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Reeegan and job


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Reeegan and job

  1. 1. Nickelback – How you remind me
  2. 2. Close upThis is a shot of a close up, this shows the girls eyes expressing herbeauty, it also looks very seductive which keeps the viewerinterested. This shot shows more than the eye can see, this isshown by the detail you can see in the girls face. This is a quick shotwere rapid cuts are used.
  3. 3. Sexual objectificationsSexual objectification was used where a female is seen half naked showing her bodyfor the enjoyment of men. This shows the beauty of the women as you can see in theshot she has an amazing body, which it also shows nickelback missing her with hishands on his face suggesting he’s depressed. The women is half naked on purpose inwhich the shot then fades.
  4. 4. AnimationIn this shot you can see animation, this is where a fade is used to show her fadingaway as if she is fading from his life. This shot was using animation to make her gofrom reality but then change it into a dream or as if he is imagining her.
  5. 5. MysteriousThis shot is mysterious as in this shot he’s sitting in a dark room on his own lookingdepressed, this shot lasts for a couple of seconds which also makes peopleinterested to keep watching and see what happens. In this shot it is also of himmaking full eye contact with the camera, where he is seen facing a starring intospace suggesting he’s thinking/reflecing his thoughts.
  6. 6. Ritual celebrationIn this shot you can see ‘ritual celebration’ where a party/rave is taking place, this isan action shot where lots is going on and a lot of movement is taking place. A panmovement of the camera Is also shown to show the size of the party and showeveryone dancing.