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Markeen camp


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Markeen camp

  1. 1. You are surrounded in darkness. It grips you like a never ending pressure that threatens toextinguish you if you let it. Instead you fight, you use all your strength and power and you keep itfrom snuffing you out. Around you there are others fighting it. You have seen them arrive and jointhis struggle and you have seen others snuffed out. Eventually you know that you too will bedevoured as the others but something keeps you from giving in. A memory of a time before this. It isso weak, like the dying embers of a flame, a breeze would be all it needed to be gone. Like a serpentit avoids your desire to capture it, but even as you scream your frustration at it a part of you realisesthat it is the only thing still keeping you alive. Like this you live for eternity.Even eternity must end...Something changes. The darkness of oblivion is destroyed to be replaced bya light. You had forgotten what a light even was in this darkness and recoil at first. Suddenly releasedyou head back to the darkness, but you ware too late. The Light has you now. It covers every inch ofyour body, filling you with warmth and fire. Around you, you see other Lights moving through thedarkness now, taking your fellow captives one by one. The Light seeps into you, moving into yourbody, filling your form from the inside out. Now you are a beacon of light. Oblivion fears you’reevery gaze and retreats to your advance. You feel a pulling sensation in your chest. It pulls you fromthe others, but you have no fear. They are right behind you drawn to this just as you are. Finally thedarkness is gone and you are travelling through millions of lights. Countless lights speed past you,like you but not like you. You ponder this for only a second as new countless wonders and sights fillyour vision. You pass lights that aren’t lights. Huge worlds dead or filled with life, each one differentfrom the other. Onward you go to your destination until finally you arrive. A world of blue colour,with large green land masses and a single grey moon. Your destination is close now and the pull isstronger than anything you could have ever imagined of felt.Finally on an island near one end of a continent you find it.You wake up gasping for air. You find yourself in a circle of stones. You have no memory of anythingup to this moment. As you stand you see a shaft light fly across the skies for moment beforedisappearing entirely.Scene1 - Circle of stones. - Several diagrams are written in the mud. One of a Serpent, the others are Fox, Wolf, Eagle, Lion and Bear. - In the distance you see a village, a forest and a pond.
  2. 2. - Night time.Scene2 - Tavern – Yale Bargain = Owner; Markus Fowl = Recruiter for the House of York. ; - Blacksmith - Mayor – Duncan Korth; - Merchant. - Mayor’s Daughter - Church - The Tavern: o The Tavern: Twenty people, mostly men. No wenches. Most are drinking quitely or talking about the weird light that was in the sky las night. o Welcome of the Pony Tail Inn. The Inn is the only tavern in the town and the only place that will willingly let strangers shelter if they carry money. The place is run down and most of the people in it look up at you only for a brief moment before returning their attention to a man wearing a uniform with a white flower on the front. o Welcome to the Pony’s Tail. What can I serve you? o Him? He’s trying to recruit people into joining Richard the 3rd. I doubt he’ll have much success, but you can’t really blame him for trying though. o It’s 1147 of our lord. o Work? You can either join up with York or you could help the villiage out with a Bandit problem? The war’s caused a lot of turmoil up and down the country, bandits, thieves and witches everywhere. About two months ago a Bandit gang took up outside the village. Whenever a caravan comes out they beat the men up and steal the trade. The mayor would send guards, but with armies up and down the country it wouldn’t leave the village safe. You
  3. 3. lot interested? Good. Go to the mayor’s house, he’s the one in the big building in the village centre. He should be able to tell you more. o Join up and fight for your King! Henry Tudor is a murderer and traitor to God. King Richard is the rightful King, the one chosen by God! Th- “AW shooot da fuck up! Some of us are drinking in here!” Uh-Sorry. Fight for King Richard and you will al be rewarded. I will be here tomorrow to take any man that wishes to fight to Bristol. • Hello! Come to join the good fight. Like I said to the others, join me here tomorrow.- Mayors Home o Welcome to the Mayors House. As with most of the village it looks run down, but it is obvious someone has made some effort to cover up this fact. o A portly man approaches you. • I’d heard that there were strangers in the village. I didn’t quite believe it until now. The names Duncan Korth. I’m mayor of this village- “He’s interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. A woman dressed in a leather tunic carrying a bow comes through a door, a look an ager across her face. She looks at your party in surprise stopping mid pace for a moment. She then passes you all and slams the door behind her. The mayor sighs.” Sorry about that. My daughter. As fiery temperament as her mother. Please tell me how did you make it past Kroban and his men? • Kroban is the man leading the bandits on the woods beyond the village. Rumour has it he is actually a deserter from the Lancaster army. If I had proof I suppose I could get some support from the Lancaster Army near here, but with the war... • Korban has been stopping any traders from getting in and anyone from leaving. He’s strangling the village. • He’s not like any bandit I’ve dealt with in the past. He actually had the balls to come to me and demand money. At the time I thought him an idiot and sent him away. I was...mistaken. • He’s in the forest down the road to the village. If you were to bring him to me alive for punishment I will reward you.
  4. 4. - Merchant o Hello strangers! Things have been awfully slow since the bandits came, still I’ll offer you what I got. Have seen Sona, the Mayors daughter? I’d give my left nut for a- Well I suppose you wouldn’t want to hear any of that. Here’s what I got. o 300gp o Leather tunics – 75gp o Studded leather – 125gp o Rations – 5sp o Rope – 2gp o Healing Kit – 50gp o Skinning Knife- 10sp o Long Dagger – 7gp o Iron Sword – 15gp o Arrows – 2sp per o Map – 20sp o Herbs – 5sp o Wine - 1gp o Bandadges – 3spScene 3You leave the village following the trail into the woods. You go deep into the forest; every step youtake the fear of being ambushed grows. Ahead of you the path goes into a small canyon. Just enoughto fit two aside. It looks as if some angry god tore the hill apart. You are about to enter this canyonwhen one of you spot a man with a bow sitting on the ground at the other end. He looks as if hehasn’t noticed you yet. *roll dice for traps. If (dice !>10) { cout >>No traps; }Bandit 1: 30ft Leather Armour Iron Dagger
  5. 5. Long Bow Iron Arrowsx13 13gp. 100xp.With the bandit dealt with you proceed further down the path until you come to a cliff ledge. Belowyou is the Bandit camp.