Does god exist


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Does god exist

  1. 1. Jack went for a walk in the forest.
  2. 2. Jack got lost and started to lookfor things that looked familiar.
  3. 3. Jack found three rocks someonepiled on top of each other.
  4. 4. He thought he was lost but therocks told a different story.
  5. 5. Jack followed the direction hefound the rocks in.
  6. 6. The rocks led Jack to a trail hecould follow.
  7. 7. When Jack got to the clearingwhat do you think he found?
  8. 8. Jack was happy he found his wayhome.
  9. 9. Does God Exist?• Jack found a few rocks piled on top of one another that made him believe he could find his way home.• Someone intentionally piled those rocks to show that there was someone that traveled that way before.• Some scientists say that the world began with an explosion billions of years ago (a really big explosion!). And thats all. God didnt plan it. It was all just a big accident.
  10. 10. Does God Exist?• I have never seen an explosion make anything but a big mess. But the world isn’t a mess.• The world is an amazing place. It is just filled with awesome wonder and beauty.• Someone thought it out, planned it, and made it on purpose (just like those the rocks in the forest).
  11. 11. Does God Exist?• So what is easier to believe, that something as beautiful as a butterfly came from a giant explosion billions of years ago, and its just an accident?• Or that someone made it?• Genesis 1:1• The History of Creation• 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.