Study Guide August 9th


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Study Guide August 9th

  1. 1. The Christian In A Secular America Parkside Bible Fellowship Adult Sunday School August 9, 2009 Right To Life 1. Welcome/Opening Prayer 2. The Sanctity of Life • We Are the Salt and the Light In A Dying World o As Christians, we must be ready to set the record straight every time the media portrays Physician Assisted Suicide as an act of “COMPASSION,” if not, it could become a slippery slope. • God Forbids Murder • Euthanasia o Dictionary o Society o Medical • Active euthanasia occurs in those instances in which someone takes active means, such as a lethal injection, to bring about someone’s death. “Physician Assisted Suicide” • Passive euthanasia occurs in those instances in which someone simply refuses to intervene in order to prevent someone’s death. • Letting die involves the withholding or withdrawing life-prolonging and life-sustaining medications and technologies from an irreversibly ill patient with whom death is imminent even with treatment. • Capital Punishment • Euthanasia. Suicide and Capital Punishment are related. o Many Americans, including Christians hold differing views on whether or not “mercy killing” should become legal and whether the death penalty should remain so. • Examples of Euthanasia and Suicide o Bible o Current • We, as Christians Affirm o All human life is _______________________, is a_________________________from God, is of _______________________at every stage of development, is the source of ___________________ dignity and the basis for__________________________________. John Billett Email: Phone: 423-7938 Blog:
  2. 2. • Quality of Life vs Sanctity of Life Relativism Absolutes • • Treat all human life with equal worth • Never intentionally take human life • • Never take your own life and try to prevent others’ from taking theirs • • Be fruitful and multiply • Treat all human life as more precious • than any non-human life • • Quotes on Euthanasia: For and Against • Biblical Principles In Response to Euthanasia o God is sovereign over life and death: Job 1: 20-22 o Bible specifically condemns the taking of life: Psalms 139: 16, Deut. 32: 39, Matthew 5: 21 o Our body as well as our spirit belongs to God: 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20, Galatians 2: 20 o God has a purpose for everything even when we don’t understand that purpose: Romans 11:33, James 4: 13-15 o Suffering has a place in God’s economy: II Corinthians 1: 8, 12:6-8 o As a result of Adam and Eve’s sin, death is inevitable: Romans 5: 12, 6: 23 • Hippocratic Oath • Conclusion to Euthanasia o John MacArthur suggests Letting Die: is an acceptable option when death is both imminent and inevitable. Living Will: is one form of advance directive, leaving instructions for treatment Hospice: is an end of life care---NOT EUTHANASIA o Dr. Keith Essex, professor at Master’s Seminary provides Four Biblical guidelines for Christians when confronting death. Death is inevitable---Ecclesiastes 3: 2 Death is the enemy---1 Corinthians 15:26 Dying is a process--- Hebrews 11:21-22 Suffering is a part of life and death---Romans 8:18 3. Chuck Colson and Breakpoint 4. Conclusion • Websites of interest o Arguments for National Health Care: o For and Against: o Liberty Counsel Against National Health Care Overview of HR 3200 Health Reform Bill o HR 3200 Health Reform Bill John Billett Email: Phone: 423-7938 Blog:
  3. 3. John Billett Email: Phone: 423-7938 Blog: