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Retail Ecommerce and Content Marketing


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A talk I gave at Marketing Week Live, focusing on the convergence of commerce and content within marketing operations.

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Retail Ecommerce and Content Marketing

  1. 1. Ecommerce and Content Marketing James Carson, Founder
  2. 2. About Me • Founder at Made From Media • Publisher / content strategy consultancy • Research in fashion ecommerce • Previously Head of Digital Marketing at Bauer Media – FHM / Grazia
  3. 3. 3 Key Econsultancy Reports: 1. Digital Content Strategy Best Practice Guide, Neil Perkin 2. Where Content and Commerce Collide, James Gurd 3. Content Marketing and Fashion Ecommerce, James Carson
  4. 4. Content Marketing Investment on the Up… Yes, yes, everyone knows…
  5. 5. Why Are We Doing This?
  6. 6. “Look at how people shop in the UK. There are 100m visits to the high street but also 250m visits to online retailers. Ecommerce accounts for approximately 15% of all sales, so it’s not just about sales – we want to reflect this on the website.” David Walmsley, Director, M&S
  7. 7. Do You Have a Defined Strategy?
  8. 8. Kernel of Strategy 1. A diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge. 2. A guiding policy for dealing with the challenge. 3. A set of coherent actions that are designed to carry out the guiding policy.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. | 10
  11. 11. BIG Content Strategy Checklist
  12. 12. Who Owns What?
  13. 13. Content Strategy Simplified for Media Companies Content Distribution User Experience Analytics
  14. 14. 23 Ingredients… | 14 Phase 1: Analysis Phase 2: Taxonomy and Audit Taxonomy Category Card Sort Tagging Amendments Menu Restructure Audit SEO Onpage Retrospective Editing Evergreen Content Audit Phase 3: Content Optimisation Headlines Formatting Planning Evergreen Content Page Types Editorial Calendar Quantitive Benchmarking Phase 4: Distribution Ideas Regular Large Asset Production Distribution Social Media Email Paid For Distribution Partner Network Onsite Website Engagement Analytics Website Organic Traffic Information Market Keyword Analysis SEO Competitor Analysis
  15. 15. Lack of Defined Strategy Down to Objectives and Measurement? “Interestingly only a fifth (20%) of the ecommerce teams we interviewed said that they are actively doing attribution analysis for content marketing activity. However, half are planning to and the current barrier is data gaps.” What Do You Aim to Measure?
  16. 16. Content Marketing Approach Content Distribution User Experience Analytics
  17. 17. Content Marketing Study General UX and Typography Look Books Editorial Product Pages Social Media Email User Experience Editorial Distribution
  18. 18. Brands as Publishers? General UX and Typography Look Books Editorial Product Pages Social Media Email User Experience Editorial Distribution
  19. 19. Why? General UX and Typography Look Books Editorial Product Pages Social Media Email User Experience Editorial Distribution Technology / testing Quite quantifiable High focus / investment Content Not as quantifiable… Lower focus / investment Distribution Very quantifiable
  20. 20. Product Pages
  21. 21. Merchandising Sections as Content
  22. 22. Emphasis on Growing Editorial is High
  23. 23. But out of 20 major fashion websites reviewed, only 2 really had editorial that was really worth talking about…
  24. 24. Majority of Fashion Brands Investing in Editorial Were Wasting Time and Money… • Poor integration into site user experience • Low publishing frequency • Advisory content was lacking • Headlining was poor • Not distributed on social media How Can We Fix This?
  25. 25. Integrating a Blog With the Main Site Publishers normally have ads here It’s how their editorial makes money Product promo widgets are easy to create…
  26. 26. You Wouldn’t Catch a (Good) Publisher Doing This! Image links to a WordPress image file Text is very small (and centre aligned) Product links unnoticeable
  27. 27. Publishing Frequency Brands: 1 article a day? Publishers: • Mail Online = c.400 • Grazia Daily = 25 • Now Magazine = 20 Fashion Focused • Product features • Style features • Fashion event news Affinity Topics • Celebrity news • Travel and city guides • Music Subject Matter Lack of Focus… Difficult to win
  28. 28. SEO is a Major Factor in Content Marketing Investment… But… Lack of Advisory / Stock / How To Little editorial keyword analysis See the headlines…
  29. 29. “The headline text has to stand on its own and make sense when the rest of the content is not available.” Nielsen
  30. 30. Distribution on Social Media • Blogs are often produced, but not syndicated on social channels regularly, despite the vast size of the brand following. • • Can’t distribute stock/advistory content all the time… what’s the best way around this? a-tough-start-to-the-year-on-facebook/
  31. 31. Campaign and Editorial Calendar INFORMS…
  32. 32. Editorial Not Performing? Don’t Know? All of it is easily fixable…
  33. 33. Not for everyone… So start with a user need
  34. 34. User needs met Simply but well executed 2014 Winner UK Search Awards Best Use of Content Marketing
  35. 35. Result!
  36. 36. What Are the Biggest Blockers?