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Anatomy and Physio NS Notes 01/08/13 Tues


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Anatomy and Physio NS Notes 01/08/13 Tues

  1. 1. Mr. HunterAnatomy and PhysiologyNervous System Chapter 8Structured Notes II01/08/2013NAME____________________ DATE___________ Per#_________ 1. What can a nerve be defined as? 2. Why do peripheral nerve fibers appear to be white? 3. What is the name of the glia cell that produces myelin within the PNS? 4. Bundles of axons in the CNS are called ______. 5. Due to their myelination, these structures form the __________ matter of the brain and spinal cord. 6. Unmyleinated axons, cell bodies and dendrites within brain and spinal cord tissue are called ______ matter due to their appearance. 7. Describe / Define the following terms: Endoneurium, Fascicles, Perineurium and Epineurium 8. Why do hormonal messages travel within the body at a slower rate than messages sent by nerve impulses? 9. What are neuron pathways?
  2. 2. 10. A basic type of neuron pathway is called a ___.11. What are the cellular components of a simple, two neuron reflex arc ?12. What are the cellular components of a complex, three neuron reflex arc?13. Reflex arcs allow impulse conduction in how many directions?14. Impulse conduction starts mainly at receptors which are ________.15. The ____________ is the simplest example of a two neuron reflex arc.16. Sketch, label and outline the steps in fig 8-5 pg. 17217. Motor neurons will synapse with _____ and ___cells to produce a response to the stimulus.18. Name and briefly describe the functions of the three neurons involved in a withdrawl reflex.19. How many synapses does a three neuron reflex arc and a two neuron reflex arc have?______ and ______20. Describe Multiple Sclerosis pg. 173.