The Christian In A Secular America
                                      Parkside Bible Fellowship
Christian Ethics
               ETHOS: study of moral character. A list of “do’s and don’ts” or a moral standard.
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Study Guide June 21st


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Study Guide June 21st

  1. 1. The Christian In A Secular America Parkside Bible Fellowship Adult Sunday School June 21, 2009 1. WELCOME: • Opening Prayer • Happy Father’s Day • Parkside Adult Sunday School Blog: 2. Christ and Culture In the News o School Censors Second Grader's Talent Show Performance in Oakley, CA June 10, 2009 o June 16, 2009, Senate poised to vote at any time on "hate crimes" legislation. Punishing wrong beliefs about homosexuality is its sole purpose 3. Overview/Review Key Verses: _____________________________________________________ 36-38: The_______________________________is summarized in the two commands. We must first understand our________________________________and its challenges because we are to be faithful followers of Christ and faithful witnesses to the gospel. 36-38: We are called to________________________________, and faithfulness requires that we be ready to think as Christians when confronted with the crucial issues of the day. This is all rooted in our__________________________________________. 39-40: But Jesus also commanded_____________________________________, and Christians must be driven by love of neighbor as we confront the issues of our day. We care for the well-being of our neighbors, and we want to see them come to faith in Christ. 39-40: We care about marriage, sexuality, children, the dignity of human life, and a host of related issues because we love God first and this leads directly to love of_______________________________---and our neighborhood. In the end, the culture and its challenges will pass away. Our Lord has left us here for a reason. 39-40: We are to be SALT AND LIGHT in a dying world. Theme of Class: _________________________________________________ Matthew 5: 13-16: You Are the Salt of the Earth • Salt preserves, adds flavor, creates thirst, cements or seals and sustains life You Are the Light of the World • Light reveals, guides and reflects Biblical Principle: • WE, the CHURCH (Believers), are"the salt of the earth.“ God mandates all Believers to serve as that which prevents the corruption of sin and wickedness from spreading in culture. • The CHURCH, (Christians, Believers) are the only "salt" He has provided for its moral corruption, and the only "light“ He has provided for its spiritual darkness. John Billett Phone: 423-7938 Email: Blog:
  2. 2. Christian Ethics ETHOS: study of moral character. A list of “do’s and don’ts” or a moral standard. The study of MORALITY or what is right, wrong, good and evil The Bible does give us detailed instructions through Biblical principles and the study of scripture defines how we should act and live as Christians. Its principles give us the standards by which we must conduct ourselves in those situations where there are no explicit instructions. In John MacArthur’s book, Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong, the heart of Christian Ethics is the Gospel. Why? Through the___________________________________________work of Holy Spirit, the inner heart of man has been renewed! How? o Titus 3: 5-8:___________________________________________________ o Rom. 8: 13-14:_________________________________________________ o Gal. 5: 23:_____________________________________________________ o I Corn. 6: 9-11:_________________________________________________ o John 8:42:_____________________________________________________ o John 14: 15:____________________________________________________ o Eph. 2: 8-10:___________________________________________________ o Psalms 19: 7-9:_________________________________________________ o II Tim 3: 15-17:_________________________________________________ o Psalms: 12: 6:__________________________________________________ o John 8:31-32:___________________________________________________ 4. Define Moral Absolutes or truth? 5. Where do we find moral absolutes or a moral code to live by? 6. What are Judeo Christian ethics? 7. What is moral relativism? 8. A Mohler Moment • Can there be morality without God? • Can we determine a moral code without God? • Can we know right from wrong, good from evil without God? John Billett Phone: 423-7938 Email: Blog: