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This is an example of the expectation on your assigned Movie Assignment.

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Movie Presentation Template Example

  1. 1. Interpersonal Conflict In: Revolutionary Road & The Breakfast Club
  2. 2. Revolutionary Road Scene #1 Scene Synopsis: Frank and April just finished entertaining guests for dinner. Guests who are very nosy and who did nothing but pry into their personal lives all throughout dinner. The families son John, who is mentally ill proceeds to bluntly judge Frank and April’s marriage and lifestyle. In this scene Frank loses his patience at the dinner table and openly criticizes the family for prying into their personal life. An argument arises and thereafter the family quickly excuses themselves from their home. What ensues after the family leaves, is what is depicted in this video clip.
  3. 3. Foul Language -Disrespect Nonverbal Contradicting Body Gestures “laughing” Emotional- Anticipation Verbal Message – Negative Criticism Primary Emotions – Disgust Anger Blended Emotions – Rage & Loathing
  4. 4. Revolutionary Road Scene #2 Scene Synopsis: In the following scene Frank and April continue to engage in disagreements following a dinner play that they attend. April expresses disgust that the play was boring. Frank felt offended at this as he had put allot of thought and effort into the idea of taking her to try to mend their troubled relationship. What follows is an argument triggered by April’s disappointment with the play.
  5. 5. Face Attacking Foul Language -Disrespect Disconfirmation Avoids Responding Face Attacking Discourages Interrupts Jumps to Interpretation Primary Emotions – Disgust Anger Blended Emotions – Rage & Loathing
  6. 6. The Breakfast Club Scene #1 Scene Synopsis: In the following scene Andrew, Brian, Claire, Ally and John are all students who just arrived to the library in their high school to report for weekend detention. Although they all go to the same school, this is their first encounter interacting with each other. They are all separated socially in school and therefore never interact. They have little regard for each other at this point, but slowly they begin to get to know each other. Claire – Is a popular “prep” rich girl. Andrew – Is they typical “jock” – wrestling – sports star. Brian – Is a “nerd” – typical book smart, academic club student. Ally – is a “reject” – antisocial with any groups or clubs in school. John – is your typical “trouble maker” ditches class, causes disturbance etc..
  7. 7. Interdependent Individuals What one person says or does can impact other people - interdependence Touching Face to Face Communication Nonverbal Messages Gestures Feedback Vocal Cues Gestures – again  Spatial Relationship – Personal Space
  8. 8. The Breakfast Club Scene #2 Scene Synopsis: In the following scene the students continue getting to know each other while serving their time in detention. John Bender, the student who is blunt and disruptive proceeds to try to get a rise out of everyone by attempting to bully them. This scene shows the significant differences that certain social groups have in a school setting. It depicts how these social groups are perceived to be unable to blend or interact with one another.
  9. 9. Negative Facial Expressions Bullying Gossiping - making others the butt of jokes Treating others as inferior Verbal Insults Name Calling Excluding members from social functions Being unnecessarily criticized
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?