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Challenging,uding,devekloping for job


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Challenging,uding,devekloping for job

  1. 1. Our music video using,developing andchallenging usual mediatexts.
  2. 2. How did our video use mediatextThe way in which our media video use what a usual media texts usesis because the way in which it had some of the things you expect froma music video. My example of this being is that there is a narrative inthe music video and when listening to the song you are also payingattention to the story that is on the video which makes the musicvideo more entertaining. Another way in which we used media texts isthat we had quite a few things that you expect to see in a music videofor example we had a girl in the music video, we had someonesinging the song and a band playing and also a bit of comedy throwninto the video and this is how we used the media text and the reasonfor this is so we knew how to make a successful video and so itwasn’t so controversial when people were watching it and theyunderstood what was going on and didn’t lose interest in the song andthe video.
  3. 3. How did our music videodevelop media textThe main way in which we have developed a normal media text isbecause we have combined two genres that you wouldnt expect tobe combined and took them and smashed them together and havemade them work. This in my opinion is a great development as it hasmade the video very entertaining and made it less concerning whenpeople talk about a relationship and to see the funny side of it. Theway we done this is we combined a very dramatic and very relativething which was someone breaking up with his girlfriend or in ourcase his boyfriend and tried to make it funny by the way in which theboy reacts. This has really developed just using one genre because ithas made it much more entertaining as a music video. It has alsomade people see the funny side of such a serious thing and we havetried to make it okay for people to discuss serious topics and to seethe funny side of things.
  4. 4. How we have challengednormal media textsWe have challenged normal media texts because we have shownhomosexuality in a music video. We done this by adding a twist in thevideo because people watching it predicted that the boy has brokenup with his girlfriend when in reality it was actually the boyfriend thathe has broken up with. The reason we have done this is because nota lot of homosexuality is in music videos and this is very controversialin the music video and has made it much more entertaining and eyecatching for people watching. The reason being is this isnt the usualthing that you would see on a music video and we have used it tochallenge normal texts and make it more entertaining. We have triedto make it as entertaining as possible and tried to make it so it is okayfor homosexuality to be in music videos and we tried to make it funnywhen watching so people did not take the matter so seriously.