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gone are the days


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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gone are the days

  1. 1. Gone are the days When we used to be for hours with our friends Now we don’t have time to say HI………
  2. 2. Gone are the days When we used sit to chat with friends on grounds Now we rarely chat in the chat rooms
  3. 3. Gone are the days When we used to study just to pass Now we study to save our jobs
  4. 4. Gone are the days When we used to have no money in our pockets & still fun filled our hearts Now we have tons which are of no use ….
  5. 5. Gone are the days When we shouted on the roads Now we rarely speak
  6. 6. Gone are the days
  7. 7. But not the Memories
  8. 8. Which will be lingering in our heart for ever and ever .
  9. 9. Remember……
  10. 12. Always make time to say HI….
  11. 13. When you find any one Without a smile Give them one of yours… 
  12. 14. Why worry and have wrinkles When you can smile and have Dimples………. 
  13. 15. Smile and Spread Smiles………….