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9 Unconventional Startup Lessons


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9 unconventional startup lessons I learned the hard way.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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9 Unconventional Startup Lessons

  1. 1. unconventional 9! startup lessons
  2. 2. There is no shortage of great startup advice Joel Spolsky Mark Suster Larry Page Paul Graham Michael Arrington Fred Wilson Dave McClure Brad Feld Seth Godin Eric Ries Steve Blank Jason Fried Bill Gates Guy Kawasaki Reid Hoffman Dharmesh Shah Jeff Bezos Ben Horowitz Drew Houston Richard Branson Mark Cuban David Cohen
  3. 3. I am not qualified! to give conventional advice
  4. 4. Me in San Francisco pitching my startup, March, 2013 But I will share some tough! lessons I learned
  5. 5. 1! Do not wait for someone to build your idea for you
  6. 6. 1! If you want to lead a technology! company learn how to build technology!
  7. 7. 2! Become an awesome storyteller!
  8. 8. 2! Tell your story with words! demos! videos! images! passion *learn photoshop, you are going to need it
  9. 9. 3! Some things are not fair! deal with it
  10. 10. 3! “I need money to build a team, but I need a team to raise money” “No one will help me” “He promised to write me a check then disappeared” “VCs are mean” “I am hungry” “This is really hard” deal with it
  11. 11. 4! Your Klout! score doesn’t mean sh*t
  12. 12. 4! No one gives a damn about your personal “brand” Go build a great! company
  13. 13. 5! Raising money sucks!
  14. 14. 5! Raising Money is difficult slow stressful frustrating time-consuming exhausting Finding the right investor is hard Getting that investor to listen to you is really hard Getting a check from that investor is insanely!hard
  15. 15. 6! Have no holes! in your game
  16. 16. 6! You cannot hide from your deficiencies! Address them!!
  17. 17. 7! Do not ask!for someone’s attention Take It!
  18. 18. 7! Do something amazing! investors customers Leave them no choice but to look at you recruits
  19. 19. 8! Go All-In!
  20. 20. 8! No one will take even a small!chance on you if you are not taking a chance on yourself HUGE!
  21. 21. 9! You will get punched! in the face
  22. 22. 9! fail! You only truly when you give up!
  23. 23. Jamie Bailey @MrJamieBailey