Forgotten rules effective online communication strategy


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Forgotten rules effective online communication strategy

  1. 1. Forgotten Rules: Effective Online Communication Strategy
  2. 2. Define Define the objective Are you looking to influence the customer buying behavior or the focus is on real time transaction…..The way IBM designs its website would be significantly different to the way Amazon would do it
  3. 3. Positioning = Focus • Define Market Segment, understand the pain, create a solution
  4. 4. What Looks Better Build a side that is minimalistic, a page that takes time to load might result into a user leaving your site . Use features like tab to show visitors where they are & for easy navigation. While earlier the philosophy was to replicate Windows look & feel, its time to move beyond that
  5. 5. Food For thought  Usability is not only about look and feel, its about total user experience  Shopping Cart Abandonment costs online retailers 71% of their eCommerce conversions
  6. 6. Be Visual
  7. 7. Build Interactivity • Leverage interactive nature of internet, build dialogue drive conversation • Maintain free information flow: for example don’t ask for registration for simple actions like reviewing a case study. • Evolve with technology, for example newsletters are good, but twitter is a more non invasive and cost effective medium
  8. 8. Track User Behavior How much time an average user is spending on your site, use tools like visistat to monitor site visits Track Click through rate-Use tools like crazyegg Optimize landing page- Don’t just build one page that is optimized for user interaction. Build touch points on all pages and different pages for different type of users for example a user looking for a lawn mover would be disappointed if he lands on your site through adwords/Facebook banner & reaches a page that is selling a different product
  9. 9. Engage Engage with visitors Build long term conversation Develop frequent touch points Engage with users across various forums e.g. twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest Leverage strong point of these channels use them in a complementary manner
  10. 10. Use drip marketing, just because a visitor has agreed to be on your mailing list, does not mean that you bombard his/her inbox with emails every other day, use emailing tools like aweber or icontact to better streamline messaging, and it should add value and be non intrusive
  11. 11. A perspective customer visiting your website is not the end, it is just a beginning