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Advt., Design, Bus stop

Published in: Design, Business, Sports
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  1. 1. Creative advertisement at Bus Stop Compilation: Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee [email_address]
  2. 2. McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement
  3. 4. Simpsons Bus Stop Advertisement Creative advertisement for the Simpsons movie in Germany
  4. 6. F1 Bus Stop Advertisement Creative F1 bus stop advertisement in Singapore
  5. 9. Star Wars Bus Stop Advertisement Spike network has installed Stars Wars faux “light sabers” where the ad would normally go, with the promo text at the bottom. We are instructed to “use only in case of Sith
  6. 11. IKEA Bus Stop Advertisement IKEA placed a sofa in a bus stop in Istanbul.
  7. 13. Another McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement Just what you want while waiting for the bus: that mouth watering, tantalizing reminder of how much you’d love to stuff your face with a 1,000 calorie burger only to be reminded later by your stomach it wasn’t the best decision you could have made
  8. 15. Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement Creative br bus stop advertisement
  9. 18. Australia Post Bus Stop Advertisement Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia
  10. 20. Osram Energy Saver Bus Stop Advertisement This outdoor idea not only embraces the media at its disposal but also gives consumers a realistic world of advice to help tackle the current energy crisis in South Africa. The execution ensures that the consumer interacts with the message when a light is triggered by a sensor as they approach the bus stop - illuminating the shelter as well as the message, which reads: “Only use electricity when you need it”