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Study Sheet, Aug. 2nd


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Study Sheet, Aug. 2nd

  1. 1. The Christian In A Secular America Parkside Bible Fellowship Adult Sunday School August 2, 2009 1. WELCOME: Opening Prayer 2. Brief Overview HE KNOWS MY NAME • Absolute Truth vs Moral Relativism • The Attack On The Institution of Marriage I have a Maker, o DOMA He formed my heart Before even time began My life was in his hands o Full Faith and Credit Clause CHORUS He knows my name o In the News He knows my every thought He sees each tear that falls and 3. The Sanctity of Life He hears me when I call • Abortion/Statistics I have a Father He calls me His own • We, as Christians affirm that He'll never leave me o Human life is not an achievement but No matter where I go _______________________________. o It has measureless value, because every ___________________________, at every stage of development and every state of consciousness, is known and loved by God. o This is the source of human dignity and the basis for____________________________________. o It must therefore be asserted without exception or qualification: No one is ___________________________________whom God has created and for whom Christ died. o Human life is_____________________________and should not be terminated merely because it is difficult. • John Willke, president of the National Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, asks the right questions: o Since when does anyone's right to live depend upon someone else wanting them? Killing the unwanted, is a monstrous evil . . . o So, should a woman have the right to choose? I have a right to free speech, but not to shout "fire" in a theater. A person's right to anything stops when it injures or kills another living human . . . o The pivotal question is, should any civilized nation give to one citizen the absolute right to kill another to solve the first person's personal problem? • In the News • Euthanasia. Suicide and Capital Punishment are related on at least two fronts. o They each involve an intentionally premature death---meaning that death is actively induced rather than allowed to naturally occur. o They are all controversial subjects---especially euthanasia (including physician-assisted suicide) and capital punishment (government-mandated execution). o Many Americans, including Protestants, hold differing views on whether or not “mercy killing” should become legal and whether the death penalty should remain so.