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Saying Stuff is Dead is Dead


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In this deck I answer four dead questions: What is the problem of saying stuff is dead?

Why do people say stuff is dead?

Why do we believe stuff is dead?

How do we stop people saying SEO is dead?

Primarily it's about SEO's integration into the wider marketing mix.

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Saying Stuff is Dead is Dead

  1. Saying Stuff isDead is DEAD!
  2. Four Dead Questions• What is the problem of saying stuff is dead?• Why do people say stuff is dead?• Why do we believe stuff is dead?• How do we stop people saying SEO is dead?
  3. Bauer and I @mrjamescarson Always up for linkage!
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  5. Email is Dieing?
  6. Some Stats 350m Please kill me 350m (or email) 350m 41 100 Total 3.1Total billion 1.4 accounts Average US Office Worker billion Source: Radacati Group usersSource: Email Marketing
  7. Email vs. Social Networking Daily Usage Internet Users Who Do ActivitySocial Networking 43% Social Networking 65% Email 61% Email 92% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Source: Pew
  8. Social Networking vs. Email
  9. We don’t think that a modern messaging system is going to be email**Possibly the most overhyped quote in Internetmarketing history.
  10. Facebook is Dead
  12. What About SEO? Internet Users Who Do Activity Social Networking Email c.£500m Search0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  13. SEO is Dead!Further idiocy:
  14. Holy Shit!
  15. Social Shares + Rel=“author”
  16. WTF?!
  17. WhyDo People Keep Saying Stuff is Dead?
  18. #1 Endism Outbreaks of what the computer scientist John Seely Brown calls "endism" have been rife in discussions about communications technology since the time of Plato, who opined that writing would destroy memory. In the 20th century, it was widely trumpeted that television would be the death of, first, radio and, later, movies.
  19. Source: RIAA accessed at:
  20. Hardware ≠ SoftwareEstablished Media Continues to Expand
  21. #2: Dead Stuff Sells Magazines
  22.,2817,2397829,00.asp for-google-plus/ Mark-Zuckerberg-launches-Google-Gmail-killer.html why-smo-is-bulls-t/ /08/prince-internet-dead-itunes _had_a_chance_to_compete_with_facebook_not_anymore_.html
  23. WhyDo People Accept that Stuff is Dead?
  24. #1: Statistics Make it EasyThere are threekinds of lies:lies, damnedlies, andstatistics.
  25. Dumb Stats Pinterest grew 4000% in 2011 – we absolutely need to have a strategy!NEVER base decisions on % growth rates on their own
  26. #2: Positioning
  27. More!
  28. #3: It’s what thoughtleaders say!
  29. The Internet is going tochange marketing before itchanges almost anythingelse, and old marketing willdie in its path.
  30. “Markets are conversations”“Everything’s easier with fans”
  31. Let’s Use Some Damn Lies… IPA Sponsored research published in January 2009 100.0%100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20% 8.8%10% 6.5% 3.7% 2.8% 0% UKs online consusmers Read Blogs Contribute to Forums Comment on Blogs Active Bloggers
  32. Media PassiveFaris Yacob I believe that children are the future
  33. Interruptive Ads are Dead?Good ideas make good advertising
  34. Guess the keyword…“car insurance”“loans”“mortgages”“credit cards”
  35. You’re So Money Supermarket800,000700,000600,000500,000400,000300,000200,000100,000 0 money supermarket car insurance moneysupermarket loans credit cards mortgages
  36. HowDo We Stop People Saying SEO isDead?
  37. #1 Avoid SiloesGet siloed and you are dead
  38. WTF is SEO?!
  39. Inbound Departments Outreach Content Outreach Design/Development Analytics Outreach
  40. Inbound Dependencies email, socialOutreachbuilding, PR media, link articles, product Content Outreach pages, infographics, video Design/Development site architecture, CMS, UX design site analytics, consumer research, keyword analysis, competitor Analytics Outreach research
  41. Inbound Contributors sales, marketers, PR, brand managers, Outreach execs, link email, socialsocial mediabuilding, PR media, link builders journalists, writers, video articles, product editors, designers, marketers (or just Content Outreach pages, infographics, video anyone!) Design/Development site architecture, CMS, UX design developers, designers site analytics, consumer research, keyword analysis, competitor analysts, marketing research Analytics Outreach research
  42. #2 Cover Your Bases Outreach Content Design Development Analytics
  43. Bad Times Outreach Content Design/Development
  44. Bad Times
  45. #3 Don’t Fragment
  46. Technology Often Complements Rather than Kills
  47. #4 Prioritise ProperlyWhere is your audience?
  48. #5 Unify Your Data
  49. Some Smart Companies
  50. #6 Don’t truststatistics withoutcontext…
  51. #7 I have anagenda too
  52. SEO is NOT DEADNeither is:Google + TVFacebook Product marketingTwitter InterruptionEmail AppsPPC MusicPrint media The Internet
  53. Now startintegrating
  54. This Talk is Dead @mrjamescarson Always up for linkage!