Haiti hurricane


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Sunday school lesson on Haiti, what the people there are going through, how to help them, and .

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Haiti hurricane

  1. 1. Hurricane in Haiti How can we help?
  2. 2. Hurricane in Haiti• Good morning Children. In our church this morning we are praying for the people who live in a country called Haiti. It is a small country and most of the people who live there are very poor. It’s this small country here on this map.
  3. 3. Hurricane in Haiti• Do you know what happened there recently?• Yes. That’s right.• There was a Hurricane there August 24th.• There are members of our church and friends of mine who are from Haiti.
  4. 4. Hurricane in Haiti• Ironically, the hurricane’s name is Hurricane Isaac the same name as our brother Isaac who is also of Haiti.• Many families were displaced by this hurricane.
  5. 5. Hurricane in Haiti• I want to show you one reason so many people were hurt or killed.• Do you see this tray here?• I made two little houses out of paper.• I’m pretending their houses are made of paper because the people are poor and don’t have the building supplies as we do here in this country.
  6. 6. Hurricane in Haiti• The houses of the USA are going to be made of cardboard to represent the building materials of this country.• I’m pretending that this house on the left is a house in the country of Haiti.• Let’s see what might happens when the wind blows.
  7. 7. Hurricane in Haiti• What happened here? Yes, this house that is made out of cardboard is standing strong.• However, this paper house here blew away.• This building was not nearly as strong as the USA home.
  8. 8. Hurricane in Haiti• The paper building is like many of the buildings in Haiti.• The people are strong and hard working but they are very poor and they cannot afford to build houses as strong as our houses.
  9. 9. Hurricane in Haiti• When a hurricane blows in Haiti many of the houses fall down and many people are injured our killed.• It’s very sad.
  10. 10. Hurricane in Haiti• As followers of Jesus we need to think of ways that we can help the people in Haiti as they try to recover from this tragedy.• How could we possibly help out and support them in this time of need?
  11. 11. Hurricane in Haiti• Those are all very good ideas.• We can send doctors to help, we can send food and clothing, and we can send money so they can buy the things they don’t have.
  12. 12. Hurricane in Haiti• Later on we might be able to be involved in helping them rebuild some to the homes that have been destroyed.
  13. 13. Hurricane in Haiti• Children’s Prayer: Dear God. We know that there are many people who need help in the country of Haiti. Please send many doctors and other helpers to support the people. And show us what we can do to put the love of Jesus into action and help these people in need. In Jesus’ name – Amen!