encounter in that situation? Use the results from your user researchExamples: BuzzerBuddiez: your alarm does not work and you are thus late for: school, work, exams, doctor etc Transit: Many parents don’t speak English and their children have to translate the feedback that a teacher provides. When the feedback is negative students mistranslate. Oyster on the Go: You don’t remember how much money you have left on your pay-as-you-go Oyster card and run out of credit when you urgently need to get on a train Cattle Manager: You need to run backwards and forwards between the office and your cows, taking notes on paper and wasting time or loosing notes
  • What core question are you addressing with the app? Examples: BuzzerBuddiez: how can you avoid oversleeping? Transit: how can negative teacher feedback be translated accurately? Oyster on the Go: how can you be more aware of how much credit you still have on your Oyster card? Cattle Manager: how can you keep track of injections for your cows while you are out and about looking after them?
  • To introduce the judges to your team and the product, include your final min elevator pitch here.Example: - Buzzer Buddiez: Our team, [Buzzer Buddiez], is developing [a mobile app] to help [students] [who have studied late and are likely to oversleep because they hit snooze on their alarm clock] [to wake up on time with the help from friends and family]
  • Summarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they don’t fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of flow and if/ how you have already integrated any user feedback.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Summarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well.
  • Continental gift

    1. 1. By The Teletubbies
    2. 2. Our app is called Continental Gift and it helps people find a range of gift ideas for people who need to buy interesting affordable presents for their relatives/friends/partners. All the user has to do is fill in a simple questionnaire about the person they are buying the present for so the app can help find the most suitable present for them. It finds presents related to their gender, the occasion you are buying for, their hobbies, age and things that are popular with people like them. The way we can keep them coming back to our app is by asking if they would like email or phone notifications when we have new offers or presents that could be suitable for their friends.
    3. 3. The problem people have is finding presents that their friends or family would like. Some people find it too awkward to ask the person what they like and through filling in some simple questions you can find a gift that they will love! The website comes up with a range of gifts suited to the price range that you choose. It comes up with at least 20 ideas and has links to the websites you can purchase them or the stores nearest you where you can get them.
    4. 4. How do you know what presents to get your friend and if they will like it or not? Core Question
    5. 5. A Birthdays are coming up and you have no idea what to get the person, you don’t have much time to browse shops or look or look on the internet. Quick and easy to use, no hassle included Key Insights
    6. 6. Our team, the Teletubbies are developing a mobile app to help adults who have little time to find and get gifts for loved ones, because of their jobs and they feel that it gives the surprise away to the person you want to buy the gift for. Intro to product
    7. 7. I learnt that people would like a free app without adverts popping up and without hidden charges. Maya learnt that people would like an app that is easy to use and understand. Gareth learnt that people want the app to have interesting ideas that are suitable. Harvey learnt that they want the app to be fast and simple. Imogen learnt that people want the app to be free and have good ideas even if the price range is low. User Profiles
    8. 8. There are some apps like ours that exist on the market but they are not easily accessible and don’t have questionnaires, just ideas for the price ranges. Their ideas are not suitable for the prices either, it said crayons for a price range of £20+. Also the designs are terrible. Solutions
    9. 9. The best feature of our app is the way it is personalised due to the users request. It asks for information about the person they are buying for such as Age; Gender; Interests; Hobbies; Price range you are willing to spend; This is how you can easily make sure they get something that they will enjoy and also a thoughtful gift that you didn’t have to think too much about. Features
    10. 10. Wire Frames
    11. 11. Links with Facebook to find your friends gifts for their birthdays
    12. 12. Questionnaire to find the perfect gift.
    13. 13. The best part of our app is it’s
    14. 14. Our app does rely on coding that we have not learnt about yet, we feel that if everyone in our group work together we could program the app in for example app inventor. We will need a lot of data to keep track of all the different gifts that we will advertise and store in the data base. The app is feasible/possible to make but it will take a lot of time and determination to finalise and actually publish the app. It will take a long time because we need to get an agreement with the websites to advertise the products, collect information on all different types of gifts and to code/make the app.
    15. 15. Business Case & Customer pledges We have chosen to go ahead with a mobile app, so that the users people with little time can just quickly go on their phone and either get the gift or just browse the selection. The customer pledges that we gathered were mostly saying the same things that they want a quick and easy app that is free. We had to change from costing to free so we would actually get people to buy the app. However after talking to the expert we are happy that the app is free because he told us that we could still make income from the app because of advertising the different products from different websites like amazon.
    16. 16.  One core marketing point is that the app is free, from the customer interviews we found that it would be best if it would be free and after talking with the expert we could make some money of advertising.  Another core point is that it will be simple, like the first point the potential customers said that it would be better if it would be simple, quick and free.  Within our group we also decided to have the option to link the app with Facebook that way we could get more customers and the user could refer the app to their friends. But we also decided to add the feature of push notifications to remind the user to come back to the app or even have different notification for a week, 3 days, and tomorrow to constantly remind the user for different occasions. Marketing Strategies
    17. 17. We pitched our idea to an app expert via Skype at school. He said that our app was creative and that there is room for it on the market. He mentioned that it was good we had an inbuilt way of making money, through promoting company's websites and items they are selling in their stores. He said that we could have added a feature to ensure users come back to use the app again and we have added that feature by asking the user if they would like push notifications when new sale items are added or emails that can be sent showing new gift ideas suited to their before chosen price ranges.