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Dr Social Love: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Google Algorithms and Love the People


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Dr Social Love: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Google Algorithms and Love the People

  1. 1. Dr Social LoveOr how I learned to stop worrying aboutGoogle algorithms and love the People
  2. 2. Bauer and Me @mrjamescarson Always up for linkage!
  3. 3. Click me:
  4. 4. Ranking Signals People Signals? Social Signals?Please click me, PLEASE:
  5. 5. Facebook Like a Ranking Factor? Are you any less likely to use it?You should click me:
  6. 6. Publishers (everyone) Need to Care 43% of news sharing occurs via social 44% networks 42% of social network CNN October 2010 of all online sharing users get news occurs through through social Facebook networking sites Clearspring Technologies Pewter Research December2010 September 2010 Clickboy 3000:
  7. 7. Ranking on the Facebook Newsfeed Click me again, I love it!
  8. 8. WTF Another Algorithm?! Whatever EdgeRank… just aim for post feedback (comments + likes)Click me, I beg you:
  9. 9. Posts Should Meet Five of the Following:1. Ask questions2. Post games and trivia3. Interact with fan engagement4. Incorporate wall apps (such as the poll)5. Incorporate relevant photos6. Relate to current events7. Incorporate videos8. Post content for time sensitive campaigns9. Include links within posts10. Be explicit in your posts (tell fans what you want them to do). BUT GIVE PEOPLE CONTENT THAT THEY ARE MOST INTERESTED IN I’m crying out to be clicked:
  10. 10. Your Fans + Fan’s Fans = Sharing Success • Use Klout & Peer Index but spend a day researching your targets! • Find out who is behind large Facebook pages (often PR agencies – use Gorkana, I am clickable:
  11. 11. The Inbetweeners million people like this Clicky wicky:
  12. 12. Oh Will’s Mum!• 7,000 Likes – Estimated 1,050,000 Newsfeed impressions!• 60 Tweets• A curious #2 ranking on Google• 35,000 referrals Count Clickula:
  13. 13. Social Media Effects All Traffic Sources + Content! Larger Comps, ads, engagement Social Social Profile Profile Even Larger Data Capture/Polling Social Profile Referral site Destination Website Links Why wouldn’t you click me?
  14. 14. So then… Network ContentBuild fans/followers Poll and ask fans questions – take thisUse FB social stories (cheap), contests insight and create content.and “engagement”.Build your influence network Create content that’s relevant forUse Klout, Peer Index, Followerwonk and influencers to share, ask them to share it.Gorkana. Click me in the right way Links come naturally via this process!
  15. 15. The SEO/Social NutshellFix your site Love your People(Tech development) (Inbound Marketing) To be clicktinued…